English Addict Live Lesson – 17 – Election + Voting – Historic/Historical – Friday 13th Dec 2019

I know one thing I really do need a cup
of coffee if anyone has a cup of coffee nearby or if you could make one for me
right now could you I would be very grateful hello everybody welcome to
English addict live from the United Kingdom I really like the way I said United
Kingdom do you like that did you enjoy the way I said that I said it with such
a calm voice hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are
you okay I hope so are you happy well are you
happy I really hope so welcome to a rather strange day here in the UK a lot
of people waking up this morning with one thing on their mind
yesterday the nation went out to vote we did we went out to vote for our new
government and this morning we all found out the result of the big general
election that took place yesterday in the UK some people are happy some people
not so happy I think the weather outside at the moment really does sum up the
mood it is windy stormy lots of strange grey clouds hanging overhead so that
really does sum up the mood at the moment here in the UK I really think so
so here we go it is English addict live
from the UK the slightly more United Kingdom it would appear that’s all I’m
saying so I’m feeling tired can I just say that
I’m feeling tired and also I keep saying so I will stop saying so cross it off my
list of words that I keep saying it is a great day to be alive for some people it
is a stressful day for various reasons however here in the UK a lot of people
waking up this morning happy some waking up very unhappy I did not go to bed
until 3 o’clock this morning and that’s the reason why I need a cup of coffee I
need something to keep me going I don’t know what’s happening I’m I’m only half
awake at the moment if I was honest with you and it’s my fault
I know it’s my fault because I went to bed very late and now I feel so tired
because I stayed up until 3 o’clock in the morning watching the results from
yesterday’s general election coming through but anyway don’t worry the
weekend is just around the corner because it’s Friday hmm don’t be too surprised if I fall
asleep don’t be too surprised if I doze off in the corner of the studio Wow
do you know the feeling when you don’t get enough sleep and your brain is only
on half power because in reality your brain wants to actually go to sleep
however your body still has to do things and that is how I feel at the moment so
here we go the weekend just around the corner a very strange day here in the UK
maybe there is a an air of somberness people feeling samba however there might
be other people feeling very excited and happy this morning so it really does
depend how they how they voted yesterday so that depends on what their mood will
be like at this moment hello to everyone I’m sure you don’t want to hear me
talking about elections and politics because I know that not only here in the
UK but around the world everyone is going through their own periods of
political unrest and it’s a bit like that really everything is really
unstable at the moment hello – grace chin something nice grace chin
congratulations to you you are first on today’s live chat congratulations and a big round of
applause from mr. Duncan in England that’s me by the way so Khyber is also
here as well watching in Afghanistan also Tania hello Tanya also FA Alamgir
Rolfie hello everyone it is a new day and there are new things to learn I hope
everyone is having an amazing day I’m sorry for being slightly late today two
reasons one I was not moving around the house very quickly because I was half
asleep and two just before I started my livestream at two o’clock but
unfortunately it didn’t start it 2 o’clock because I was late someone was
knocking at the door so I went to the door and there was a guy at the door
looking for one of my neighbours but I didn’t recognize the name of the person
he was looking for so I couldn’t help him but he kept talking to me and all I
kept thinking in my head all I kept thinking was I have to do my livestream
I should be on the internet now talking to a handful of people so here I am and
that’s the reason why I am late here today hello flower Espoir today we are
talking about various things we will be talking about words connected to voting
and the decisions that were made last night one big decision in particular was
made by the general public of the UK as we went out to vote so we will be
looking at some words connected to the events of the past 24 hours
also meeker is here Hiroko as well hello sweetness
Louie Louie Christina Pedro Belmont oh hello Pedro nice to see you here
today we don’t normally see one Friday do we or do we
Alan gear the Conservative Party has won the race well they didn’t just win but
they won by a large majority so they didn’t just win they will now have full
control over the country and most of the decisions that will be made concerning
the UK over the next five years so this isn’t just a few months this is five
more years of this so there you go some people are happy some people not so
happy I suppose it depends on what their political viewpoint is Theo
hello mr. Duncan and viewers my goodness what an election result I need a cup of
coffee Theo I also need a cup of coffee in fact a little bit later on I will be
playing a video for you and during that video I might actually make myself a cup
of coffee just so I can stay awake for the rest of today’s livestream hello
also Agostino hello Pedro again hello Pedro again Christina I watched the
result of the UK election on TV and also I watched the speech by Boris Johnson he
would appear to be a very popular politician in fact it’s one of the
biggest results for the Conservative Party for many many years in fact I
think it’s since the late 1980s when Margaret Thatcher was re-elected so yes
a lot of people seem to like Boris Johnson I don’t know how you think or
what you think but according to Christina it will open
an ooh historical moment for the UK well I
think there will be a lot of things happening over the next few months and
also few years as well concerning that one thing that I’m not
going to mention even though I I have to I know I have to mention it but I’m not
going to so there is a big thing that will decide when we leave the European
Union so now it is not a matter of if that is gone completely so it is no
longer if we leave the European Union now it is just when we leave and also
how we leave so yes a lot of big things happening over the next few years
because this whole process will not be over in just a few months so even if we
decide to leave the European Union it is still going to take at least 10 years to
sort out the whole situation how do we disconnect ourselves from Europe so it
isn’t just about saying goodbye Europe goodbye it’s a little bit more
complicated than that and a lot of experts a lot of commentators predict
that it will actually take around ten years to sort out the exit from Europe
so some very strange times ahead hello once again to Anna
hello Alamgir again Sally hello Sally I need your cheerful smiling face today
to cheer everyone up here in the UK because quite a few people are feeling
very gloomy at the moment palmyra is here also
EDD Valdo hello at evaldo nice to see you here as well
also tan Chang you can have asleep during your live stream don’t worry but
it is a horrible feeling isn’t it when you don’t get enough sleep and it’s not
very often that I do this but I couldn’t resist staying up until very late at
night watching the results come in unfortunately I felt so tired I I
couldn’t stay up any longer so I went to bed it around about three o’clock this
morning Oh another thing to mention is a lot of people are feeling a little
nervous today not only because of the general election but also there is
another reason as well because today well today is Friday the 13th hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in
England today is no ordinary day because today is Friday the 13th they say it on
Friday the 13th bad things will happen if something can go wrong it will go
wrong because today is Friday the 13th superstitious people believe that Friday
the 13th is an evil day because if you go out on Friday the 13th terrible
things will happen do not walk under a ladder do not allow
a black cat to cross your path if you spill salt remember to throw it over
your shoulder Friday the 13th is here be careful beware Friday the 13th
does not care who is it my imagination or do I look
awful in that video I look terrible don’t I so it is Friday the 13th
some people are superstitious some people believe that bad things will
happen when Friday and the 13th fall at the same time it might be bad news for
some people today because I suppose a lot of people woke up this morning here
in the UK feeling not so happy I also noticed in the news this week that well
we think we’re having a bad time here apparently in Israel they are about to
have another general election I think they’ve had three already and now they
have to have another one within a very short space of time so
because they can’t sort out any coalition any government that will work
with one party working with another they have to have yet another general
election in Israel as well so that’s big news a lot of people talking about that
but the big story here unfortunately is the general election that took place
yesterday you might describe this moment as historic now that’s an interesting
word there is a difference between these words in fact you can see two words on
your screen right now the words are historic and historical
and there is a difference between these words for example the word historic is
something that we use to mean significant so if an event occurs and if
it is something that is worthy of being recorded in history it is a significant
moment something that’s never happened before maybe something on you
maybe something outstanding maybe a big change has taken place or is about to
take place significant so when we say historic
historic is something that is significant historic it is a significant
moment of time something that will be recorded and will be referred to as time
goes by something that is notable notable a notable event something that
is momentous momentous a momentous moment something that will stay in the
memory something that is unusual or outstanding is momentous so you might
describe what happened last night here in the UK with the general election as
momentous something that is meaningful so again is something that will have a
lingering effect something that might change the way people live
something that might change things for the better
so we might say that something is historic it has meaning it has meaning
there is a strong meaning of course meaningful can be positive and negative
so it doesn’t necessarily mean something is happening that is good something that
is historic is remarkable it’s a remarkable moment you will often hear
people describe a moment of time that has been worthy or is worthy of being
recorded in the history books something remarkable has a
something remarkable has happened it is worthy of remark so when you make a
remark it means you say something about a certain event or subject it is
remarkable something that you need to make a remark on an important moment of
time an event that it that is seen as important can be described as historic a
historic moment a historic moment in politics something that has happened
that has caused things to change something that has changed something
that is noteworthy something that is noteworthy if something is noteworthy it
means it is something that is so unusual and so remarkable that you have to write
it down you have to make a record of that thing happening it is noteworthy it
is something that is so important a big change a big event something that has
happened it is noteworthy noteworthy and I suppose we can say that something can
be of note so when we say note it is generally a thing that is recorded
normally in writing so it is off note it is worthy of writing down it is worthy
of being noted so this is a very interesting way of describing something
that is historic it is something that catches your eye it is something that
might never happen again it is worthy of note and then of course we have the
other word historical so when we talk about
historical things we are generally talking about the past we are generally
discussing things that have happened in the past something that has happened
before this day something that has happened before the present moment so
anything in the past anything from a hundred years ago fifty years ago ten
years ago is historical something referring to the past something that is
mentioning the past maybe there is a book written all about things that have
happened in the past we might describe that book of historical a historical
book so something historical refers to the past refers to something that has
happened in the past another word we can use precedent or precede n’t but most
people pronounce this word is precedent so a precedent is a thing that has
happened that is unusual or remarkable quite often in law so when a new law is
brought into practice we will often describe that as a precedent it is
something that has changed the way the law functions or works so quite often
you will hear a story about a trial someone is using a certain type of
defense to get them off a charge and if they succeed then that thing becomes a
precedent a precedent something that has happened in the past something that
changes what happens in the future it is something remarkable something
historical it is a precedent also we talk about the past time as well
the past time so from the past anything that we talk about again it doesn’t
matter if it’s five years ago ten years ago a thousand years ago it is
historical historical anything before now anything before this moment of time
occurs we can say it is historical historical documents historical stories
things that talk about any period of time before now so I hope that clears
the confusion between these two words I hope so
back to the live chat who is on here today hello Anna unfortunately due to
the bad weather my connection isn’t good today I’m sorry to hear that Anna
Jamelia is here Jamelia is here it is so wonderful to finally have time to be
with you all yes to mr. Duncan Thank You Jamelia I haven’t seen you for a long
time this is something that I noticed last week there were a lot of people
last week coming on and they were saying oh we haven’t been on your live stream
for a very long time so if you haven’t been here for a long time there are a
few changes things do look a little bit different but you can catch me every
Sunday Wednesday and Friday from 2 p.m. UK time so I’m with you every Sunday
Wednesday and Friday from 2 p.m. UK time and that that is when you can join me
here on YouTube every week hello also Rakesh hello – Rakesh Rakesh
Kumar Cecelia what I do for my friend because he is sad Oh what have you done
for your friend Rach I am intrigued I want to know more
because I’m nosy zi bear is here today it is freezing in London it’s also cold
here as well so there is the view now outside looking into the distance so
that is a live view out of my window right now looking into the distance you
can see it’s bright and sunny however it is also very windy as well
it is bright but it’s very cold I don’t know why yesterday I was in the house
yesterday and I could not get warm I don’t know why I really couldn’t get
warm yesterday the house is freezing so yesterday I had to put the central
heating on to heat the whole house but also last night I had to light the fire
as well the the log fire to try and keep the house warm I suppose it’s because I
was on my own because mr. Steve is away at the moment so I’m all by myself what
a pity so yes you are right it’s freezing at
the moment in the UK it really does feel as if there is a strange cold hand
grabbing hold of the UK hi mr. Duncan how are you what is the
music called that you have at the start of your livestream hello Douglas that
piece of music is called elevator that’s the name of the piece of music and I do
like that piece of music is well it always gets me in a good mood it always
makes me feel quite happy when I hear that piece of music I don’t know why but
I do Sally you didn’t mention the title of
your live stream today the title well I’m talking about voting I’m talking
about the results from the election and there are lots of words that we can use
as well thanks for the difference between historic and historical it is
one that many people get confuse by so I thought I would explain it today
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leave YouTube however I won’t be leaving YouTube precisely but I will be going to
another homepage so my new home will be on a website another website however I
will still continue to make videos here on YouTube I know it’s very confusing
even I get confused by it sometimes so I suppose we can’t talk about things that
are happening at the moment without mentioning that special time of the year
yes christmas is just around the corner and at this time of year many people
prepare for the festive season the christmas season and quite often in
their house they will put up a Christmas tree this is Pete chaffinch and this is lady
Willington both of them sitting comfortably in the corner of my living
room but I’m afraid you’re going to have to move out because something is going
to be placed there I’m ever so sorry today I am going to put my Christmas
tree up my Christmas tree does not come complete the Christmas tree comes in
three sections this is the bottom section so before I can decorate it
I must construct the tree I have to put the tree together first the tree has to
be assembled this is the bottom part of the tree it is the base of the tree so
that’s the middle section in place all that remains now is the top section so
there it is my lovely Christmas tree it’s a very tall tree and it took me a
long time to set up its total height is 7 feet that’s even taller than me so
Christmas tree oh yes so green and so much so nice to see you are the world’s
best Christmas tree this particular Christmas tree is very
realistic it is very true to life from far away it looks like a real tree the
putting up of a tree at Christmas stems from the old pagan ritual of tree
worshiping some people believed that trees were alive others considered the
tree as sacred and divine in some cultures a tree is planted after the
birth of a child so as to help it grow strong and healthy the practice of
bringing a tree into the house at Christmas became popular over two
centuries ago it first began in Germany and slowly moved to other places here in
Britain we have been decorating our homes with a tree at Christmas for
around 200 years originally these trees were decorated with candles and later
other things were hung on it so as to add more color these days we place many
different things on our Christmas trees we can take a look at some of these
things now if you like when decorating a Christmas tree you normally begin with
the lights as they are the most awkward things to arrange I have gone for
multicolored lights putting Christmas tree lights up can be a little laborious
you need to slowly move around the tree and while doing so you position the
lights on the tree some people start from the bottom while others prefer to
do it from the top I normally begin at the bottom so I know exactly where the
wire for the lights will trail from to the wall socket so I start at the bottom
of the tree and slowly work my way up this
action is called hanging or stringing you are hanging the lights on the tree
you are stringing the lights up these particular lights are low energy ones in
fact almost all of the lights I’m using inside and outside use very little
electricity this shiny material is called tinsel it is very eye-catching it
really gets your attention tinsel adds that all-important
sparkle to the tree it complements the lights by shimmering and sparkling
tinsel is a very important part of the tree deck Hall you can also put tinsel
in other places too I always like to put some around my TV quite often the tinsel
around the edge is more interesting than what is happening on the screen if
someone asks me what I watched on TV last night I reply my lovely tinsel so that’s the tinsel on the tree I only
have one thing to say next balls yes balls
you cannot decorate your tree without some nice shiny balls or as they are
more traditionally known baubles a bauble is a glass decoration normally
associated with Christmas trees these days most baubles are made of plastic so
they do not break as easily is the old-fashioned glass ones I have quite a
selection of Christmas baubles here the focal point of
Christmas tree is the top normally on the top of a Christmas tree you will put
a fairy or a star I have decided to go for a nice golden star the star can of
course be used as a religious symbol it is a powerful emblem I see the star as a
symbol of hope and longevity stars always look so bright and cheerful a
clear starry night really is a wonderful sight twinkle twinkle little star how I
wonder what you are some people might say that underneath
the Christmas tree is the most important place because that is where the presence
and the gifts can be found after Santa has been on Christmas Eve who is Santa
he is of course father Christmas or Santa Claus to give him his full name
there are other things that you can put on your Christmas tree to brighten it up
these are imitation Holly leaves with real pine cones dusted with paint to
look like snow they add a lovely winter look to the tree this little Robin has
found a nice comfortable spot to perch on so that is my tree all decorated and
the lights are ready to be switched on it’s not nice so there it is the
finished article the Christmas tree and that is a video I made I think I made
that in 2013 a very long long time ago hmm as I said I have made a cup of
coffee so I’m now having a delicious cup of
coffee and look hmm it’s nice and foamy on the top so I need this coffee to keep
me going for the next 15 minutes I have another 15 minutes to go with you all on
this Friday afternoon hello to the live chat hello – Lena oh hello again Lena I
ordered two shirts in one shop in London as a New Year’s present my friend living
in London sent them to me on the 23rd of November I am still waiting for my
parcel from London says Lena at this time of year here in the UK the postal
system normally slows down to be honest with you quite often it’s not it’s not
good normally even at their normal pace it is quite slow so all I can say to you
is you might have to wait a little bit longer it might take up to two weeks to
actually get to you Lena so two weeks or even three weeks and this is one of the
things that we have to always bear in mind here in the UK during the run-up to
Christmas so as Christmas approaches lots of people want to send gifts and
presents some people will send things locally from one place to another quite
often people will send gifts and presents abroad as well and during this
time of year it can take a lot longer even if you order something on the
internet and you live in the same country you might find that it gets
there or gets to you much slower than normal so that
the reason why apparently Belarusian as never baked a turkey
well you don’t bake a turkey you normally cook a turkey you cook or roast
a turkey so yes I’ve never baked a turkey in my life and I’ve never even
tasted Turkey that’s incredible really is that true so what do you normally eat
what kind of meat do you normally have Belarus here
of course you might be a vegetarian for all I know
mm-hmm so yes I don’t really like red balls on a Christmas tree
I prefer gold or silver balls well my Christmas tree has lots of different
colors of balls baubles so some of them are orange some of them are red some of
them are silver and some of them are very shiny very sparkly so yes I always
like lots of different colors on my Christmas tree I would imagine a lot of
people are preparing to put their Christmas trees up at the moment I would
imagine Louie Louie now that’s what I call a Christmas tree
thank you very much now that particular video was recorded
before we did some of the changes in the house so that video was actually made in
2006 13 sorry 2013 six years ago incredible amazing mr. Duncan I am a to
decorate today my Christmas tree and also my house as well says Alexandra
good good I’m glad that you’ve given yourself plenty of time
some people don’t don’t do it straight away they wait until maybe two or three
days before Christmas and then suddenly they will start to panic and they will
throw their Christmas tree up in a hurry they will do it too quickly what type of
coffee do you like as Sean well at the moment I will drink
anything any coffee so here is some coffee that I’ve made I think this is I
think this is Brazilian it might be Brazilian coffee or actually I have a
feeling wait wait there a second let me just have a taste hmm I think that might be Colombian
that’s Colombian coffee so the coffee I’m drinking at the moment I think
that’s Colombian it has quite a kick to it quite a strong flavor not I’m not
saying that I dislike Brazilian coffee because I drink Brazilian coffee as well
in fact I’m so tired today I will drink anything Palmero mr. Duncan I would like
to you too I would like to hear you pronounce the word fer fer do you mean
the type of tree so a type of evergreen tree is called a fir tree fir so if I
are fir so it isn’t fee fear its fur it sounds like the soft coating on an
animal so an animal has fur but also a tree that is an evergreen can be
described as a fir tree so I hope that helps you there
Noemi is here I love to cook talk Turkey but the common problem is it’s too big
for a few people I think so well that’s the reason why we have chicken so mr.
Steve always goes out to buy a lovely fresh chicken of course it has to be
organic I don’t know why but mr. Steve feels happier if his
if his turkey corpse or should I say chicken corpse is organic Belarusian in
Argentina we eat meat and meats and lots of meat and also fish and chicken and
from time to time we also eat pork and pizza oh I see
so you’ve just never tried turkey can I say turkey is very nice but it can be
very difficult to cook because turkey well you’ve seen the turkey they’re big
birds they’re pretty large actually so they can be a little difficult to cook
they are hard to cook well Pedro I’m going to going to leave until I have
another opportunity oh ok then see you later Pedro don’t worry you could watch
this video again later on the replay Rafi says sucking pig is a traditional
food Christmas as well some people have something called a hog roast have you
ever seen a hog roast what they normally do I’ve never been to one myself
but a hug roast is where you take the whole pig and you put a large skewer
through the middle of it and then you cook the pig over an open fire so the
pig the animal will slowly turn around and cook over a long period of time and
they call that a hog roast I’ve never been to one myself I’m not sure if I
want to see a large animal revolving or spinning above a burning flame to be
honest I’m not sure if I I want to see that I don’t understand why people
decorate their houses after Halloween I think they are killing the Christmas
spirit can I just set say something here can I tell you something in the past
here in the UK we never used to bother with Halloween very much I remember
growing up as a kid Halloween wasn’t ruin
a big event it wasn’t commercialized like it is now but here in the UK now we
tend to do lots of things during Halloween but not not in the past so I
remember growing up as a kid in the 1970s we didn’t really observe Halloween
or get very excited about it if I was honest hello Sally
mr. Duncan can you please explain the expression for me if something will roll
off the tongue well if something rolls off the tongue
it means it you say it easily so it will roll off the tongue
it means you say it with ease it is something that is easy to say it just
rolls off the tongue Thank You Rosa Thank You pal Mira thank you to Ana as
well so yesterday we had an election we had to go out and we had to cast our
vote so that’s what we did yesterday so when you vote you go out you make a
choice many countries nowadays have a voting system some of them are fair some
of them not so fair that’s all I’m saying
you may have noticed in the news there are lots of disagreements taking place
around the world in certain countries about the voting system and also how
fair the actual elections are so you vote for a person to represent your area
the place you live you also ballot so ballot is also vote so when you ballot
it means you make a choice so a group of people are allowed to ballot they are
allowed to make a vote you might have three or four people that you can choose
from to represent you you vote you ballot ballot interesting word you
might not have heard of that word before a vote can also be described as a poll
as well we often use the word poll when we talk about survey as well so when you
are making a survey when you are gathering the opinions of people you
will often have a poll so this word once again
can be used in more than one way so when you poll you are asking people to make a
choice or maybe you are interested to find out what people think about a
certain thing or a certain subject I’m starting to liven up now I’m feeling
more lively because I’m having coffee hmm
feel that caffeine rush it’s going straight to my brain hello sweetness I
am here also but my hands are full right now sorry sorry that I can’t be company
for you that’s okay don’t worry Alan Gere says bye to Pedro isn’t that nice
another word that we often use especially when the results of an
election are coming through we talked about swing and this is something you’ll
often hear mentioned here in the UK we are crazy about swing we get very
excited when people on the television talk about how the voting public have
changed the party that they support so when we talk about swing we mean how far
over the voting has changed for each party and which one is being favored
more so you might say that last night there was a big swing for the
Conservatives so the Conservatives enjoyed
a big swing they had a larger percentage of the vote
swing for many years on television especially on the BBC they have
something called a swingometer look it up after I finished look it up on
YouTube I’m sure there are lots of video clips showing the famous BBC swingometer
and every year or every time we have an election they always get the swingometer
out to show you how people are voted hello sweetness again Oh sweetness is
doing some cooking you should never say that to me because now I’m going to be
very nosy I want to know what you are cooking why you are cooking and how you
are going to get that food to me hi mr. Duncan this is year seven assist hello
to you so you have been watching me feat for seven years Thank You Ivan that’s
very nice I once met an American who said that we eat too much meat here in
Argentina but when I asked him what do you enjoy the most since you’ve been
here he told me meat fried meat so someone from America was telling Belarus
here how people in Argentina eat too much meat yet his favorite food was a
certain type of meat yes I like that I think Americans especially people in the
USA are crazy about meat there are some very interesting programs that I watched
sometimes on television where they go to these restaurants and in these
restaurants they serve these huge portions of food and quite often it
involves lots of meat and quite often the meat is very
spicy or very greasy so yes pachu who won in the UK election
was it Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn it was Boris Boris had a huge win last
night in fact it might be described as historic when we talk about voting we
will often talk about the turnout so when we say turnout this means the
amount of people or the number of people who went out to vote the people the
number of people who actually went along and they put their cross on the voting
paper so the number of people who turned out the number of people who went along
to vote is the turnout I think yesterday’s vote I think it was
around 60 was it 64 or 67 I think it was around 67% so that’s slightly below
average so only 60 67 percent of the voters in the UK actually voted
yesterday which isn’t very high really when you think about it we seem to have
a lot of trouble here getting young people interested in politics and
getting them to vote so that is one of the things that people talk about every
time an election comes along there is a Christmas toy factory in Russia it is a
place where the Christmas decorations like baubles are made this Factory is
visited by many children and adults every year I like that idea
it must be wonderful it must be like going to Santa’s home
the place where Santa Claus lives hello Ivan mr. Duncan good job yes seven
years of assisting thank you very much very nice thanks a lot mr. Duncan for
your help today I hope these words have been useful
here’s another one if a group of people agree or decide to go in a certain
direction with their opinion you might say that there is a consensus so if a
group of people agree they come to a decision or an agreement we can say that
there is a consensus quite often we will say consensus of opinion so a group of
people it can be a few people a hundred people or even a million people if they
all agree on one thing maybe they agree on who they want to run
the country there is a consensus an agreement
I was asked the other day is it compulsory to vote in the UK well as I
just mentioned only 67 68 percent of people who can vote actually did so yes
voting is not obligatory or compulsory in the UK so you don’t have to go out
and vote I know in some countries you do some countries they will come round and
tell you have you voted yet they will say have you voted come on go to the
voting station so here in the UK you don’t have to vote and the legal age is
18 so over the age of 18 you are able to vote you can choose who you want to
represent you in the houses of parliament voting is not compulsory or
of obligatory that’s a great word not easy to say by the way so I hope you’ve
enjoyed that we are going in a few moments a little strange today because I
didn’t get much sleep last night so I went to bed at 3
and I got up at around about 8:00 so I haven’t had much sleep to be honest with
you and that’s the reason why I feel a little tired at the moment and also I’m
drinking this coffee to keep me awake for the rest of the day
Belarus you is going taking care of your parents isn’t that lovely
isn’t that great Thank You Belarusian and a big hello to your parents as well
don’t forget to say hello for us all we are thinking about you and your
family I know things have been happening Alexandra I like your colourful mug oh
I’ve had this cup for many years many many years this is my favourite cup I
think we all have a favourite thing a favourite thing that we like to use for
drinking so yes this is my favourite cup I always protect this cup I would hate
it if something bad were to happen to my favourite cup so I love this cup and I
especially love the coffee that is contained within the cup to be honest I
need this coffee today I really do I haven’t had much sleep really thank you
Eric wonderful words for for a democratic
country it may be democratic in this country however there are a lot of
people a lot of people who are very upset now what’s been interesting about
this election is the way in which people have been reacting and talking on social
media and I think that the result from this general election in the UK has
proved one thing and that is that people don’t really take much notice of what
people write or what commentators talk about on social media so I think
actually people have made up their own mind as I said a couple of weeks ago
people don’t decide until they have the pencil in their hand until they
are holding the pencil until they are about to make their cross on the paper
so many people make their decision at the last moment and quite often they
will make the decision based on not this but this so they will make their
decision based on what they feel here in their heart so quite often that means
that they might vote in a selfish way and that’s what I’ve always believed
with voting so when a person goes to vote quite often their decision will
often be a selfish one because they want to survive so they will vote for the
person that they see will help them to survive in the future that’s what I
think it’s just an opinion of a guy on the Internet I think roast meat in
Argentina is the most tasty all over the world oh don’t say that oh I want to go
to Argentina now it’s not fair they know we have salads for New Year’s Eve salads
I can’t I can’t make a salad I’m useless at cooking Bella rim Sally thank you
very much Gemini says I was heavily disappointed by the result my love for
Britain has shrunk a little today and I joined the live chat for the first time
to say this Thank You Gemini you are more than welcome to express your
opinion and can I just say you are not the only one many people this morning
are almost shocked they can’t quite believe it but I think one of the big
problems this time is that people were not sure how to vote they didn’t know
which way to go so they only made their decision at the very last moment and
quite often you will think of yourself I think voting quite often
can be a selfish action because quite often you will think not of other people
you will quite often think of yourself I personally like Boris Johnson says Alan
Gere I was watching the events last night and
one thing I saw was every Prime Minister taking dogs with them well yes they do
that because that’s how they become popular because a lot of people like
dogs so I think sometimes they use dogs so people will will like them maybe I
should get a dog maybe I should have a dog here on my live stream sitting next
to me licking its bottom hello SM green food is healthy dairy for all but the
quick but the short o dairy will give you a short live humans will search for
takeaway food which causes many diseases and also health problems I think you’re
right so I’m coming towards the end of today’s live stream I hope you’ve
enjoyed this a little different not least of all because I’m half asleep and
the weather outside is cold windy very stormy very stormy outside today I’m
surprised we haven’t had any rain I really am
so it’s almost almost time for me to go thanks so much
mr. Duncan a very interesting lesson but please don’t think too much don’t drink
too much coffee well normally I only have one coffee every day so today I
didn’t have a cup of coffee I didn’t have one so this is my one and only cup
of coffee today Thank You Berlin here in Peru you have to vote if you don’t vote
you have to pay a fine of twenty-five dollars that’s very interesting so in
Peru you do have to vote you have no choice personally I think it’s a good
idea I think many people become so bored with politics and they become so bored
listening to people talking and talking that they they just switch off they
can’t be bothered listening to it and so they become disinterested in everything
to do with politics and quite often they will not go out to vote have you voted
mr. Duncan well I voted yesterday yes the polling the voting took place
yesterday and during the night they gave all of the results and there were quite
a few of them over 600 flad what is the best Christmas song ever there are quite
a few I don’t know if I have my favorite Christmas song Helena says mr. Duncan we
love you without a dog thank you very much I suppose mr. Steve might be my pet
I think so Thank You Louie Louie Thank You Sammy
Thank You Meeker Thank You Louis I am going now it is time for me to have the
rest of my coffee mmm and you also can have a lovely hot beverage if you want
or a cold one if you feel like it this is mr. Duncan saying thanks for
watching I am back when am i back I am back on
sunday sunday 2 p.m. UK time and I hope you have a good weekend
I hope everything goes your way I will be talking to lots of people this
weekend I’m sure as I walk around some people will be happy some people not so
happy bye to Lewis bye also Meeker Sammy thank
you very much for joining me today and of course until the next time we join
hands across the world here on the Internet
this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for watching see
one Sunday 2 p.m. UK time and of course you know what’s coming next
yes you do… ta ta for now 😎

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  4. Oh, teacher! My lovely lovely dear teacher! You had mentioned my name when I had already left the live stream…!!! But I´m watching it again now. Thank you very much for your kind words to me and my family. You are adorable! By the way, I drink four cups of coffee every day!! I need them a lot to be alive

  5. I'm a little bit shocked at the result of the general election. I wonder what will be happen and how this choice will affect global citizen. Thank you.

  6. When did democracy turned into “democrazy”? (Not my word, but I think it’s so accurate to describe today’s affairs) Really concerned about how things are developing around the world… thanks Misterduncan! Great programme today as always!!

  7. If something historic is taking place today, there is a big chance that will become historical in the future. Am I wrong? 🙂

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