Eldorado Stone earns GOOD DESIGN™ Award for Vintage Ranch – Video News Release

I’m Sarah Lograsso, Director of Marketing for Eldorado Stone and I’m excited to introduce you to Vintage Ranch which recently won a GOOD DESIGN Award. Vintage Ranch is a wood plank stone profile. It’s reminiscent of an iconic American classic: reclaimed barn wood. It’s full of character, it’s full of texture, a really beautiful profile to bring inside your home. Vintage Ranch is available in four colors. We’ve got Parchwood. You’ve got a Doverwood which is a stunning kind of creamy white. We also have a Saddlewood color and then Foxwood which is an earthy neutral. Right now we’re seeing a lot of beautiful statement walls that this profile is being used in. You are able to use it in a few more places than you would a combustible material. It really has become a nice, durable format that you can use in a multitude of areas. The design community has just fallen in love with this product. They are inspired by the color palettes and the texture and the character that it brings. They are inspired to use it in so many spaces that they maybe thought were not a possibility so the feedback has been fantastic.

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