Finally Found Affordable Vintage/Thrift Shop In Korea! MUST Visit | Q2HAN

[Applause] what’s up geez your favorite [Music] today is like 60 Celsius we are not supposed to come out yeah like literally you’re gonna get heatstroke alarm just ring on my phone yeah there was like a warning sign that we should all stay in door without this umbrella I’m sure we are like gonna burn bride right now so right now we’re heading to this vintage shop called million ORAC eyes and this plate we specifically you wanna visit here because most places in Korea are it’s like outrageous but this place Emilia archive is that it’s quite a for guys very affordable and just a lot of cuties no that’s million archive it’s not open every day yeah so we will highly recommend you guys to actually go to their Instagram yes they have like a certain schedule yeah it’s on the in circum account and the cool thing about this place is every month they have a different theme so for example about several months ago they have this on one piece month where they only sell like one piece yeah and right now they’re having this Hawaii month which I believe is like Hawaiian t-shirt by the way it’s located as I’m sure that we haven’t what you guys said so today’s video I’ll shoot it so yes go on there’s so many people here kitties so basically like to give you a dollar discount yeah you have to find a bundle on you don’t to get it there’s a lot of vibrant colors I like how everything is color so everything is color coordinated yeah whichever’s I love about so this area is all cute so they not only have this like Hawaiian teacher but they have like the card will out learning this is more larger side here I need to wear a shirt dress yeah they’re totally in this region right we have counted posting oh yeah she’s gonna look like this one it’s what we wear it captain Jose right Wow [Music] [Music] they also have Dennis the skirt Leo the old-fashioned yeah these are very like interesting I mean I kill events alternate I’ll wear it but like this I sell like it there’s this one or even this one if you put like a big white t-shirt underneath [Applause] [Music] [Music] actually those are pretty for a little bit loud if you like these religious like traditional thank you pretty for summer this one was interesting was interesting oh yeah when they hear you like [Music] [Music] [Music] little detail here these here is like nachos or literally a square dress this is so interesting that’s pretty sure [Music] there’s a lot of leopard patterns here I really love how they coordinated everything in joy it’s cute there’s always so many people there so we recommend you trees to come early if you want to get a good batch of those um will tell you cuties more detail about the proper guide points once you go to the Cosette so right now we’re gonna head to this cafe called onion cafe yeah it’s so popular in Korea I want to go and see why it is so popular hey the moment of truth is right over here Tania [Music] [Applause] this is what is it powdered sugar but this place is known for it’s like like powdered sugar doughnut tastes like history too funny if piece of Hawaiian is gonna be a 11001 well then if you buy three pieces one to each people contrast and he likes finally you get all five be simple I know and the collegiate first 90 shop is affordable animistic some work you find in Korea usually would with the shops like styling but this place is always [Music] [Applause] tickety’s before we sign off oh my god let’s do an outfit of the day here oh wait wait wait do you hear yeah so my topics from your style yes I might kick up again okay here we go I’m sure – yeah yeah and this pants is far we’ve all love that idea and whoa so hot oil your earring area also for yourself I can’t even see on the screen right now nice shirt it’s from a chick short and this is fried find a common term for this is for Auliya style though and it’s nothing your outfit all goes well with your nail color cutie so I think today disappeared I think she just hurry go indoors our species you can cook an egg on this [Music] [Music]

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