Faces of Malaysia: Soo Beng Wa, Antiques Dealer & Restorer

you I miss the Sioux factory I’m a restorer restoring all furnitures it’s not that purpley sigh I am in the business I’m at least from a small town in Kedah north part of Malaysia guru is a small new village so in there I I doing rap infinite just business but you know small town very difficult so I there’s a chance for me to moved out to KL fan asking me they have a shop in town so they import a lot of often itches so they let me try to repair this orphanages then I found it a it’s a good way can be a business sorry from rattan furniture maker so I turned into furniture restorer rotten and wood is totally two different things but there are some similar ways the east by hand is I can say is craft there’s a one NGO organization in town button worry son and I put all my things there every year to promote all my things there and I also have class talks in bogging worry son and then from there is with the wave of Mao and the friends so they recommend no collectors new hockey tag and then new designer it came in then only I can have my business like today I cannot say I’m famous I just doing my work because I love my work I love all the furnitures been restored and because I can see there are some pieces they are sentimental value for the family these old furnitures expedia been all at that time by that period maybe 60 50s you don’t have machines like today we are using so they are all by hand even my factory here also we don’t have an many improve or new machineries we still part of that I can see is 70 or 80 percent we are still by hand it’s a very interesting job for me different pieces you have different way of doing it it’s not like a mass production every day you are facing the same things every day you walk in you start the machine you do the same thing but for restoration work different pieces from different country they have different way of doing it so you is that to me it’s a challenge I like I like the challenge I’m trying my best to keep the peace in original not to if can get the same type of wood in Malaysia we will try the best to put back and we try to get the same currying or anything missing to put back the furnitures in the original stage that’s very few people is doing restoration work after me after my generation I tried my son or my daughter I can take over the business hopefully if anybody who wants to learn the technique how to restore ffunny just I don’t mind I I can accept that if they can come into my workshop and work I prop to be a relation today when I started the business one Singapore people coming in they asked me to go to Singapore I said no I love Malaysia that’s why I still today I still in Malaysia otherwise 10 years ago I should be in Singapore because I can see my country we still need people like me to save all the furnitures especially the whole pieces why should I live my country you

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