Eyeglass Repair Kit from Dollar Tree

eyeglass repair kit from Dollar Tree dollar store eyeglass repair kit cheap eyeglasses repair hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you wear glasses you know sometimes there’s a problem there’s things that you need to repair well I found a wonderful eye glass repair kit at the dollar tree and let me show you all of the components if you open the nice plastic case you can see that it pops up and reveals three sturdy little screwdrivers the screwdrivers are about three and a half inches long two of them have a flat head and one of them has a phillips-head there’s a nice soft satiny cloth for cleaning your glasses and a little magnifying glass to help you with any repairs inside a little pouch are two little pieces of plastic tubing I don’t know what those are for there are some peel-and-stick comfort pads for adjusting your glasses so they’re not poking you there are 2 rubbery or silicon type nose pads and then there’s an assortment of little screws if you’ve lost a screw out of your glasses all of this comes for one dollar in this whole entire kit you can repair lost screws from your glasses you can replace lost nose pads or broken nose pads on your glasses you can put comfort pads on you can clean your glasses and you can even use the little magnifying glass to help you see your way to repair your eyeglasses I thought it’s a very sturdy kit I’ve been using it to take care of some little issues with glasses around my house and I made sure that I had enough of these little eye glass repair kits from Dollar Tree I can keep one with my tools I can keep one in my travel gear I can keep one in my Bug Out Bag and even in my car for only a dollar you get a lot of things in an eyeglass repair kit can help you be able to see if you need to learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

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  1. The plastic tubing is for the earpiece of the glasses if you have rubbing or pinching. It also helps keep them from slipping. I picked up one of these kits awhile ago, and have used it several times. Great little kit for a dollar.

  2. I have used these kits before. sometimes the screws or pads do not fit. go to your eyeglass store and buy some screws and pads that fit your glasses and add to kit. as an emergency repair a paper staple, paper clip etc will temporarily fill in as a screw to hold glasses together. bend the ends after insertion and the will hold it together.

  3. I've been looking for something just like this how ever did you know that I needed this you must be a mind reader lol 👍😀

  4. I used the plastic tubing to hold the screw. It gave me better grip. My lenses fell out and I used this kit to put it back.

  5. You insert the screwdriver into the plastic tube, then insert the screw into the other end head first leaving the tip of the threads sticking out. Slide the screwdriver to touch the head of the screw inside the tube. As you turn the screw into the hinge, the plastic tube will hold the screw in place. And move up the screwdriver while being tightened

  6. Insert the screw, the thread side first into the tube, then the screwdriver, keep turning the screwdriver until the thread shows at the bottom of the tube, stick the thread into the hole, keep screwing until screw goes through the holes, take the tube out of the screwdriver , and tighten it more..

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