Ellen’s New Millennial Challenge After Rotary Phone Fail

How many millennials
do we have here? [CHEERING] OK. All right. Probably you already
know about this, so I’ll catch everybody
else up on this. Last week, a lot of millennials
were saying, OK, boomer. It was all over
Twitter and Instagram. It’s a meme that makes
fun of baby boomers for being out of touch. Like this one right here. [LAUGHTER] I don’t like stereotyping
anyone, but I do love good TV. And recently, I
challenged a millennial to use a rotary phone. And here’s what happened. OK, so I need to spin. OK. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] No. Oh my gosh. OK. I just spin it to the 8. And then to the 1. Oh, oh my gosh. [LAUGHTER] 8-1-8. Hello? [DIAL TONE HUMMING] [APPLAUSE] Yeah, it did not go well. So I want to give millennials
a chance to redeem themselves. So Ariana Whitmarsh,
where are you? [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, how are you? Good. [APPLAUSE] This is exciting. Where do you live? How old are you? 22. 22 years old, and
where do you live? What do you do? I am from Stockton. I am a graduate student at
the University of the Pacific, and I am– You look like– Nervous. –yeah, but like
you forgot where you graduated for a second. All right. So here’s what
we’re going to do. First of all, I’m going
to reveal some things. I’m going to ask if
you know what they are. Do you know what this is? A CD player? No. A recorder? No. It’s called– Boombox. Boombox, yes. It’s called a boombox. [APPLAUSE] Yeah. This is what we used
to listen to music on, and we would make everyone
within the mile radius listen to the same thing
because it was very loud. OK, do you know what this is? A typewriter. It is a typewriter. Have you ever used one of these? No. But you knew what it was. How do you know what it is? From movies. OK. Like, old-fashioned movies? Yeah, like the classics. Yeah, the old classics, sure. All right. Angela Lansbury, on Murder, She
Wrote, she would type on this and do the– that’s a show your mom watched. All right, so and
then we have this. Do you know what this is? A camera. It is a camera a
35-millimeter camera, and this right there is film. OK, what you can do
now on your phone is you can take pictures
and instantly see them, and as many as you
want, and then share them with whoever you want. This, we could only
take 12, and then we would have to wait
for about a year to see what they look like. [LAUGHTER] But you could pay to get
doubles so you’d have two of them, which is good. All right, here’s
your challenge. OK, so you’re going to try to
find a radio station on here. You’re going to find NPR. It’s 89.3, all right? So you’ll turn that
on, find the station. Once you find that station,
you’ll put this piece of paper in the typewriter, and you’re
going to type something out that a famous, famous
boomer Sir Mix-a-Lot said, is “I like big butts,
and I cannot lie.” You’ll type that out. And then you will put
film in this camera and take a selfie of yourself. OK. All right? OK. I’m going to time you. Oh my gosh. And if you win, nothing happens. [LAUGHTER] You’re not going to win. Solid. Mainly, this is just
entertainment for us. No good will come
of this for you. OK, ready? Yes. Start. [MUSIC PLAYING] Where’s the– play? Where’s the on? [LAUGHTER] Radio, wait– where’s
the on button? Power, power. Yeah, power. Wait, is there a CD in it? Is it– No, there’s no CD. [LAUGHS] Wow, you just push any button. I mean, that’s all that’s. There’s no– There, the red one would do it. [STATIC] All right, now. What am I supposed to be doing? 89.3, but you have to find– what is it on right now? What is this stuff at the– FM? FM. Put the antenna up
so you can get– Oh. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] [RADIO CHATTER, STATIC] All right. (ON RADIO) [SPEAKING SPANISH] 89.3. [STATIC] 80? 89? Point 3. [STATIC] I don’t know. [LAUGHTER] All right, you seem panicked. Let’s just turn that off. All right. All right, thank you. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh my gosh, this moves. [LAUGHTER] You’re supposed
to do that, right? Oh. Oh, yes. [APPLAUSE] Wait, it’s getting little again. Now do I– what if I break it? Well, there’s a good chance. Oh, OK. All right. Hold on. You kind of broke it. Hold on. Hold on. All right. [GASPS] I’m shaking
too much to write. That’s my name. Now what? Oh. I like big butts,
and I cannot lie. [LAUGHTER] [TYPEWRITER KEYS CLACKING] Cannot lie. [APPLAUSE] like big butts, and I cannot– Yeah, it went on the roller. OK. All right. OK. This is going to be fun. [EXCLAMATIONS] Am I not supposed to do that? Whatever you want. Well, the lens is off– or cap. That’s the battery. Open. Oh, got it. Got it. [APPLAUSE] Does that seem like
that’s the right way? Yeah, that’s better. No, nope, same way,
just a different way. There we go. There we go. It clicked. Did it? I think? [LAUGHTER] Maybe I should roll it back up? No. This is really embarrassing. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] Good try. But it’s in there at least. It is in there. All right. Wow, Ariana, that is a shame. But you won a VCR. Oh. [APPLAUSE] I know what that is. That’s yours. Yea. Yeah. Also, I’m going to give
you an iPad as well. [APPLAUSE]

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