Floating digital-analog Casio vintage watch | Gold WVX-100J Waveceptor

Hello everyone SHAZ here today a lot
to share with all of you guys a really great ana-digi watch which I believed to be one of the rarest, really hard to get, I’ve no idea about a production year,
the original retail price, the backstory for the watch and as such because I
couldn’t find them on internet anymore so I’m gonna assume this watch is really
old probably around 10 years and above. it is just a round shaped watch look at
that it is not solar power, it is stainless steel material, combined with resin like
most Casio watches as you can see the bracelet itself looks really unique,
everything blends together very very well the construction is very well
thought-out I gotta say that because if you look at it, the shape, the curve and all, they just combined all the way around making it look like in a singular piece which
is nice the size is very acceptable so although it is quite long because it is
indeed a wave scepter casio watch but the thickness is really really just
nice it feature a dome shape mineral glass as you can see there and if you
look on the one push triple foldable clasp there’s wave scepter and casio
signed over there, the pushers came in gloss finish where the rest came in
matte finishing out of stainless steel on this bracelet you see that there is stainless steel China signed down there and setting up the link is gonna be pretty
tricky as well because there aren’t any bars in here you’re gonna need to remove
it all the way from this buckle part and then pull out one by one to just, adjust the size which is not a problem at all but still something different I
gotta say they’re very very cool design so if you look on the back there’s a lot
of specs being mentioned down here so I’m gonna read and show you guys the
close-up. We’ll have Casio, a wave-ceptor symbo,l and wave ceptor lettering,
illuminator, world time feature, data memory to 315 letters it operates on
Casti to 709 and reference number is WV X – 1 0 0 J if you want to lock it up
search this keyword and probably you’ll find it ca Stella still back and what’s
resistant to only 5 bar normal for Casio watch and fully made in
Japan and on the sides of this back plate brush finish back way there are a
lot of those windows for the button operation the purpose of five buttons
yep all five ways in button on this side look that you know black rectangular
lung shape one two three four and five a lot of things that you could do with
wash even though it looks really simple right
if you look at it just like that it looks like the average and a lot watch
quartz moved well of course but if I press this button over here boom you can
see that seconds will start appearing because this watch is missing a moving
second hand we only have skeletonized hour and minutes so this will be the
second in digital and I’m calling this the floating digital display processing
again we could enter now to date a display or really go if i press this
display button again now we could have both of them and if your press this
thing again you lights up the entire part and I have a lot of G Shock watches
and the most common problem that I found on a G Shock watch is that we don’t have
a lot of space to work with because if you want to add an analogue
hands and also digital part in the watch a lot of space and that’s end up making
g-shock watch really really big but in this case not at all the problem could
be solved just using this method really really cool and this doesn’t even
compromise this thickness as much I mean most watch are around this thickness I
believe around 17 18 millimeters which is acceptable to other thing to this
watch could do okay I didn’t have any loom so you’re gonna need to rely on the
e l backlighting by pressing this button over here it will close the entire
analog part because the face plate does feature a mesh a dotted texture
punch holes on it so when you turn on the île it will pass through all that
and lights up including the innocence the hands it could see everything on the
watch face and that is very very beautiful and very very cool though it
didn’t have any other like functions so this button over here on this upper
right if you press it you could check when it’s the last time this watch has a
safety to make time sterilization so if you
want to manually do that you could do that as well you could receive 40
kilohertz and 60 kilohertz signal now let me return back to hometown if I
wanted to adjust the time press this button over here at the center on the
nine o’clock position it just set it up there we go you can see now I could set
the wave sensor to auto and it’s you know I could set the frequency as well
60 colors or 40 set the GMT time a daylight saving time on or off I could
also set the second hour the minute date year the months the day and back to this
original setting very very nice very similar like most tisha watch now if i
press this more button we could enter now call the world Time or GMT mode
yup this watch has GMD looking at while doing all this we could accept the home
timekeeping down at the back on the analog part really cool now press mode
button again we could enter the alarm mode this one has five alarm including
snooze and signal and notice that each time oppressed is alarm like say alarm
oh one there’s an indicator down here at the 7 o’clock position along with two
and with training before snooze and signal if I turn it up an indicator will
appear on this side which is cool next is called the data memory so you could
store quite a few membrane here but altogether combined you gotta be 315
letters only it has alphabet Japanese katakana Roman letters numbers symbols a
lot of things they could do in here you could store in email names equation
notes and you could even store an entire AC in here if you wanted to because of
that 315 letters next mode will brings us into the stopwatch
it has arranged to 24 hours and right now it is already running I could stop
this play it around and start this and reset it back to zero it this has pre
time function and while using this home timekeeping at the back still running
last month what brings us into the hand setting if the hands didn’t match of the
digital display this is where you could set it up we’re pressing it just button
and move the hands in a way that it will match to the
these two display and then you’re good to go now
back to him timekeeping and it sums up all the functions the decision watch
half the dimension for this model is about 16 1.5 millimeters who look to
luck because of that antenna built-in in here so the garnet to make the watch
long in the you guys already saw on my race if it works is fine the web size is
just about forty two point six so this watch even they look big it is not a
spec forty two point sixty millimeter for a watch that could do a lot of
things built in parrot design around them I mean the padding itself or a hole
already about 10 millimeters in size already right so the watch itself is
small the thickness is just about fifteen point nine millimeters the
weight overall for them for this amount of links fit to my size is about 82
grams only so again this is hard watch looks like really really beautiful Casio
watch which I guess a very very rare as well so I hope you guys to learn
something from this video and I really wish casio do this thing again or at
least apply this technology energy shocks lineup I mean they did that in
the pro track but improv track you know they had different colors they use
different kind of display this one is a lot better in my opinion in my opinion
so that should something wrong thank you very much for watching this is just
annoying you

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  1. Very cool watch ! And very cool chanel.
    Very inspiring for me who begins on Youtube in the field of watch chanels. Thanks a lot for your job !

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