Figural Vintage Jewelry: Jomaz Leopard Brooch Green Glass Eyes by My Classic Jewelry

A Jomaz brooch – this is a Jomaz leopard brooch. Jomaz was one of the real high end vintage jewelry producers. This probably dates back to
the sixties, and you can see – I’ll get it even closer – he has the red enamel mouth and green glass eyes and black spots – and the spots are recessed and they’re painted with a matte black enamel – not shiny black – so it looks very
realistic almost like he has fur. also the same type clasp on the back, and the Jomaz signature – it’s very faint but you can read it right about
here on its leg. I have photos of this, and in the close-up photos you can clearly see the signature as I zoom it in. But this is a treasure these are very rare – these figural brooches from the sixties.

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