Enchanted Forest Vintage Theme Park

Good Morning and welcome to Exit Thru the Gift Shop. Today we are at the Enchanted Forest and Salem Oregon this one has
been on my theme park bucket list for a while it was built in 1971 and has
retained much of its original charm Can’t wait to go inside very excited Most of the storybook trail figures are
original but Humpty Dumpty had to be put back together again due to rain damage Here’s the old woman that lived in a shoe
you can grab a mat and slide right through. Well that was a pun and I didn’t
even mean to This is one of the highlights the park the 20 foot tall giant cement which that you can enter through the mouth Here’s Mary and her little lamb it’s like it’s gonna follow her to school one day Here’s the mad hatter and the March Hare celebrating their own birthday which is an amazing coincidence because it’s actually my own birthday today too Here’s the home of the three bears hope everything all rights here oh no your
chair – wait all three chairs that’s terrible let’s see who it is well
I don’t know who it was but they left their doll behind It looks like the Enchanted Forest might have been trying to avoid some copyright issues with
another theme park who shall go unnamed so instead we get droopy wheezy snoozy
lumpy good old dingy grouchy and smiley oh here are the dwarfs – they’re in the
mines You can actually see carved into the
concrete the date when it was originally constructed this castle was built in
1970 Now this is Peter Peter pumpkin eater had a wife and couldn’t keep her put her in a pumpkin shell and there he kept her very well I don’t know what
time Peter lived in but I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t fly today It’s finally time for the Matterhorn but I mean Ice Mountain II bobsleds Let’s take a tour through Pinocchio’s
playroom here’s some different puppets of the world … USA … where’s that one from hand puppet Shakespeare Theatre, a shadow puppet from Java We’re gonna poke our head into the home of the three blind mice to see what these guys are doing Geppetto with Pinocchio … there’s the
Blue Fairy Fantasy fountains at the Jolly Roger in starts every seven minutes it’s a free water show And there’s always lots going on in the
Wild West town Looks like the bankers in a bit of trouble I’m sure he’ll be fine Sheriff doing a fine job in the jail wrestled up a couple of cowpoke’s Here’s Pa’s cruddy laundry he says he’ll wash anything Over in the graveyard tom said his wife’s cooking was no good so now he lays under this hunk of wood Here lies filthy old jake was bit by a
big mean snake Jake was so crummy he upset the snakes tummy so the snake is
buried here with old Jake and there’s his feet we’re sticking out they didn’t
do a very good job of burying him Now we’re gonna go on challenge of Mondor. This is an indoor dark ride which has the shooting component it’s a trackless
ride as well so kind of a unique system We’ve really enjoyed the Enchanted
Forest this is a very unique park with a few unique rides that you would never
see anywhere else plus of course the original storybook Lane Please check out the interactive map so you can see other amusement parks that we’ve been to and subscribe so you can stay up to date on all our latest adventures until next
time it’s time to Exit Thru the Gift Shop

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  1. Full Ride and Attraction Videos have been uploaded for even Enchanted Forest Fun:
    – Fantasy Fountains Water Show: https://youtu.be/9fQH7s99qGs
    – Ice Mountain Bobsleds Point of View: https://youtu.be/TiVa7_2DYiY
    – Big Timber Log Ride Point of View: https://youtu.be/_5y5_JC-s-M

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