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Hi friends. It’s Amanda Mae with Ardith
Design. welcome back to my channel where we celebrate all things needle art and
my passion for counted cross stitch and I’d love to be a thread that helps
connect historic needlework to contemporary needle art through
sustainable stitching, saving the stitches, finding all the things,
upcycling. all that good stuff. I would like to wish everybody around the world
a Happy New Year. it is the first day of 2019 which means
probably for the next six weeks I’ll be doing the 2018 and then do the eight and
then I’m gonna put the 19 in. I closed up a lot of my spreadsheet business stuff and
the spreadsheets already want to put in 2019 I know I December 29th of
last year not this year. like, “no just keep moving forward” is what my
spreadsheets are telling me. if you’re new to my channel welcome.
I’m a quirky crafter that loves to make all the things. I have a lot of hobbies. I
am a mother of two kids, I am a business owner, an artist, and I just I love all
the things. I had a really good week. I had I went on a couple of adventures. I
went to some new places, saw some new things, took the kids along and we found
some treasures that I want to share with you today. I don’t know if you can see
behind me, but I put up my love love pug tree. I’ve got some pugs in there some
playing card garlands, some fabric, red cream white non-breakable ornaments, and
I’m gonna be adding some more next week so stay tuned for next week. next week
everyone it is going to be a Valentine’s Day
extravaganza, and I’m so excited. so stay tuned for next week’s episode where I
show you all the things, but you know to kind of “wet the palate” as it were, I
have a couple of Valentine’s things to show you today, a little primer [giggles] and then Save The Stitches stuff, some fun little finds, and then we’re gonna we’re gonna
close it on up for the week. alright so I want to start with some haul and some of
the goodies that I found this week. and I went all over the place. one of our kids
really wanted to go to a carousel which is the the horse things that go up and
down and I think Mary Poppins the quintessential carousel. I went to one
when I was little at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California, and we
just really wanted to make it happen before it starts snowing. and any of you
with small children know that there’s the logistical nightmare of driving
somewhere long-distance in the snow with two small children
anyway we got it out of the way we went to the carousel and then we went to a
couple like the Habitat for Humanity ReStore looking for awesome things, some
treasures we went to an antique store, we went to the mall itself with all the new
goodie, and we just had a lot of fun this last weekend. you know, closing up
2018 with a proverbial bang. here we go. I’m gonna show you start on my home a
Kitten Stitcher she was talking about these really awesome vintage butter
molds and how there’s an artist that uses them to make the thread keeps and
she uses the molds and makes the the the beeswax mold and I thought they were so
cool and I started researching them and looking at them and said you know I’m
gonna put it there that I would love some of these
you butter molds or sugar cookie molds. and sure enough I found them! I got a set
of two. now these will these are too big for actual to do the the thread keep wax,
but nevertheless I think they’re really cool and they’re the German hand-carved
wooden things. I don’t know I was thinking of how I can they almost look
like little bell pulls almost and I’m wondering if I could mount cross stitch
somewhere, but I might end up just doing the Priscilla Chelsea method and put
some bows and some fun little things. I don’t know I just think they’re really
neat. I got at a antique mall I went in eyes blazing looking this way that way
to see if I could spot cross stitch, and cross stitch is interesting. I see
needlepoint at antique stores not so much cross stitch. and you’ll see tatting,
crochet, there was some beautiful old quilts like they call them “cutter quilts.”
quilts that are kind of too damaged to repair, so people will cut them up and
make other projects out of them but I went through this entire antique mall
and they had one cross stitch thing that I could find. and here it is and it was
on sale. I got it. it was on sale. I got it for a $1.60, and coincidentally
enough I didn’t even find it. my husband eye balled it! we were finding needlepoint
stuff everywhere! but cross stitch stuff uh-no. none to be found. but he found this
tucked away and he’s like, “Amanda you know I don’t know if paying two dollars
for just the pattern.” I’m like looking at it it’s not just the pattern it’s a
partially completed see it up and it looks like it’s got it’s got all the
floss it’s kind of the floss is all kind of jumbled I’m sorry to make the noise. I
forgot to open it up. it does have the old masking tape on it and it’s like
kind of you can hear the crinkle the acid burn on it, so I definitely do need
to wash this before finishing it. and they did attach the needles, and
thankfully though the needles they did not rust the fabric. that is good! it’s on
a 14 count Aida, and again it’s the Santa Claus. and he said, “well you know you
should probably finish it for 2019 so you can put it up well.” this might be a
challenge. you know work on all the things. so that is the one thing we found
at the antique mall that was cross-stitch related. and then at the
Habitat for Humanity store my husband hit it out of the park again! I was
looking at the chairs because we need more chairs and he comes
up and he goes, “Amanda look at this! look at what I found! and we are cracking up. okay
cracking up and I grab I went, “we’re buying this!” It didn’t have a
price on it, I didn’t know what to do. and this wonderful lady comes up to me she
goes, “Oh my gosh are you gonna buy that?! “Yeah I’m gonna buy it.” She goes, “Oh I
wanted to buy it, but my husband vetoed it your husband must be awesome if he’s
gonna let you buy that.” I said, “Not only is he gonna not only are we buying
it, he picked it out! he found it!” [laughs] and so this is what my husband found. are you
ready? it’s crochet. it’s yellow and black, and
see this is the back of it. are you ready for this? okay here we go. let me see if I
can get back it says, “Auntie Em, hate you, hate Kansas,
taking the dog, Dorothy.” Steph, are you dead on the floor?! [laughs] Pam and Steph, Steph loves Wizard of Oz
stuff. and I saw this and I I mean I was snort laughing. I don’t know if this came
as a kit or a pattern or someone just free handed it, but I think it’s the
funniest piece of Wizard of Oz ephemera goodie paraphernalia I think I’ve ever [laughs] seen. and there’s a group there’s a group
on Facebook called “Mildly Offensive Fiber Artists” or MOFA. Mildly Offensive Fiber Artists.
offensive fiber artists and I was I was cracking up at this. I need to submit
this to them because I think there’s other people that might really get a
kick out of that. now what am I gonna do with this? I have no idea. it’s too small
really to be a lap quill. we don’t know what it was for, or if it was made as a
wall hanging. we think maybe it was to put on the back of the couch. I don’t
know. comment below. what do I do with it? or do I just send it to Steph? the next
bit of haul that I got is a needlepoint long stitch piece of art. and I walked
around the store for a while and I kept looking at it, and I was hemming and hawing back and forth about whether or not to buy it. and then over the intercom
they said it was 50% off day. the entire store everything was 50% off. so that got
me going okay well that’s a sign and then I’m looking and I’m thinking and I
go well you know what the matte is really yuck. it’s not it’s not– it’s dated. and then
I thought about Leslie Hurley, and she was saying how she paints she bought
some mattes at the second-hand store or thrift store like the inexpensive frames
and she painted the matte. so shout out to you Leslie. thank you for
the idea. and so I that’s why I decided to finally just say yes
and buy it. As I’m trying to grab it… it was professionally framed. and
I think kitten stitcher your loves to talk about them the mattes of the 80s. so here
we go. and this is long stitching of a Victorian. I thought it was really neat. I
want to say it’s a kit. maybe Dimensions. I’m not really sure, but
it reminds me of the Victorians in Eureka California. and kind of in the
logging the late Victorian era coastal towns. like, I know these are clouds and
sky, but I just see… I don’t know. To me it evokes kind of a coastal feel
with the bright colors. and I just I don’t know that in the the top up there
what does that were you you stand up there and look out the widow– I forget
what it’s called. where you look out onto the sea or to the water to see if your
sweetheart is coming home mm-hmm. like I said, the matte is dirty and it’s old. and I
I want to see what I can do with this. it needs I need to vacuum the stitching and
see what I can do to bring this little beauty back to its former glory. [giggles]
all right the next bit of haul that I got is is non stitching related per se. [giggles]
and I say that in my you know seven degrees of Kevin Bacon because I feel
like everything is interconnected and a lot of us stitchers love lapel pins that
we double as needle minders, and the little charms, and buttons that we attach.
so I found this collection and promptly purchased it. it has really
nice items and this person collected all things like sneakers and tennis shoes.
but look at this zipper charm. these are really neat. these were the
little goodies that you put on your shoes, and I bought the bag for this. look
at this little pin pal. it’s got the Valentine’s Day. I love Valentine’s Day!
and it’s got the shoe and the it’s got all the cute things. Then look at these!
I didn’t even know they made these! These are vintage hallmark friendship buttons.
and it I just thought it was so cute. oh! and then I feel like this needs to be a
cross stitch pattern. “My pace or yours?” look it’s a high top and a low rise
sneakers and they’re flirting! I love a good pun. then this is a
hand-painted charm made into a necklace by an artist in Tennessee, and I thought
of a Needle Runs Through It. That company does all the beautiful wood
laser wood cutting for like the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and all the beautiful
wood. there’s another artist that does all the wood painting needle minders. I
just oh I love it! then look at this. this is a compact mirror. again
Valentine’s Day. I love Valentine’s Day. anyway I just thought it was really
precious, and so I got this. this collection of little high-top sneaker
things. and it just it just made me it just made me smile. all the cute little
collectible stuff. I mean right now like my kids are into Unikitty, and unicorns,
and Minnie Mouse. and you know sloths our family’s big into sloths so it’s
just you know a generational thing. What are people into? what
animals are like the” it animal” or the “it object.”
you know 2017 and 2018 where the fidgets spinners like those little
gadgets. back when I was younger it was pogs. POGS were really big. Oh and the scrunchies are making a come back! That is one thing I never thought from my childhood would ever comeback was scrunchies. I mean come on. Isn’t that adorable?! I dare anyone to do
this hair and then tag me on Instagram at Ardith Design [@ardithdesign]. Anyway there’s more and more more stuff there .so that’s my haul for this week. oh I did stop at the store
Tuesday Morning, it’s like a TJ Maxx/ HomeGoods, but not. I don’t I don’t know
how else to explain Tuesday Morning, but I got for $3 I got some scrapbook paper,
and then I got this cool little hole punch thing for $4 and it’s to make the
little banner. and I thought though maybe I could make little thread drops out of
it. I don’t know. Oh what should we– OH and I got these too! This is also from
Tuesday Morning, and they’re the little chalkboard things because I think of Deb
and Keph of Snug Harbor Crafts. they’re doing all the chalkboard stuff. I do a
lot of chalkboard art stuff too. digital art, and just chalkboards are really fun
and I wondered if I could put a cross stitch on it and do some sort of
finishing here, but not put it down in a potted plant but do look at the pic
thing like Priscilla and Chelsea with decorative finishes and maybe put it in
the tree or you know do all the things. I guess okay that that’s officially my
haul. this week I I got a lot of really fun
little things. oh let’s let’s move onto mail call! mail call I this week I was I’ve been
waiting for my order of threads to come in and I’m still waiting for my second
order to come in but I got all of my well most of my threads from Victorian
Motto Sampler Shoppe. and I what I do it when I check my order, I get my invoice
invoice and then I as I look at my invoice to see what color, I hole punch
the card the floss card, check off my list, and then put it on my clip. that way
I know that I got my whole order. and I am gonna go back and do the “A-la Suzie
Reno” and put my little hole punch on the side. once I open up the thread and start
using it, I like to put that complimentary thread drop to collect or
to hold on to the the floss. and I’m using so I got Arizona sunset,
I got seafoam, grape hyacinth, the Holland tulips, and then I don’t know if you can
tell if it like if you didn’t tell but I love teal like teal is like my jam. I so
I have a lot of different teals here. she has the vintage aqua which is the darker,
and then I have the 1950’s aqua which is like the medium, and then I have the 1940s
aqua. so I didn’t realize she made all those aquas but I love them. this is a
replacement for my shades of violet and my Purdy Orange got mixed up. she custom dyed the “Purdy Orange” for the Banana Pants Purdy pattern. I’m waiting for
those to come in the mail to send out to my giveaway winners. I apologize for the
delay, but you know you can’t speed perfection. but in my
both of my Salt Water Taffy Terry and my Banana Pants Purdy, instead of having the
back stitching in black or a charcoal, I have it in the Shades of Violet which is
this variegated deep purple, and I charted it for the DMC 550 in case you
know people don’t or can’t get the Victorian Motto. then I have sweet
violets, and then this bronze glory is a really lovely Brown. I have pink petunia.
can you tell I like pink as well? the theme is red, pink, and teal. pink petunia
and then I love this one. this is the 1940s bright candy pink and then
parchment. I love them, and I want to show you just a couple little books that I
have in preparation for Valentine’s Day. and I found this in my stash and I
wanted to share it. it is a sampler. it’s a heart sampler, and it has a ton of
specialty stitches and hardanger. some really neat things and I have this
in maybe in a couple years when I learn how to do this specialty stitches and
stuff maybe I’ll finally end up stitching it, but I love the motif up
here of the flowers. it’s got all these beautiful things. and it’s The First Love
Designs by Jan and it’s book 101 “With all of my Heart.” and I read and said you
know she loved creating the sampler because of all the different stitches it
even has a charm in there it’s got all the things. so I have this on my “to
stitch list,” and then I want to thank all of you for your kind
thoughts and insight about my tangent last week about how it wasn’t that long
ago that we’ve been able and fortunate enough to be able to chart our designs
on the computers at at home not on the supercomputers but our at-home computers.
and at one of the used book stores I got this just cross stitch and it’s
featuring all the table linens and such. I just got it this weekend.
and sure enough I look through this whole book beautiful pictures you know
lovely finishing it’s all hand charted. and that’s not to say there’s anything
wrong with that. this book came out in 1984. but just you know remember we’ve
come we’ve come a long way, and I’m just really excited like I said stay tuned
for next week I’m gonna be debuting some Valentine’s Day goodies and having a
little Valentine’s Day craft extravaganza. Valentine’s Day is really
one of my favorite holidays. I’ve always loved it. you don’t need to be in a
relationship, or have a significant other, or others to love Valentine’s Day. the
sentiment of love… I love pink, and that I just everything about it I like. and my
name “Amanda Mae” but “Amanda” it stands the term it means “worthy of love.” and maybe
that’s why I just really like this holiday. I want to thank you all for
tuning in, and I hope you have a beautiful first week of 2019. you are
enough. if you set resolutions or goals for this year awesome. I want to shout
out Gary of the Sunshine Stitchers. what a phenomenal planner! you go check
out their channel and go see his list of WIPS and new starts for 2019. it is
phenomenal. congratulations on what a beautiful organizational scheme with
your calendar, with your bags that you’ve made with the fabrics you’ve chosen ,with
the flosses. I’m just– it’s impeccable! if you haven’t checked out Sunshine Stitchers, I urge you to do so. I spent New Year’s Eve with Pam and Steph
on their online Instagram as they showcased the “under-the-bed box” and that was fantastic. so I just want to thank you all for your inspiration and your
love and the stitching community. I’ll see you next week where we celebrate
Valentine’s Day. have a great week and happy stitching. [tour of the Love Pug tree]

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  1. I just love your enthusiasm and that you were able to give that sneaker collection a good home. Can't wait to see what you have cooked up for Valentine's Day!

  2. Omg, that wizard of oz piece is awesome and hilarious. I have no idea what on earth it was made for but it's great. Good find!

  3. Love love your look on life AND your videos!! I love valentine’s Day. I think it’s the beautiful colors, flowers, candy etc especially when it’s cold and colorless outside. The times that they are, don’t we really need some love and compassion in the world?!? See you next time!! By the way, loved your buys from the thrift stores!!!!

  4. Lovely to see you for the first time in 2019! Your pug tree is awesomely cute! The playing cards look surprisingly good as a garland.
    Maybe the Wizard of Oz is an unfinished object… maybe it was meant to be a small-ish blanket, but it is missing its border?
    If it were mine, I would crochet a large border in the colours of the Kansas flag.
    Looking forward to your Valentine’s day extravaganza! ?

  5. Oh my goodness! That Wizard of Oz find from the Re-Store is just the best thing in the world! I laughed so hard! I love your videos, they are so full of joy every time I watch. Have a fantastic week!!

  6. Fab video, love ur finds and laughed really hard at the wizard of oz find, lovely fun tree too just like yourself, i always look forward to your videos x

  7. I always look forward to watching you! Yes, I could tell that you love the pink, real, and yellow color palette! 🙂
    Also, I have been thinking since you like to "save the stitches" if you would like one of my "firsts" completed cross stitch. It's just in my garage. And I didn't know what to do with it. But thought you might like to save it. 😉 I have you on Instagram. Let me know.

  8. Hi Amana Mae, just catching up on your videos! ? I remember those round longstitch kits, I think from the 90s. You could get them here, the brand might have been Semco.

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