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Everybody walked back to my channel. So today I’m at the flea market with my friend Delano She says hi guys. I Like the way the pool So cute oh my favorite Elena It’s so cute, I love Disney stuff Oh their best soup was Betty do thank you That Let’s talk oldest this going off. It’s like a crayons what essence That’s cute I’m just looking at that What’s this this is precious moments The kids will love this My favorites Wonder Woman Punta Cana Oh, okay I like it, man That spell So the record player to my hair that’s like that’s pretty cool. That’s awesome Yeah, Garfield Oh Check this book out book check what’s really cute. It looks like a box set of something a box said Yeah, I saw bad like oh So drum set up there, that’s pretty cool There’s all the chipmunks in third All right, I’ll be right here Yeah, I used to see him is he okay It’s all this all Really nice. Yeah. Yeah, but my daughter won’t let me so well, I couldn’t stand that. She’s absolutely she absolutely You know and all that but they won’t he just 88 and all the time anyways it really Let’s keep that front one stone and the fish that um, yeah Um the park fish, yeah That’s so funny. Yeah They’re all tie Rakhi for ours, that’s so cute People love that. Yes, you would how much is that? Whores out as a night I’m going to end the video here and I hope everybody enjoyed the video, too Hope everybody has a great day or night and remember always be kind

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  1. Hi friend!! Awesome the toys are so cool!! The Garfield phone is so cute! The precious moments adorbs!! Aww snow white!! Had fun friend!!??

  2. Omg the wizard of oz set is so cute and love the Mickey Mouse phone too so many goodies loved it 🙂

  3. I too so LOVED ALL the Disney Winnie the Pooh, ALL the Micky and Minnie Mouse Toys as well as the Micky Mouse Phone, and Bicycling Stacey Doll:)!! Also, I so LOVED the Garfield Phone:)!! I noticed their was a Fisher Price Toy Clock in the background and as a very small child, I had one. However, I no longer have that clock. I so LOVE your Flea Market and it would be so awesome if in your next video you could share your awesome vintage finds:)!!

  4. Wow! Stacz! Nice stuff! I never thought of looking in a thrift store for collectibles. And some are new. Cool video!

  5. The Minnie Mouse phone is adorable. Lol that raisin! Oh my gosh so many vintage stuff there. The pink Barbie clock omg I remember that. Great share friend

  6. So much cool stuff , love the Mickey Mouse phone , the Kermit phone ❤️ and the baby from the dinosaurs “not the mama!!” ?

  7. Omg so many toys! Love the Mickey Mouse vintages, the white horsy is cute! Oh wow Barbie! ????????

  8. Hiatal hernia and Stacey. Okay did you see my speech text just now? Oh my gosh. I said hi Dalaina and Stacy LOL LOL I'm glad you girls had a great time at the Vintage store! Good to see you both together and having a great girls day out. I never know where to begin but you know I absolutely love anything Mickey Mouse and those snow globes. I felt like I was shopping with you both. Have a great rest of your week

  9. Yabba Dabba Doo!! I cannot believe what a great flea market you have I would never want to leave those vintage toys!! Great video Stacz!

  10. Like 30 I love going to the flea market omg a keebler cookie jar! So much cool stuff I havent ever seen that much cool stuff at the flea market love scooby doo!

  11. Your flea market videos rock!! The winnie the pooh art set is adorable. The little keychains are cute too, I especially liked Spongebob!!

  12. Some pretty nifty items in there! I would like to take a turn on the minnie mouse drum set LOL ???

  13. Wow! This store has every bit of pop culture memorabilia! My favorite was of course the Disney stuff, especially the Mickey phone! Garfield phone was pretty epic, too! Wish we had something like this in the Miami area. Thumbs up! ?

  14. Lots of interesting things to see. That Keebler Elf and Tuna guy, ha ha. I liked the bicycling Stace. Did you buy it?

  15. I love that Disney snow globe with all of the classic Disney characters on it. So many nice stuff there wow?


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