Fixing the gramophone

Good afternoon. This of course, is fairly typical of most of the gramophones that we get here in the workshop; they’ve not been serviced in eighty years, probably not been wound up since the last time Lonnie Donegan released a single. So. What are we going to do to put it right? Now, what an awful lot of people do at this stage, is they get hold of a can of this, good old WD40, and they squirt it into pretty well every hole, opening and orifice in the machine, in the hope that somehow or other, that’ll make it go like a sort of mechanical version of fairy dust! Well let me tell you, it doesn’t work. Think about it like this, if you had a broken leg, rubbing Vaseline on your ear wouldn’t sort it out would it? Probably not! So! Let’s do it properly shall we? And there we go! Right! Now, we should have it fixed, so let’s see how we get on shall we?

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