Fashion Friday: Vintage outfit every day of one week [CC]

[Vintage style music plays] hello my butterflies welcome back to my channel if you new here my name is
Beverley and it is really nice to see you today
so this week I thought on the run up to christmas I would try doing
something a little bit different for me I um I dress in the vintage style every
single day it doesn’t matter whether I’m gonna see anybody or not I just love
getting dressed up and feeling pretty and feeling good about myself it really
helps to be part of my self-care um it really helps my mental health and
depression and it’s really important to me so I thought this week I would do
like a little video diary everyday of what I’m wearing each day
I haven’t done anything like this before but I will continue doing it
if it’s something that you enjoy but let’s give this a whirl shall we hope
you like it [Vintage style music plays] If you enjoyed this it was a little bit of a different video to what I usually
do so if you liked it give me a thumbs up and let me know down below in the
comments don’t forget to subscribe ring that little bell so you always
know when I upload and I will see you next time bye [Vintage style music plays]

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