Fashion of 2018 vs. 1998 vs. 1978 ǀ New, retro, vintage ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. Recently, I did a video saying that bridal
fashion actually reflects the taste of the decade it’s designed in. And some people commented “Well this dress
is hideous. It was never pretty”, or “That dress is
timeless”. But I think that people’s taste really varies
over time. It’s human, and we get influenced by what’s
happening around us. To prove my point, today I will put fashion
into perspective, and show you what’s trendy now, versus 20 years ago versus 40 years ago… So 2018 versus 1998, and 1978. It’s a fun video, but most importantly,
if you think… if you’re guessing that the contrast is pretty strong, you’re right. 2018… For each brand that I’m going to show you,
I’ve tried to pick three photos that best represent the brand’s collection and aesthetic
in that year. In 2018, Chanel is decently covering the legs
in tweed with applied pockets on the jackets. The traditional version is a tweed with several
colors, like black and white and grey on the left. A variation of it has contrasted trimming
on the edges. The modern version is mostly black, with just
hints of shimmer. Overall, classic Chanel and formal. This same year, Dior is mixing formal and
casual by combining a tailored plaid skirt with a loose slogan sweater. There is a more formal version, but then it’s
styled with a rock-and-roll T-shirt and leather boots. Going in the other direction, Dior also ventures
into sheer designs where the underwear is visible, but that’s less wearable. Now let’s look at Italy. Prada is all about solid neon colors superposed
to create a clashing color palette. If there is a print, then 5. And they don’t match, because Prada always
plays with what is considered “good taste” and “bad taste”. That’s a recurring theme in her work. There is also a more… let’s say, wearable
style, with a classic plaid – but then with quite rounded shoulders and cropped, wide
sleeves. But where is the thrill coming from in 2018? Which are the brands that are hyped as hell? Vetements is the champion of layering XXL
layers to create a very tall and wide silhouette with broad, broad shoulders: potentially unisex,
definitely wild in the combination of textures and colors. An oversize trench coat, denim jacket or clothes
that seem too big for you are typical of the brand. The other rising star this year would be Off
White. They are exploring contrasts, like half snake,
half matrix. Half romantic, half amazon. Half biker, half lady going out. It’s a mix of eras, genres, styles and silhouettes. But what they are hyped for most is the logo
branding on their accessories: you can have a leather purse with a flower pattern, aesthetically
very pretty, and then an industrial yellow strap with the brand name written all over
it. In 2018, in the end, street style bumps into
all other aesthetics. What brands or what style best represents
this decade, in your opinion? 1998… The nineties are known to be quite grungy
but also minimal. The nineties weren’t quite sure what they
wanted to be known for. I think that decade mostly went down as a
reset decade after the extravaganza of the spotlight-lit eighties. Chanel was about houndstooth jacquards, camelias,
pearls and tweed, because these were symbols of Coco Chanel and the head designer Karl
Lagerfeld had been very loyal to the symbols of the house, forever. Dior was under the direction of John Galliano
and displayed what Western Europeans think of when you say “Asia”, “Orient Express”,
“Shanghai 1900s”. Very much in contrast with what people were
actually wearing on the streets… Can you believe how different Dior in 2018
and 1998 were? That’s why hiring a new head designer for
a fashion house is always a very tough decision. Same thing for Prada, except that it was already
the designer who still leads the house today. In 1998, Prada was very tuned down in colors,
with some prints and patterns, but mostly quite safe, and normal compared to now. Which designers made a splash in the nineties? If I had to choose only two, they would have
to be Calvin Klein and Helmut Lang. Calvin Klein left a mark as “the” designer
of the nineties, and the one who stands for minimalism. Tailored looks that are also comfortable,
fluid silhouettes, and in his case, a quite monochromatic style. Simple-looking designs that fall impeccably,
but not easy at all in terms of construction. Helmut Lang got a little bit forgotten but
in the nineties, he was huge. His aesthetic was also quite neutral. If one element in an outfit had a pattern
or a special texture, then the rest would typically be smooth, white and crisp. I am not a huge fan of grunge or punk styles,
but there is also that clean, simple, minimal side of the nineties, which I think has influenced
our taste today a lot more than we think. 1978… Going further back in time, it gets a bit
hard to find photos on the internet to show you guys, but I did what I could. In the seventies, the fashion industry was
a different world compared to today. It was still dominated by haute couture, fashion
shows were dedicated to customers, and not to the press or to bloggers. Chanel was post-Coco and pre-Karl-Lagerfeld. Quite old school, and the house was in fact
not doing very well creatively. The style was very classic. But check out the front row, the ladies all
look the same: same hair, same outfits. It’s interesting to see this. In previous decades, there was always “THE”
look. If this was the look of this season, then
everyone would wear it. It’s not the case anymore, and I think that
that behavior ended precisely in the seventies. Dior was playing the “young lady”, slightly
frivolous, less formal than Chanel, by intention. In the seventies, Diane von Fürstenberg,
a newcomer, designed the famous wrap dress. It’s not necessarily innovative in the shape…
but definitely in the fabric. It’s knitted on a machine meant to knit
tights. She just used bigger yarns and the result
is a dress without its own shape, so it takes on the shape of your body and reveals it! That was quite modern and liberated. I also found this photo of one of her designs
from 1978. The lady actually looks eighties to me, which
means that the designer was truly ahead of her time. “THE” designer of the seventies, though,
must be Yves Saint Laurent. He put the women in suits, with quite manly
silhouettes, looking at it from today’s perspective. He found inspiration in other countries, like
Spain or Morocco. His aesthetics ranged from theatre-dramatic
to day-to-day playful, like this butterfly dress. When you look at fashion from previous decades,
there’s rarely anything that you could wear today that would just easily blend in. But in their decades, all those pieces have
been considered “normal” or “modern” or “cool”, all meant in a positive way. Is there anything in this video that you would
wear today, and which decade is your favorite fashion decade? If you enjoyed this video, thumbs up! Thank you very much! And if you’re interested in fashion, this
channel is all dedicated to fashion, so don’t forget to subscribe before you move on to
the next video. If you missed the video on bridal fashion,
by the way, just in case, I will link it here in the corner, and down below in the description
for you. I’ll see you very soon with the next one,
and until then, take care. Bye!

100 Replies to “Fashion of 2018 vs. 1998 vs. 1978 ǀ New, retro, vintage ǀ Justine Leconte”

  1. Always for me there is a sense of disconnection between was is happening in the fashion’s houses and what real people wear at every day life. I see with your video that has been happening since the eighties. I don’t remember nobody wearing this kind of clothing in the last 30 years. I thought the video is going to show real world life. Thanks for all that you share.

  2. This would have been more helpful if the clothing was what people were actually wearing, not designer clothing.

  3. I really loved this video! Yves Saint Laurent is my favorite designer, and I would have loved to be alive back then to experience that world! I agree about how the 90's minimalist style has inspired many of todays best looks, like as Phoebe Philo's Celine.

  4. 👗 DFF wrap dress – timeless. Would wear it anytime. And the YSL suits. 👔💄So, vote for the '70s.

  5. maybe can you do a little series on the history of fashion in different decades in the last century? I would happy to hear what you know about these, and also your thoughts. Right now I really enjoy music from the seventies and the performing outfits are so fun, I think we would be happier if we still wore clothes like that…I would be 😀

  6. I do not know where to post this question, so I am giving it a chance here. I am looking for suggestions on how to solve a shoe dilemma. When I dress up, I would like to wear heels, but I cannot walk in the city in heels. This means that I have to be able to walk in comfortable shoes and then change them at the destination. My dilemma is how to store the extra pair of shoes given that I carry a small bag (dimensions approximately 11"W x 6-3/4"H x 2-1/5"D). I am begging for suggestions! The bag is big enough to fit my cell phone and keys, lip gloss, a mini pack of tissues, a small pouch with bandaids, one or two feminine care products (just in case), and a battery w/ cable for my iphone. There is no room for a pair flats in it. Any suggestions would be tremendously appreciated. During the day, I would carry a bigger bag, but for an event for which I am specifically going out to at night, it is odd to carry a medium sized bag.

  7. Justine, I would love to see a series with you when you take on the fashion from different decades of the twentieth century. Talking everyday wear, couture and perhaps some "fun facts" about something that was special that decade.

  8. Honestly most of the fashion from 98 and 78 seemed street-wearable to me! Only the fashion on the runway today is really hard to fit into my wardrobe lol.

  9. Great video, what earrings are you wearing, they are wonderful, I cannot see them in your collection xxx

  10. Are there any catalogs or publications you recommend collecting for possible historic value? I save the Pedermann catalogs because I think they are a bit special.

  11. somewhere around end of 70s till mid 80s i think is very fashionable. We can bring it back with modern twist minus those huge shoulder pads. Shoes were marvelously made in those era.

  12. Calvin Klein has drawn me back in lately for essential work pieces because the construction is interesting, yet simple. It's exactly what I go for and like to wear a lot in my professional wardrobe, and they usually have neutral and fun colors to choose from.

  13. Hi Justine from Texas! Love Love Love ur channel I have learned so much from u. U r such a delight to watch🌵

  14. Justine; excellent content and presentation as always! My favorite is the wrap dress, I have worn several over the years.. “form and function” are both present in this dress… Thank you!

  15. Jeanne Margaine-Lacroix deserved most of the credit Chanel gets. A video on her three famous Longchamps models would be interesting?

  16. I adore your videos! Very informative and you're a delight to watch. Always smiling and a gentle tone.
    Would you be interested in doing a series about tourists and their unique fashion choices? I live in a huge tourist town and the looks I see are very distinct and original. It might be fun to see your take on it.

  17. Your insight is amazing… I am not necessarily a fan of fashion… I am overweight and fashion does not agree with my shape or budget… but I love your videos and your knowledge. Nevermind that you are beautiful and have a sexy accent but your knowledge of fashion, history, techniques, designers and stories behind the cloth.. the gossip behind the cut… is very admirable. Thank you…

  18. I loved the 90's neutral minimalism. Funny thing though… I love love love color. Loved Calvin Klein. Not a fan of most of today's designer' styles.

  19. Hi Justine!! Would you make a video describing the different types of fabrics that are perfect for use in fall/winter and spring/summer? Or a video on what dresses to wear during summer or winter for special occasions. I love your feedback, thank you for sharing your info and making videos!!!

  20. Hi Justine 🙂 I have been following you for a while and I love your content. I have been trying to post some videos on a topic which I love – Fashion Trends, but have been really struggling to get any traction and find people who are interested in the same things as I am. If you could check out my channel and give any type of advice would be greatly appreciated. Love, Andrada x

  21. I tend to like the 70s/80s styles that allow women to be more masculine.  It's also easier to manage for a disabled person who wears orthotics and can't manage most women's dress shoes.

  22. I can find something in any fashion period :)) is harder for me now , due to my body shape (ok, maybe not really in the 20's and 60's)

  23. This is fascinating! While I consider the minimalism of the 90s to be the most wearable that could be because I graduated from high school in 1996. Knowing what I do now, I wonder how much of 90s fashion minimalism was a reaction to the death of Kurt Cobain and "grunge" as a movement. Grunge was all about extras: accessories (hats, gloves, chunky boots), extra layers, baggy clothes–the precursor of the "hobo chic" that seems to be the avant-garde trend of today. I see a definite grunge influence in those oversized, heavily layered designs. This makes me wonder if we're heading towards a neo-minimalism trend, especially with the rising popularity of tiny homes, co-habitation spaces, and so on. The seventies fashions definitely seem class-defined: DVF's wrap dress is iconic because it held universal appeal and was accessible to all price points–and it's also minimalist, as it has no fasteners, no trim, no bulk, nothing to hide the body at all–one could say that DVF was the original minimalist influence. Androgyny in fashion has always been avant-garde, but when I saw those double-front-pleated pants my thoughts immediately went to the double-front-pleated slacks that the men of the preppy set wore in the 90s. I can't think of anything less flattering, lol!

    I guess the point I'm trying to make is that although the styles seem dissimilar, they are not as different as we would like to believe. What has been done before is definitely influencing what is happening today.

  24. Justine, are you a fan of vintage fashion, or are you inspired by vintage fashion? This is a fabulous website/blog, in French, that very generously offers free patterns for sewing, knitting, and crochet. I love it! 🙂

  25. The 90s was my favorite for its simplicity. 2018 was what I liked the least, the pieces do not look like they can actually be worn, although I guess that is not the objective of fashion shows.

  26. Love this! I love the 90s the most, I am big fan of grunge style and of the minimal look, calvin klein was revolutionary 😍 dior has had my favourite collections for several years now, and i like the f18 one too – i think some of their runway looks are a little crowded, but the pieces themselves are beautiful 🙂 would be interesting to see a video about the designers who have most influenced you!

  27. Oh jeez..I don't find any of the 2018 looks wearable. Talk about a hot mess :/ the 90s are actually closest to what we see everyday people wearing even now. Those clean, simple lines are the classic of our era

  28. I would love to see more videos like this
    I really like to see previous trends where they come from and how they affect future collections

  29. Personellement, j'ai découvert le textile et surtout les motifs de l'indonésie. Je trouve absoluement splendide. Je crois que les motifs sont exécutés à la main. On est tellement pas habitués à tant de couleurs que c'est difficile de trouver des évènements où ce seraiet approprié de les porter. De la soie, de la dentelle, des fleurs et des bjoux…quelle femmes n'aimeraient pas!

  30. I would gladly wear anything from Yves St Laurent till the day I die; his designs continue to be never "out" just off-&-on more "in" than other times. The same with Calvin Klein. I would also wear most of DVF.

  31. 1940s is my favorite fashion era for the ladylike looks and men looks. 1920s-1930s has the best fashion far as formal style. 1950s-1960s comes off too formal and too sculpted but that is the best decade for men fashion and suits. The 1970s Studio 69 style like YSL style you presented, looks too Disco for me. For Modern Black Pride fashion, I think the natural hair movement and the Blipster movement (example is Solange Knowles) is revamp of 1970s ethnic pride and 1970s fashion but way better & not Extremely retro looking. Besides the minimalist period, the 1990s is boring, basic, and ugly. Too many mature age women can't let go of the "Rachel cut."

  32. Honestly, while I get what you mean with 'some of these you wouldn't be able to wear today without being the odd one out' – I still think some of Calvin Klein and some more wearable pieces by YSL or DVF would definitely fit in nowadays. Take for example that butterfly dress you mentioned. My favourite decade must be the 90s 🙂 although DVF I Think is my favourite designer. Great video, very interesting indeed.

  33. I would wear the Fürstenberg dress! Und Dior from the 78’s.. in everyday life, I am a vintage girl, but everything before the 50’s actually (most 30-40’s)😉

  34. My favorite decade is the 70s..(except for formal wear, in which case the 30's can't be beat).Think Jackie Burkhart from "That 70s show". I love the first half of the 70's especially…folky patterns and long flowing skirts and feminine flowery stuff …but I do realize that there's some stuff from that decade that you just can't wear again.

  35. Today's fashion scene expresses total confusion – and a mix it up, the more the merrier vibe! Because of this, I think we could wear almost anything from any decade – and maybe match it with one chosen piece that shouts 2018. I think I feel confused, lol … Oh, I am flamboyant (rather '80's') and a lover of vivid colours – but with a dressed down side also (jeans, t shirt, leather jacket). Fun video. X

  36. Ah, 7so in the 70s they still made couture for the existing client, not the press … explains why the designs then were generally beautiful, relatable and wearable rather than the extravagant pointless messes we see now, signalling the degeneracy of an industry disapearring up its own backside, no longer having a point to exist except to impress itself and provide clickbait or shock-copy for increasingly irrelevant media.

  37. Hi Justine, could you make a video about Halston please? He is my absolute number one and his ethereal designs are timeless masterpieces, unfortunately the house has been almost completely forgotten, I would be really interested to see your take on Halston

  38. My favorite fashion era is a sample plate of the 70's-90's. I like the long lines in the 70's and new wave-punk edginess of the 80's and the sleek lines of the 90's. I also miss proper fitting pants. I miss the shoe styles and colors of the 80's and 90's. I find our current fashions and color schemes boring and don't get me started on  the current shoe market  ugh borring

  39. The styles I love best, no matter what decade, are cuts that flatter the figure, not distort it. I like well cut and well made clothing made of quality fabrics for everyday wear, and flowing, soft fashions for evening, or a classic fitted silk crepe tailored shift. I love America's sportswear clothing, because it was made popular here, and it is casual and comfortable so that it suits our active American lifestyle. My favorite fashion decade was 1940s, especially the flapper outfits with the pencil skirts, fitted jackets, ruffled blouses and cloche hats because the fashions hugged the body.

  40. I was born in 1978. I still love the style of the late 90's and the wrap dress is a wardrobe staple for me. I feel like the runway trends of today are so far off from actual street style. Now that I am a mom, I worry less about keeping up with trends and focus more on just looking put together.

  41. Very interesting! I'm in my early 60s, so I remember the clothing of each of those time periods well. Then as now, most people didn't wear runway fashion, but found toned-down versions. Except the DVF wrap dress … everyone wanted one of those!

    My current wardrobe would not have looked out of place in 1978, and I still wear a couple items I owned in 1998. Well-cut knee length skirts, simple knit tops, shirtdresses … these clothes were never the height of fashion but have stood the test of time.

  42. I still have and wear some designer clothes of previous eras. I have a Dior gown of the late Sixties, very Jackie O, with matching coat, kept for sentiment. I have a dress and jacket by Missoni that is still very useful. My favorite is a midi length Mary McFadden evening dress, dinner, cocktail, it even went to an inaugural ball once. I kept these because they are beautiful and except for the Dior, I have occasions for which they are the precisely right thing. The rest of the time is largely spent in jeans and jackets, so I’m not totally out of my time.

  43. Chanel is always nice and I love the 2018 looks. The rest of the current outfits look like the models shopped at the Salvation Army and paid no attention to size. I liked the outfits of the 90s, I guess because they look more classic and wearable to me. I finished high school in the early seventies and you are right about YSL being the designer of that decade. He was absolutely everywhere. I thought the fashions you showed in that decade were fun, and I might wear some of them today.

  44. For anyone who wants to see a real party, watch the Mugler shows from 1995 and 1997. They're really long, but damn, they were amazing

  45. I would definitely wear YSL's women suits, that kind of harmonious mix of feminine and masculine will always look good in my opinion !

  46. Hi Justine! Why don´t you do series of fashion history of each decade, with its most influential designers and statement pieces? You are so pedagogical, it would be very interesting! And not only the recent decades, but also looking way back in history (with longer time periods for sure). 🙂

  47. Loved the minimalist '90s pieces and DVF. I would wear those pieces today. YSL definitely popularized the menswear look for women but the Annie Hall look was popular in the States in the late '70s as well.

  48. I found a time capsule of mine in a wash stand that had been used as a TV stand for twenty years…had a 1978 September issue of Vogue. Some beautiful stuff. Sonya Rykeil and the beginnings of Calvin Klein…there was a houndstooth suit that I pinned for but gasp the skirt was $60 and the jacket was $95 (accurate guess). Found the two separates at two different times thrift stores in the early 2000s. Beautifully made…look for the union label. Still have it in my notorious cedar chest….my treasure chest. I may have to lose a few pounds to wear it…it brings me joy…ha!

  49. i want tio build a time machine and travel back in time with the modern silloutes and then see their reaction

  50. I like the classic wrap dress, probably because I find it extremely flattering on my athletic (sporty) body. The genius of the design is that it is also flattering on women whose figures are completely different from mine.
    My sister loves Chanel style, especially the classic “Chanel suit.” I look positively dreadful in that shape. With my naturally broad shoulders, large bosom, and small hips, the Chanel jacket makes me look more like a man in drag than a fashionable woman – I think because that shape is unflattering if your bosom is large, and it completely obscures a nice slim waist.
    Yet we both look great in the classic Diane vonF wrap dress.

  51. If you want to see some real style track down the college issue (September) of Glamour magazine between 1965 and 1967. Everyone under 21 knew how to do makeup and hair well, and put ttogether great outfits then! There isn't anything today that looks 1/10th as good. What passes for fashion today is trash, and I say that as someone who studied it in college.

  52. 98 runway is almost like ready to wear off the rack. 2018 runway looks to be more of a concept that will be modified for ready to wear depending on how the potential buyers’ reaction (how popular among street style influencers’ followers).

  53. I loved the late 90's minimal, the Prada/MiuMiu that came out around then. I still wear my slightly turned up, square toed, black leather Miu Miu mules every now and then.

  54. I have several 70s dresses and I wear them all. The style and the quality is so much better. Every item is unique and special.

  55. I prefer the 40s and 50s look (truly vintage and also classic). I am from the 80s and I hated our styles then for clothes and hairdo. However, I love 80s music which was quite diverse. I also like music from older decades as rule (and classical music).

  56. I wear anything from 50s to mid 70s! My favourite piece is a 70s brown and cream handkerchief hem maxi skirt. Just love it and always get loads of compliments 🥰🥰🥰 it’s so simple but I’ve never seen anything like it x

  57. Honestly, a lot of today's fashion is extremely unattractive to me, and can't invision myself wearing most of it. I also don't care for much of the 80's, as I find it too gawdy. My favorite decades are the 60's and 70's.

  58. I very much enjoy a video in which an expert compares one fashion era to the current era.
    Excluding anything transparent, many of the older shown pieces if worn with current jeans/footwear/accessories, might (at least to the non-designer eye) pass for current. However, certain gowns (1980's to the early – mid 90's) whether formal or wedding would be harder to pass off as modern. In my mind, all I can imagine is a custom sewer/tailor seeing one of those items to update sighing, getting out the shears, seam ripper and telling loved ones that there would be a very late arrival at home. My favorite decades are 1920's, early 1930's and current era.

  59. My favorite fashion decade is the ‘70s. And Yves Saint Laurent was my favorite designer. He brought back the combination of red plus pink.
    His Russian collection was such a dream!

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