Welcome to Designed to the Nines I’m
NataLee Callahan and if this is the first time we’re meeting welcome to my
channel today’s episode I am so excited for because we are finally decorating my
craft room slash studio first off I kind of want to show you where it began we
decorate in stages that way you don’t have to lay down a whole chunk of money
all at once you can do it in stages I’ll put together a playlist with all of the
videos that I’m referencing so you’ll have a one source where you can go and
kind of see the process along first up I wanted to show you where this room began
as a very boring vanilla room with a bunch of inherited furniture that I
probably would have never bought unless it hadn’t already come with the purchase
of our home there were very vanilla walls cheap end tables a fake leather
sofa that looked good from a distance but when you got close you could see
that it was really cracked and peeling all over the place now this room sits at
the top of our stairs and is meant to be a loft family room probably where the
kids would normally play however my husband also works from home and his
office is upstairs and this room was really never getting used by our kids so
I decided to commandeer it as my craft room slash studio I started out by
selecting an inspiration piece that would determine the direction that we
took the color palette in but the first real project I tackled was the walls so
I started out by doing my token striped wall essentially the wall striping
process is this you start out by painting the entire wall that you intend
to stripe in your lightest paint color when your wall is dry you’re going to
mark where you want your stripes my stripes were about eight inches wide
then you’re going to take out your level and mark your stripes all the way around
the wall so that they are all nice and level then you’re going to tape off all
of the stripes with painters tape which I have an absolute love hate
relationship with because it always leaks no matter whether or not it says
it’s not going to leak it will leak so to prevent this leakage I then seal the
painters tape with that lighter color that’s already on the wall so if it
bleeds it’s bleeding the original wall color this will help to create
crisp line then I do two coats of the darker color let that dry and then peel back the
painters tape even with all of those extra steps you will have a couple of
spots that will still bleed through I usually take a tiny little paintbrush
and just do touch-ups in those little areas and with just a few cans of paint
it went from boring to totally beautiful next up I sold my fake leather sofa and
it more than covered my craft table which was a knockoff of the Pottery Barn
Bedford project table in this episode I built two cubby shelves that I picked up
from Target for pretty inexpensive and they were actually pretty simple to put
together then I picked up some supplies at Home
Depot where I built a simple tabletop using an MDF sheet that I had Home Depot
cut down and some two by fours essentially I just screwed everything
together put a back on the inside of the Cubbies so it was no longer open and
then painted everything out that needed it in the end it was an near-identical
knockoff with massive savings it just goes to show you that with a little bit
of sweat equity you can get the look for less next up I wanted to have my logo on
my wall since this will be used to shoot my weekly show here on YouTube if you’re
doing this at home you could do your favorite saying your favorite quote or
whatever sparks your creativity I start by putting my logo on my Cricut design
studio if you don’t have a Cricut at home what I recommend is printing out
whatever quote or saying you’d like on cardstock and cutting it out by hand you
can use this as a template and trace it onto the craft styrofoam just like I did then you’re going to need a hot knife
which is an awesome tool that I recently discovered that’s not very expensive and
it will cut right through the styrofoam like butter it’s amazing I’m totally
obsessed with this tool once I got my letters cut out I painted the edges in
gold paint and hot glued on some rhinestone ribbon that I picked up from
the Dollar Tree to cover up the sides of my newly cut 3d letters because I didn’t want to see any of the
styrofoam texture I took the original poster board that I had cut out as a
template on my Cricut machine and spray painted it gold I then used spray mount
adhesive to glue them right on to the Front’s of the styrofoam letters but I
didn’t stop there I found a large frame that was perfect
in size to fit my logo in on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $17 i spray-painted
this gold and framed out my logo this part is totally optional but it makes it
look a little bit more finished in my opinion this sign only cost me $12 for a
rather large custom sign I consider this a huge steal I am so happy with this
sign I really really love it this room has really become a huge
catch-all and dumping ground because of the overall lack of storage space in
this room and really the whole house so I knew I needed to add some storage
shelves hiring somebody to build custom shelves were definitely not in the
budget so I knew I would need to build them myself I start by going to the Home
Depot and purchasing some MDF which I have them make all of my major cuts
there make sure you go in and place an order in advance and give them ample
time then I mark where I want each shelf on all sides so I know exactly where to
tack it in with some nails and then follow up with three two and a half inch
screws which I drive in on each side making sure to countersink so the head
of the screw is flush to add more stability and more of a
finished look i add beadboard to the back of the shelves I mark the back to
show where each of the shelves are located so I know where to shoot in the
nails I had flat trim to finish the bottom I build two-side units before I can
install I need to move the trim where the unit will sit I slide them into place and attach them
to the studs in the wall then I build a center unit to fit in the middle of the
two units adding shelves on support strips that have been screwed into the
studs in the wall this will make the unit very sturdy I add a center support in the middle
unit and then I add some simple trim on the facing of all the units I used some
two-inch door casing to fake crown molding I’ve used it before and it works
out really well i prime and paint it out by building
them myself I saved well over a thousand dollars not too shabby now it’s time to decorate my favorite
part I did a few decorative and practical DIYs for my craft room
makeover I will show you how to make those in an upcoming episode very soon
so stay tuned for that I kind of struggled hanging this frame
back up but it eventually worked out I love this isn’t it cute so now let’s
get our shelves filled I got this gold tray on clearance at Ross for a dollar
ninety-nine and I’m just gonna set it here and then we’re going to set our
floral arrangement pink peonies arrangement that I did a long time ago
I’ve since added a few extra flowers that I had on hand but I thought looked
nice to it but I’ll have that tutorial in the description box and playlist
below I got this basket at Ross I thought it would look really pretty on
this shelf full of ribbons so we’re gonna place a whole bunch of ribbon in
here and I’m not doing it super organized I kind of think I will like
the natural look of it we’ll see I may switch things out as I go with this
because I think you kind of have to live with a design and see how it feels
before you switch things up so let’s just load this basket up in these boxes that we made I’m going to
just throw this in there and a few other things and it will be stuff that I don’t
need all the time but I don’t want to get rid of I got a great deal on this
bar stool it was on clearance for $69 it was exactly what I was looking for and I
was planning on paying double that amount so I was ecstatic went to find
that on sale this is from a Valentine’s Day tutorial
but I think I’ll keep it up year-round we’ll just see we might have a little
project for back here as well so we’re gonna put this in now it’s time to place
my Cricut machine I have a plug-in outlet over here so I’m going to place
it over here I am kind of a Fabri holic I like pretty fabrics and so I have
quite the collection and I’m going to display some of my favorites right here
on the shelf so we’ll just set those up there and I’ll play around with that a
little bit my mother-in-law got me this willow tree prayer of piece piece piece
and I’m gonna set it on my shelf I picked up this $8 basket on clearance
at HomeGoods and I thought that it was a perfect basket to store odds and ends
that weren’t very attractive and I could just hide it away and it’s not like it’s
a little bent and such but it’ll do the trick I think so we’ll just Nestle that
right in here and it will hold all the ugly things that I just don’t want to
see all the time I’m hiding underneath my craft table but I promise it’s for a
reason I got these command hooks and I’m gonna actually hang them right
underneath here so right up in here so I can hang my cricut mats and get them out
of the way and they’ll be a perfect spot for that
I love command hooks because you don’t have to do anything other than stick ’em
Peel off one side of the backing attach it to our hook super easy and
then peel off that side and I’m gonna actually hang it from the hook now just
so that I can place it correctly I know you can’t see it but we’re gonna press
it right on I’ve got all of my vinyl in a bin and we’re gonna just tuck that
over here for when we need it so I got these jars on sale at Hobby
Lobby I think they’re perfect for storing things in them I don’t have
anything for them yet but I’m going to set them in here for when I need them and they’re so pretty look at them! well I hope you enjoyed the end result I
am really thrilled with how it turned out and if you enjoyed this I think
you’ll enjoy the playlist with all of the episodes that helped me get to this
point to all my DIY Niners thank you so much for watching we’ll see you next
time bye


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  2. This video is amazing, the way you totally changed the room from drab to fab is stunning work, I’m so super impressed that it was all done by you and not a carpenter. Your husband must be super impressed by what you have achieved. I think you could easily make yourself a set of sturdy steps to reach your top shelf’s in the same white MDF. The shelf’s on the side wall look amazing, I’m looking forward to that video. See you next time

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  4. Beautiful! I love that you built that all yourself! Impressed. It’s very lovely and clean! And organized!!!❣️❣️❣️

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  6. Fantastic makeover Natalee. Luv the sign you created with your cricket. The shelves really anchor the feature wall perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Natalee, your finished craft room and studio turned out stunning! I just L O V E it! Enjoy your wonderful space, so fresh and new! happy days ahead! ~ Maria

  8. I’m impressed!
    You saved so much money and your self built shelving units and the crafting storage table looks like it WAS done by a professional. Same with the paint job. AND your logo!!
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  15. N atalee, I absolutely love your craft room/studio. Thank you for inspiration on adding logo on feature wall…i eill be redoing my wall soon. Will be sure to give you credit. Great buy on all clearance finds,tfs

  16. NataLee you did such an amazing job on your craft room!!!! I LOVE it😍. It's so pretty amd and organized. Thank you for the tip on how to keep the paint from bleeding through. Awesome job my friend! 💗💗💗

  17. Good Morning! I LOVE this! I literally just showed my husband and said "If she can do it, I'm going to!" It's the perfect solution to a trouble spot in our home. It will take a bit, but I'll try to send pics this summer when I do it. Thank-you!!!

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  22. Excellent and brilliant hard work Natalie 🌷🌷🌷 I have no space in my house to do a craft room, so I created a small space in the garage and used old desks, my kids used to use and with a pegboard and few shelving and hooks I now have a craft area just for myself 😊

  23. It's so funny I make storage boxes and used the same turquoise and white contact paper to cover them. I'd found a little metal turquoise colored cupboard without it's doors at the thrift store. I made the boxes so that I could put 2 boxes on each shelf. Love the transformation, and the inspiration.

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  25. Your space looks awesome. I have seen the desk made like that, but they bought a counter top from Ikea. There isnt an IKEA close to me so i think i will go to the restore or do my favorite kind of shopping. Curb shopping. Love the hints and info given out. Got excited about the hot knife. Need to get one of those.

  26. AHHHHH…. I can't even, Natalee! I am so in love with your craft room. 💙💛
    I know now why I didn't see this video when everyone was talking about it… I was unsubscribed somehow. Geez!
    Well, this turned out beyond beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing and giving us all inspiration for our craft areas!!!

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