Esparina Residences: Vintage themed 2 Bedder Ground Floor Condo -for $1M Sold By PropertyLimBrothers

PropertyLimBrothers and we are here at Esparina Residences today. We have a two bedrooms ground floor exclusive
property to showcase over. Esparina was completed in year 2013 it’s just reached its five-years MOP mark. and so now it’s eligible for sale. The reason why it’s so popular with a lot of home owners is because it’s just right opposite
Buangkok MRT Station and Mega Integrated
Development is going to be up with the bus station, MRT station link with a huge mega mall as well. As well as a community club. For all your retail
needs, grocery shopping and there’s even an
integrated Hawker Center right there as well. It’s just right opposite at the doorsteps of Esparina Residences which make this location
even much more sought after. Alright, so right now we
are in the apartment itself and this is a 1076sqft, 2-Bedder having the dumbbell layout which is a fantastic layout because it really gives
you so much more space in the entire living,
dining and the kitchen area. Now, let’s have a look
at this patio space. This is a key highlight of this house. It has a very good size patio. You can sit down with
your loved ones, families to enjoy a cup of tea over here. Right, and as you can see this is actually your master room. For the master room actually leads direct to the patio as well. Owners has fitted in a nice
seaside blue color tone outdoor set right here that you can just sit and enjoy but let’s have a look at this greenery that is already done by the management when the project was TOP. I mean, even though it
is a ground floor unit you have so much privacy
here standing here. People even walking outside can’t really see what’s
going on in your unit itself. So it gives you a good mix of privacy and a lot of outdoor space. Good thing about this balcony is that it has an enclosed
and sheltered balcony. Whether it’s rain or
shine you can still use the whole entire outdoor patio area. Yeah, and this is approved
by the management right here. But I think before we enter into the unit let’s have a look at
the lawn area outside. Bro let’s go. This is where you link straight out to the facilities area. Right side is like the
main pool, plus kids’ pool and there’s also another
fun pool over here. But this lawn area is where your kids can just come out and say, “Hey mommy, after dinner can I come “and play with my friends?” And they can just run around. There’s also like a community deck that you can just sit there and relax and chat with your friends as well. And there’s so much open space. The good thing is also the
distance to the next block is actually quite far away. So in terms of privacy’s fantastic. Full condo facilities. It’s also sheltered all the way to the multi-story carpark. Barbeque pits all around with
tennis court, full security. Right, let’s go. ‘Kay, so in terms of the finishing the owner has actually fitted ceiling fans and even track lights
right at the patio space. and the moment you enter you realize that there’s a bit of a vintage kind of industrial style right here. So in terms of design theme,
it’s really eye catchy. Flooring has been very well maintained. Beautiful designer lights has been done for the living area. Even the walls here, the left and right are flush with this
kind of vintage lights. You know, last time where we studied it used to be this kind of lights, right? Yes, this unit is really
very super cozy to live in. It has a flush TV console area. And right here you have a storage space for your wires and all your equipments. It’s nicely flush in. Yup, and actually at the back of this TV console space
will be your master room. But on this portion here there are actually more
space for storage needs. If you notice how much things
that we can keep right here. Together we have another
left and right panel over here as well. So there’s a lot more
storage space available. Because this is the
dumbbell two-bedder layout so you don’t really waste your
space for bedroom walkways which can be translated right into your living and dining space. Look at this nicely
tucked L-shaped kitchen Although it’s an open-concept. It’s deep, it’s actually
very longish at both angles. Cooker hood/hob as well as the oven has been very well maintained. Also a lot of fridge space right here. If you want to use a dryer this is where the space for
your washer cum dryer will be. If not you can actually wash here and then hang your
clothes right at the patio this is the benefit of
having a ground floor, right? Especially for people with kids. You don’t want to worry about their safety you have dogs, or you
really love gardening I mean ground floor is
really fantastic for you. Now why don’t you check
out the entrance area. And yes, over here the entrance. Our owner has nicely-constructed
full shoe cabinets with a good storage space over here and also right at this corner
here and the top as well. What the new owners could probably do is have a full-height mirror here. So the whole entire space is elongated and you can properly check
yourself before you go out. Alright, let’s head to the bedroom. So, of course this door if you notice very unique in nature. This your master room door, alright! The size right here, even
after fitting in the queen bed you still have this space. I mean, you can still put in a dressing table or study table. There’s total of four panels right here for your wardrobe space. Another two panels here. This part is where you
hide your TV, alright! So you can actually just open up. Top cabinets, bottom cabinets, another two panel here, so total eight panel wardrobe space. Cove light has been done on
the top of the ceiling as well. Air-con’s been superbly well-maintained. And if you notice the owner has actually pushed out slightly the master room so that
you have more closet space and also more work space
in this whole master room. And what I love about this master is that you can just step out from your master room into the patio which makes it like chalet feel. En-suite bath is also
very good size in nature. The plus point is this entire unit with all the bedrooms is
facing to the southeast in the general direction. There’s totally no afternoon sun so it’s actually very cooling and airy throughout the year itself. Right! And the common room size is really decent and squarish in size. We can fit in a queen bed easily. What I love about this common room is that it also has a sliding door and you can just simply step outside into the patio area without
coming out of your bedrooms. Right, of course we
don’t want to forget that there’s these three beautiful panels of black-framed windows just right at the backdrop of your sofa. It’s actually windows
towards the second bedroom. Second bedroom has blinds
on the inside as well so you can really feel like
it’s like a piece of wall. So there’s a lot of fine details that is done to this home to have that kind of vintage deco feel. So Esparina has a total of 573 units. Was launched as an executive condominium and it’s located in District 19. Now Buangkok is a fantastic location. If you were to take the purple MRT line one station from Compass One Mall which is Sengkang MRT Station is also another one station towards Hougang Mall as well. It will also lead you
right to Serangoon NEX that’s the interchange. Or you can just take
straight down to Dhoby Ghaut which takes about 20-odd minutes. So in terms of convenience,
facilities and amenities it’s fantastic. Alright, this is our favorite place of this home is that patio area. Why don’t we end off the
home tour here with you. Now, if you like this video click like. Subscribe to our channel
or leave a comment right here below. I’m Melvin Lim. Adrian Lim. PropertyLimBrothers, PropNex. Always happy to show you the place.

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