Fix Small Chips or Gouges in Wood With Fill Sticks

Soft Fillers are used in low traffic areas
where very little contact or touching or contact with moisture take place. For example soft fillers are not appropriate
to repair a dining room table top. However, they are perfectly acceptable on
legs of the same table. Wax sticks are semi soft fillers that are
relatively easy to use. Before starting your fill make sure that the
damaged area is clean and trimmed. Use a putty knife or a scraper to scrape out
any loose splinters and cut out any splinters that are sticking up higher than the surface
of the wood. Be careful not to scratch the area surrounding
the damage. We have selected a Behlen Fill Stick that
color matches the surrounding area. You can either rub the wax stick over the
damage or take a little piece of it off with your finger or a plastic card and press it
into the damaged area. Remove any remaining residue with a white,
light duty synthetic pad or a soft clean cloth. When removing excess be sure not to pit out
the filled area. When using wax sticks on edges apply as usual
by rubbing briskly. Level the area by using the backing of a piece
of sandpaper.

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