Food and Wine Tour of Sonoma County, California, with Jeffrey Moss | Pottery Barn

On Assignment with Jeffrey Moss Hi I’m Jeffrey Moss on assignment for pottery barn Maybe it’s just legend but I’m told that jack
London first called it the valley of the moon. I was lucky to visit the valley the moon
and other parts of California’s Sonoma county In search of local flavor for Pottery Barn’s
fall season. My father found this(Vella Cheese Co.) in November 16, 1931. This room is full of awards I have a mezzo secco. Were the only ones in the world that make. It was a cheese we made when I was a kid. and then I have a Toma which we are the only ones in the united states
make. Cheese doesn’t have any etiquette, it’s what you like. Welcome to Georgian Vineyard and why the special
interest in Pinot Noir? I fell in love with it first off because when I went to Mount Eden my first very first job with old pinot vineyard that happen to be planted
on great site. wine making was easy there because I had great
grapes, thats what is all about. thats why we grow so many of our own vineyards now. With Pinot Noir it’s about out here doing this part again. Its the terroir
it’s terroir and the care.

Some people say terroir includes the farmer. the town of petaluma is home to two of my
favorite antique stores chelsea antiques and Sienna antiques. I’ve relied on both of them for perfect props while dressing rooms
for the fall season. As is in the napa valley good food is everywhere
to be found. but there are clearly a bunch of great restaurants to
chose from. uh but I’m going to go with The Girl and the Fig to end my day in Sonoma. The scallops look perfectly seared don’t they? Fantastic. Pottery Barn Please visit
for more behind-the-scenes tips from Jeffrey Moss.

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