Edwardian Ruby & Diamond Bracelet, ca. 1915 | Owner Interview | Indianapolis

APPRAISER: It has everything going for it. If I had to insure it, I would put probably
$20,000 on it because I don’t think you could find one. GUEST: Wow. APPRAISER: And certainly not with the whole
story, so I’m glad you came today. GUEST: I said I was going to try not to cry. (chuckles) APPRAISER: Don’t, no, you don’t have to, be
happy. GUEST: Well, when Gloria told me the value,
I just started crying because this bracelet was my husband’s grandmother, Hilda, it’s
a very sad story in the end, because Hilda never made it out of Germany alive and so… I never put it in a bank so I leave it at
home and I usually will hide it and sometimes I hide it so well that I can’t find it when
I’m looking to wear it and that happened once and I was worried about it and I had a dream
one evening about my husband’s aunt who gave it to me and the next day I found it. We went to Germany two years ago, my husband
and my son. The house of the family is still in Frankfurt
but now it’s a hotel and we stayed there. It was very interesting realizing that that
was the family house where my husband’s father was born and you know, so that was really
fun. I got this postcard, my husband was making
vinegar and he wanted something for the label for the bottle so I was going online just
looking at Italian villas and I thought, I should see if there’s anything Villa Sulzbach
so I searched that and there was a company in Berlin that sold postcards that had this
card. And on the back is the signature, this is
from a postcard that Hilda wrote to a friend of hers in France. Gloria said, “I can I have a bottle of that
vinegar? But I’d really like the bracelet, but I’ll
take a bottle of vinegar.” (chuckles)

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  1. Tragic circumstances in the behind the scenes story…..but wonderful to hear it just the same and see this video. Cheers All

  2. If this item was made in 1915, it cannot be Edwardian. King Edward VII died in 1910. He was succeeded by his son George V who reigned throughout the First world war (1914-1918) and died in 1936. These antique 'experts' really ought to learn their dates!

  3. I was in line at the bank the other day and overheard the teller tell some man ahead of me that his safety deposit box had been burglarized. Someone drilled into his box and stole the contents. So I figured cleverly hiding my expensive jewelry at home was a better option. Of course this occurred at Bank of America, a branch of banks in CA that is like the Wal-Mart of banks and which also gets robbed probabaly more than any banks in the country.

  4. They don't mention anything about the beautiful pearls on the bracelet–are they natural pearls or cultured pearls?? I would guess they are natural pearls…

  5. Interesting story. If that was your husband's family home, what's the story behind it becoming a hotel? Was it sold? Stolen? Was your husband's family compensated?

  6. That bracelet is absolutely gorgeous. Jewelry designers were awesome back then.. Just don't see that creativity anymore. Everything looks the same with fake stones.

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