Exploring an Abandoned Vintage House – Everything Left Behind

[Music] [Music] there’s so many clothes in here today we are exploring this abandoned house in Mississippi it’s unbelievable how much stuff was left inside although we really don’t know what the story of the house is you can imagine what happened from all the stuff inside it’s almost like someone left for the day but never came back they left everything when this house became abandon holy cow but this right here like it was left abandoned camera slider there’s a bird in here it sounds like candles left and there holder there’s a children’s photos in here Wow look at this that is old this is nuts there’s still like stuff set up Wow still here to brush your teeth this is like walking into an antique shop almost and right even the toilet looks like the antique look out the window the whole area back there collapsed well looks like they used to be a covered area of like a back patio but the whole thing collapsed you see art attached to the roof up there kitchen this is kind of a weird spot for the kitchen it’s like in the back corner of the house and you have to walk through a bedroom to get to the kitchen that’s so weird the paper feels pretty old and brittle so I wouldn’t be surprised if this has been left here since this place was abandoned banned in places like this just don’t exist like this is crazy how much stuff is left here [Music] June 1818 25 a year 2003 2003 so it was a band in 2003 obviously it’s stuff in here there’s so many antiques and you look burned history I know [Applause] this place is big [Music] [Music] [Music] whatever happened to this guitar though does not look like natural decay looks like it was smashed by somebody [Music] there’s so much stuff just piled up in here and it’s like no room to move well that’s really animal fur telephone book put it down this was somebody’s grandparents house the ceiling collapsed eeeh buckets of water dripping from the ceiling second floor thingie sketchy yeah you can see right up very so much stuff left another hotel with hardly more stuff in here in antique stores yeah is this like a medical bed yeah so we’ve seen like four bedrooms so far just on the first floor the kitchen yeah but it’s just like stored in here yeah a lot of books just lying around it’s like angled in or that’s so cool do we trust this floor this is a children’s room over here be very careful about the floor here look at that TV I need to go see that TV out close [Music] that’s our stock I’m not gonna force it this room is sunny definitely a girl’s room check out this clock or knee another bedroom now it’s kind of sad thinking at the end it was probably one lonely old man or woman living in this house all alone with all these empty bedrooms is that like a Navy picture right there these look handmade this quote right also another kitchen there’s another kitchen up here our house and two kitchens just each other something these old clocks are cool whole mouth hush completely unused check it out a bird’s made a nest up there [Music]

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