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  1. Those of you that keep on asking for proof. I made a new video destroying the disk and then fixing it with this method on camera here:

  2. I have the same problem with one of my disc. I try cleaning it with a banana peel, I even read the instructions of how to do it. But no, it just don't want to work.

  3. I heard (and use myself) that you can use candle wax out a candle ( solid candle wax, not melted candle wax).
    ๐Ÿ•ฏ๐Ÿ•ฏ๐Ÿ•ฏ*good luck*๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ–’๐ŸŽž๐ŸŽฌ

  4. Hey kids, if you want a fast and easy way to do this, try putting it in your microwave and pressing 9:99 on it!

  5. The alcohol and ammonia in windex is bad for plastics. Paper towels or napkins leave scratches as you wipe. You dont know jack shit bro!

  6. By the time you went & bought everything needed to fix the disc๐Ÿ’ฟ could have gotten a new/used disc๐Ÿ“€cheaper๐Ÿ’ฒ lol๐Ÿ˜‚.

  7. don't use a napkin its worse than a paper towel to use on scratch discs lol this guy just ruined his disc even more

  8. Sanding it just screwed the disc up more. I used the same products. While my disc is now scratched evenly and very smooth to touch, the rubbing compound did nothing to cure it.

  9. Everyone always tells me that vhs's are terrible quality. But they have not broken yet. And they don't scratch like DVDs. And you can watch when ever you want to. And not be subjected to a streaming service that might not have your movie. This is why DVD/vhs stores are my friends!

  10. I just tried this. I had a DVD-R that had gotten scuffed and some of the files couldn't be read. I'd already burned a replacement, so it didn't matter if I destroyed the disc or not.

    I used all four gits (1000-2500), which may have been a mistake. Also, my local store didn't have 3M rubbing compound so I used a plastic polish and fine scratch remover.

    I first used the circular sanding method with each grit and then the polish. At this point, the disc was incredibly scuffed up and wouldn't work at all. I went over it a second time and it still didn't work. I then tried going around the disc and only sanding back and forth from the edge to the hub, then using a circular motion with the polish. After MUCH polishing, the surface looked pretty good, although I could still see the circular scuff marks. All but one of the files worked. The one that didn't, was the last file on the disc.

    I then tried going in circular motions with just the 2500 and then polishing the hell out of it. I'm now able to copy that small file most of the time, although it still fails occasionally. Strangely, the disc now looks worse than on the previous attempt.

    The above makes it sound like the process went fairly smoothly, but all total, I probably went over the disc 5-6 times, and polished it probably a dozen times. I think I probably spent about two hours on it and started to develop a cramp in my hand from holding the sandpaper.

    On the plus side, the plastic polish worked wonders for removing the partially disintegrated anti-glare coating on my glasses, which has been bugging me for months.

  11. Do you think a Terry Cloth would be better than scraping it with sandpaper and and a napkin/ paper towel ?

  12. I don't know why this video doesn't have more likes! I just fixed 5 of my cd's that my CD player wouldn't even read. They all had pretty deep scratches. I used wet/dry 1500 grit, then wet/dry 2000 grit, then I followed up with wet/dry 3000 grit, and finished it off with rubbing compound. 3 of them worked right away, no skips! The other 2 still had some skips so I repeated the process with 2000 and 3000 grit and they work perfectly! Thank you so much for posting this video!! @BeatTheBush

  13. I had a GameCube game that was skipping badly, and I watched this and was going to do one of these things, until the end, and I realized.. wait, Iโ€™m a jeweler. So I used a 6 and then 1 micron bristle disk with my Foredom, and now it works like itโ€™s brand new. Really Iโ€™m stupid for not realizing it sooner. Taking scratches out of anything is always done in the same way: scratch it worse!

  14. Just a note about a few things to think about. A) The disc has to be as clear of scratches only enough for the laser to deflect from the cd uninterrupted or it cannot read the data. That means that wax is unlikely to be effective in the long run as the disc heats up. Some high performance drives such as blue-ray are more likely to read a disc than older dvd players. B) Flatness of the disc is a factor in laser deflection, so sanding the disc by hand can cause an unevenness which will result in poor laser deflection. Using a mechanical means such as a buffer wheel is slightly better, but even then the disc may become concave and not be read. C) Some polishing compounds are for other materials. I find that the ones that work best are for automotive paint. Compounds meant for metal or acrylics may embed themselves into the disc destroying it forever even with a professional resurfacing. D) Quality of the disc is of high importance (not just the data, the physical disc). This means that you should inspect the center for cracks or separation, chips or cracks at the edge and the scrutinize the label by holding it up to the light and looking from the non-labeled side to see any holes that light may pass though. If you can see even a small scratch or pin hole of light, this is sufficient to kill a disc (however, I have seen some small amount of scratches make little impact on a game, and only a pinhole ruin an entire song…you take your chances). I can successfully resurface 60/100 by hand. Using a consumer machine, I can successfully resurface 95/100. I suggest using the least invasive methods by hand and invest in a machine. A good machine might mean dropping a $100, but I highly recommend it if you need to resurface 20 or more discs that are important for you (that means maybe you have some family album or special edition dvd that is hard to find). I would not try to resurface heavily scratched dvds or cds by hand, it is time consuming and almost never fully works.

    Some fails:

    I once used alcohol as a cleaning agent when resurfacing a disc. It wiped the label (and data) completely off the disc.
    I use a green pad on a disc to remove scratches because I thought it was less abrasive than 2500 sand paper. I was wrong.
    I tried resurfacing a Blue-ray disc on a machine. I mistakenly used the sanding function. Keyword: "mistakenly"
    Experiences with slightly cracks or chipped discs: They like to explode in disc drives
    Discs that have been professionally resurfaced two or more times will not polish by hand may be too thin to polish even with a machine.

  15. How exactly is this fixing a disc for cheap? The car wax and the buffing agent both cost more than buying a new cd.

  16. Wrong. The data isnt in the front disc layer,the data its in the middle of the cd or dvd. An cd or dvd have 3 layers not 2 layers.2 acrilic layers one of each side and an kind of aluminium layer in the middle that where is recorder the data. To take out the scratchs disc you only need some sand papers of 1500 and 2000 with oil, and finishing polish in some motor. Careful or you can destroy your cd or dvd if you press to mush causing some pits when you sanding and polish.

  17. Great vid beat the bush
    Like ur vids
    (One question what is your favorite movie???)


  18. Do yourselves a favor. Dont ever use paper towels like he did. Use microfiber. Never spray windex on it. because the ammonia in the windex can destroy the resign that binds the disc together. An most of all NEVER use sandpaper on a fkn cd/dvd. Not even 5000 grit! If polishing it doesnt work with plastX or a good polishing compound/wax. If the disc is that important take it to a professional disc restorer.

  19. I used toothpaste to try and fix a DVD. It made it look way worse! And it still didn't fix the problem. I swear I sometimes wish we stuck with VHS, those last years!

  20. Effective: 1.) Toothpaste with flouride (any) then apply from inside out, not circular! Let it dry for 20 mins. Wash with water to clean out the pastes, rub from inside out! Then let it dry by wiping off using t-shirt or tissues. 2.) Apply deodorant wax or stick wax deodorant. Again, from inside out! Fill all the areas with scratches. Let it dry for another 20 minutes! Then wash and wipe the thing using cotton tshirt or tissues! Don't rub circular as you may only add mor damage cuz lasers read the cd clockwise! 3.) Lastly, apply cooking oil (any) from inside out, filling all the areas! Let it dry for a few minutes! Then wipe it out using dry cotton tshirt or tissues! Make sure its totally dried out before testing. This is a cheaper way than buying other liquid chemical sprays!

  21. can t read this disc. it may be scratched or dirty. clean the disc with a soft cloth and try again

  22. Only touched my disc one time for 5 seconds, and it's cracked. And since I'm a kid, I CAN'T DO DIPSHIT. I'M FUCKING PISSED.

  23. 2,500 grit just seems a little to rough for something so sensitive. To give it a nice shine, start with 7,000 grit and work ur way up to 12,000 grit sand paper (wet). Then top it off with rubbing compound. Makes the disk look brand new.

  24. What if the disc is really scratched? Because I tried some on my really scratched PS2 disc and doesnโ€™t work.

  25. all that work when you could have bought a resurfacer machine seriously lol you take a bigger risk doing it this way then a machine lol

  26. Should be titled " how to fix scratches using car wax$20.00 windex$5.00 and resurfacing compounds $10.00. Its cheaper to just buy a new disc

  27. Will any of this work for my movie dvd? I was watching it on my laptop when the laptop overheated and begin to burn a weird scratch into it as it was trying to play it, it sniped a bunch and then froze. I hope I can fix it because it just one dics out of the movie set of 11 DVDs and I really don't want to have to buy a brand new set just for one DVD.

  28. im sad cuz i have a need for speed game and thats the best game i have ever played i have loved it sience i was 4 and now its scratched although cristmas is in 36 days but i still dont want to wait to get a new disk for cristmas i have been trying everything and i eaven do the things over and over again but im sad because i am always boared with nothing to do now and im also depressed now witch is verry sad i hope somebody can replie to me and tell me how to clean a disk that has worked or sent me a link

  29. You can also use a CD repair kits depending on how bad the scratches are some are minor others are not so minor I also found non scratch pads for car's work well also for CDs DVDs and video game's themselves๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ’ก

  30. So I was playing a game and then later having the game stop working with loading the roads and scripts and everything. It stopped being functional in midgame and theres no other option but close the game out. It kept doing it no matter how much I replay it. Is this the solution to fix this up?

  31. Thereโ€™s a ring on my disc. Happened long time ago when my brother raged at the game because he kept losing. Idk how to fix this tried melting the ring still nothing

  32. I almost bought a new set of P90x video, but after watching the video,. Windex, Waxing, Buffing all perfect. Thanks for the advice. Saved me $125 . Two thumbs up

  33. The general advice is to polish radially, NOT in circular motions. Deeper scratches can be treated in a sort of "crosshatch" pattern, going with a shallow diagonal motion obliquely across the scratch from one direction, then the opposite. This method works on scratches in general, and that is really all you are doing on CDs – working on the most effective sequence of polishing from the medium grit to superfine grits, up to 2000 or 3000 sandpaper, and last the fine grades of rubbing compounds. Use the materials designed for such work, as the abrasives are consistent within each grade, unlike toothpaste etc. which may have many grades of abrasives that can continue to introduce new scratches. Don't skip steps, as each one works on the previous level of roughness but will take far longer to smooth two or three coarser grades of intermediate scratches.

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