Eng/ スローライフ *お掃除しながら模様替え/ 雨の日BBQ/ お野菜サンド [vlog]

Shopping with my mother and my husband It’s cold and I want to move my body, and I always start changing rooms. Excited in a room where the atmosphere has changed, The room can be cleaned as well, so changing the room is just a good thing. Move the furniture carefully so as not to hurt my back. It has been 10 years since I changed my room regularly. From the old days, I tried various interiors so that the furniture in the room would not be arranged in the same way. I changed my mind and looked at things from various angles, There are many discoveries that there are so many ways to enjoy even a small room, and it is very exciting. Use a versatile elongated table instead of a table. A gathering zone for baskets whose use has yet to be determined. Days that keep raining. I am worried about mimosa that has just begun to bloom, and a patrol is essential every day. Welcome spin. A happy, spinning person. Actually, my husband was not originally good at dogs. Curiously, he was immediately liked by this very shy child, and he was used to dogs in no time. Veranda barbecue in rain. She wants to go to the rainy garden, and he watches the exit. After eating a lot, my mother says “tasting” and is in front of a lot of dried persimmons. Occasionally such a time is more and more happy because of the difficult things. She likes newcomers. She loves mom. Usually she sleeps with her forefoot or hind legs standing. Can you sleep slowly? I will come to play again. A new leaf of Ficus has come out. If it gets a little warmer, I will replant it in a large pot. Mint has grown so much. I guess it’s time to replant in the pot. It is easy to make breakfast with the dish from my mother. Today is soft French bread. The dill, which had been raised with sticks, has become very respectable. I hit a wall. A happy basket full of sweets that I got. Coconut chips I found when I went to Canada a few years ago. (The country of origin is Thailand) I bought it because I sold it to “Kaldi Coffee”. Next month, my husband is on a business trip for one month. In the meantime, on weekdays, I intend to spend time at my parents’ house. I think it will be a different Vlog than usual, but I am glad if you can watch it. It was delicious and I ate everything. If you like coconut, if you are interested in the texture, please try it. Furoshiki purchased some years ago at a 100 yen shop. Furoshiki has many uses, so when I see it at a store, I check the pattern. My brother who always comes to play suddenly. He wanted my husband to teach me the PC settings and asked for help. It was nice to have a gentle brother. In the meantime, I change the position of cleaning and lighting. It is my favorite lighting. Mimosa in the garden that bloomed for the first time. This is a vase that was originally a canister. Decorate and enjoy. Yellow spring has come to our house.

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