Encapsulated Acrylic 3D Skull – Halloween Nail Design – Transparent Colour

Hi, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails
In this video we are going to do some Halloween nails And we’re going to do some skulls. People have asked me for this. Even people that don’t watch this channel have asked me to show them how to do this. I’m going to create a stiletto and if you’ve not seen how to create a stiletto you need to check that video out. I’m going to dehydrate. Dehydrate the living hell out of that little nail. And then I’m going to prime, i’m going to do the second layer of primer. And what we’re going to do now. Is we’re going to build out a platform,
some soft beige and true pink. So I’m going to start with building a platform. For me to work on out of true pink which is a transplant of really soft pink. Making sure I’m keeping this stiletto nicely shaped, keep it nice and neat at the sides And I’m going to blend it up to the natural nail a little bit,
then I’m going into soft beige Pull this down Just blend that down, on the little platform we’ve just made. And we’re going to get a little bit of silver glitter dust. And then just using the true pink, l can pick that up. I’m just going to add little bits just scattered. And then we need mega white. we’re going to do a skull and a skull is white-ish,
when it’s not covered in blood and stuff. I have many skulls, do you like this one? This one has a bit of an empty head He’s not very good at memorising things, the memories just evaporate into nothing So because I’ve got a skull here
I will look at this skull as I’m creating the skull on this here. Yeah. So I have something to look at. Now if you haven’t got a skull to look at then get some images off the Internet and have a look at them while you do it. They’ll help you with the composition. I am going to pinch this a little bit. So like I said, skull’s are white, but that one’s black. I’ve got some others scattered around,
craziest ones I’ve seen I’ve got these ones. I’ve got these ones, This one’s called Woody I’ve not named this one, Give it a name These are from T.K. Max. If you have a T.K Max in your country. So we’re going to do this in white I’m going to bleed it out because I don’t want it to move So I’m going to start by creating the top of the skull. And I can mark here, where the eyes are gonna be. Start to… Give myself an indication of where they’re going to go
Just by adding these two little dents here. Then I’m going to create here…
I’m not going to bleed this because I want to slide this over. Created this part first, before
I do like the nose, teeth and everything else. Because I want to build on top of this,
so this jumps out less so it’s less 3D. Everything else would be a little bit more raised.
So I’m creating the jawline This is just a guide that we’re putting down here,
just something to work with. And then I’m going to do the eye socket. So I don’t think you’ve got to do a skull,
you’ve got to like jab into it to make the eye socket. So don’t put the acrylic down and then start to open it out, it’s a lot easier to do it this way. So we created the eye socket and cheek bone at the same time. So I’m going to create this eye socket now. Now we’re going to create the nose bone. [Adam and Kirsty sing] Nose bone connected to the, face bone Face bone connected to the, skull bone
Skull bone connected to the, neck bone. The neck bone’s connected to the, Adam: Is there other words in this song? I can’t remember Kirsty: Then create this nose holes called nostrils. So this will be like a sort of the top area of the teeth We are going to cut into this. So now we are going to go over the bottom jaw and create his teeth. When I look at it I feel like it just needs a bit more… Adam: A bit more jaw?
Kirsty: A bit more cheek bone round here What I’m going to do is just go around the eye socket
to just raise that up a little bit more. Tiny Tiny Bead With the black we’re just going to take a little bit. Just go around the edge a little bit. So I’m just adding a little bit of shadow around the skull. And in the eye socket, because there’s definitely no eyeball there anymore. So I’m just going to add some petals to this design. So it won’t be a complete flower but just a part of the flower You can take your time and do one at a time. I’m just doing both at the same time because
while one of them is setting up a little bit. I can be pressing out the other one, using my time wisely which I never do. Do I Adam? What I’m going to do now is…
I’m not just going to encase that in clear. What I’m going to do is get some Max Adhesion liquid. I’m going to pop that into that little dampen dish there and I’m going to get the black gel polish. Put it there. You need to mix it, so you can mix it with a brush that you don’t give a damn about. So now I have black liquid. It’s not completely black. It looks black there, doesn’t it?
But it is like a grey kind of colour. So what this will do, it’ll change the clear powder into a transparent grey. See what it does to the skull? So we add even more shading and highlighting to it and its going to do the same with these little petals that we’ve done. Some people think, well you’ve got to cure the gel that’s in the monomer No no no, you do not have to do that. You still got to make sure your structure’s there. Don’t build up too much with the grey,
you might need to add a little bit of clear. But the main job of this transparent grey is to add the shading, add shadows to your design. You just need a little bit of clear, so I’m going back into normal liquid. You can save the grey liquid that you’ve made. However, it will start to separate after a while. You can remix it. But I would only definitely keep it for, you know, a few days Gonna let that set a little bit and then we’re gonna pinch because this is still soft I can snip off any excess. So we’re going to file this normal filing routine
and what you’ll notice when you file is. You will hit some of the 3D and it will go even whiter So you’ll have even more highlights and lows coming through now when you hit it with the file. Obviously you don’t want to file too much though,
so you don’t get carried away going ooh I like that, ohh too much. So we’re just going to buff over to smooth this out. Going to wipe it with pure acetone. I’m just going to add a little bit of detail with a black and white paint. Just adding some details of kind of like chains hanging beads make it a little bit gothic. Oh yes! it’s definitely looking very Halloweenie, gothy-y now isn’t it? Because it did look cool without the paint, but I think that just really adds to it I’m going to seal it with mega gloss, as I seal it. Not going to cure straightaway,
I’m just going to add a few random little tiny stones into the mega gloss. pop that in the lamp I’m going to finish with some Freesia Cuticle oil. So you can see it adds all of the little shadows to it
It looks beautiful!!! Let’s see what it looks like underneath. I hope you enjoyed that tutorial of how to do a skull. And we also use some of the gel polish in the liquid to make all the shadows. And don’t forget to watch us again in the next video. Subscribe to our channel and check out down
below for all of the products we used today. Also subscribe, thumbs up please, c’mon be nice to me its Halloween guys I’ll see you in the next video. Bye bye. Good afternoon everybody. Welcome to the Halloween Edition of Naio Nails It’s time to get spooky.

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