Fall Out Boy – Thnks fr th Mmrs (Official Music Video)

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  1. Nada, vine porque esta canción me recuerda mucho mi adolescencia. Me gustaría aconsejarle a esa niña que siga siendo como es; que no cambie nada, así, de esa forma, 10 años después conocerá al amor de su vida.
    N.E.S. 💘

  2. Después de tanto años me vengo a enterar a es Kim la del video se ve tan linda sin tanta cosa.. Tan natural es bella

  3. Nah Kim Kardashian hasn't ever had work done. Nope. She looks exactly the same….just wider, less older, perkier, refreshed, retouched, retucked, more contured and refined and refinished. Yep. Same ol Kim.

  4. I miss when pop music was this bombastic, inspired, overloaded with organic instruments and chord progressions. What happened to radio pop music? It's supposed to be happy and genuine, not fake and shallow, with uninspired lyrics and lacking instrumentation. We need to bring this back. We need music on the radio that will actually deliver happiness in form of music.

  5. Lmfao this is amazing . I for some reason have never ever seen this video before but heard this song a million times since it came out years ago..lol I'm happy i clicked onto it! Definetly did not dissapoint.

  6. 90% of the comments be like: "I didn't realize that it was Kim Kardashian." or "I was today's old when I realized that the girl was Kim Kardashian."

    10% of the comments: appreciating and reminiscing the memories they have from the song.

  7. remember Gears of War 2?
    yeah, we have an trophy on Xbox 360 called Tanks For the Memories.
    the music and the game are from the same year, coincidence?

  8. I just saw the thumbnail for this song after going to an old playlist and thought well this is a new thumbnail and the chick looks just like Kim Kardashian. I have watched this video as a teen over and over and never noticed she was in the freaking video I just thought it was so strange my husband said the same thing I decided to check the comments and sure enough I’m not the only one who feels this way. 🤔 I’ve never was really one to believe in the Mandela Effect but this video has definitely changed my mind.

  9. Even tthough she already had had plastic surgeries and procedures here, she looked more as an enhanced version of herself and less plastic that she looks nowadays

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