Extraordinary Finds Preview | 500 Episodes | ANTIQUES ROADSHOW | PBS

HOST: Ever wonder what happened to some of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW’s favorite finds after our cameras left town? GUEST: Wow. HOST: Well this brand-new special is sure to satisfy. APPRAISER: I look at that chair and I think holy cow! HOST: We’ll show you a tag sale triumph. GUEST: She said, “You can have it for $25” and I took it. APPRAISER: We just couldn’t believe it. Here we are
in an absolute masterpiece. One of the greatest pieces of federal furniture
I’ve ever seen. HOST: A top-tier timepiece, APPRAISER: This is one incredible watch, I’ve never held a watch like this in my hand. GUEST: What? You’re kidding. APPRAISER: Until today, is still the best watch I’ve ever held in my hands. HOST: A national treasure, APPRAISER: When you walked in with this I just
about died. Congratulations, congratulations. GUEST: I can’t believe this. I
had no idea that it could be worth anything like that. HOST: And many stunning
surprises. APPRAISER: I don’t want to get too emotional here, but it was literally a surreal
experience that this could possibly be happening. APPRAISER: I remember the moment I told
him the price. I saw his knees buckle a little bit. GUEST: Oh my god. I’m in a state of
shock. APPRAISER: He, um, just kind of dipped and I thought, man this guy’s gonna hit the ground. GUEST: Oh, my goodness. Thank you! (laughing) APPRAISER: It shocked the audience of Chinese bidders who were bidding. It shocked my staff,
it shocked all of us. GUEST: I just to this day, I can’t really comprehend that much money for a screen. HOST: All this and more in ANTIQUES ROADSHOW’s 500th episode special, Extraordinary Finds. Premiering Monday, November 4th at 8/7 central, only on PBS

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