Elmer’s Hardware How-to: Repair Dresser Drawers using Elmer’s Carpenter Wood Glue and Wood Filler

Hi, I’m Mark from Elmer’s. And as you can
see we’ve got a nice old piece here we’ve picked up at a flea market. But before I can
bring it into the house and use it, looks like we may have a little repair job to do.
Okay, so here we have our drawer that we’ve got to secure on both corners and to do that
I’m going to grab the Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Glue Max, it’s the only sustainable wood
glue out on the market, and because I may come back over and do some staining here,
it’s a nice product to use. We’ll run a good, thick bead here. Go ahead and get your fingers
in just to get some nice coverage in the corners. Make sure we’ve got full coverage all the
way down this dove tail. And we’re going to line him up and get him in. Obviously, we’re
going to have some running of the glue. No problem. Just get a wet rag and clean that
up. Now I definitely want to clamp both of these
joints. I’ve got a nice padded clamp so I don’t damage the front of the drawer any more
than I have to. I’ve got a good strong clamp. And you may get some more running of the wood
glue after you do so. That’s fine we’ll just get that wet towel in here. Good and firm.
Now I’m going to go ahead and tackle the other dove tailed joint with wood glue, and then
we’re going to tackle these gouges in the front of the drawer with wood filler. So I’m
just going to grab an Elmer’s Sustainable Wood Filler because after I’m through with
this, I’m going to come by across the entire front of the drawer and do some sanding and
staining, so let’s go ahead and get some wood filler on the knife. Get a good draw and you
can kind of run your finger up, clean it a little bit. You don’t have to be too terrible
exacting because after this sets up in 24 hours, we’re going to come by, give it a nice
sand, and stain away. Find more helpful tips and other project ideas
at Elmer’s.com.

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