FOUND VINTAGE CARS! I bought an abandoned storage unit and found car

now that you’ve seen this amazing
amazing collection let me know what you think the entire value is in this one
box ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages welcome to another
exciting episode of unboxing with the storage option pirate today we’re gonna
unbox a very interesting box hopefully it has what I want to see is the reason
why I bought this unit I have a very special guest you’re about to see right
now treasure hunting with G but sure you
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being said on with the show this right here
matchbox this is the sole reason I bought this unit I already said I saw
all the vintage stuff it said matchbox dars it looks like on here but if you
know Hot Wheels and collectibles matchbox is a gamble we’re about to see
if there was anything in this box fingers crossed you see all the nice wet
paint brother that’s it sugar when you look in a box you don’t want to see a
booklet on 7,000,000 alright 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 million all right original mm
matchbox mg ones service station old it doesn’t
have a year but it’s made in England matchbox is good very good the boxes all
of the integrity has been compromised but originally a gas station or a car
washer at the Paul wall shear is there a date on the bottom of that it’s okay
good question I’m really curious no no I don’t think
Leslie use dates like that one here Hot Wheels Hot Wheels feel very adamant
about dates it’s a service station good thunder you get an oil change
yeah me too driving across the country kind of kills your car
kinda firestation mf1 it costs three dollars whenever this came out
if you can tell me if somebody out there has to be an expert on these I don’t
want to open ask a little bit like you’re gonna mess it up
somebody’s gonna let us know from as you open it well you I wanted to see what
hey do you like it this is not a locker food challenge show them in there look
at that don’t want stop moving stuff around but I smell it it smells like
money so is this what money smells like lots of it
you gotta wait out the rest of the video yes so we’re gonna get tea before we go
I want to say shout-out to my outfit today
this one only youtubers I like to watch the more important that I can watch him
I love this phrase smile more not the most rewarding thing to do and a day is
smile and or smile to somebody else and change their life
so let me smile with somebody then if you’re not watching growing up you’re
missing a lot king-size trailer nobody how much you think something that’s
worse yeah asking the wrong one let’s say
you’re going through the flea market you see this cool thing what I’m gonna want
to buy it to eBay what would you be want to pay for that
to try to resell without looking it up on your phone Oh daddy’s my first plan
of action why I’m holding it so you have a service but you know they’re you so I
would guess so then I give something Eve a which sell for like ten to twenty
dollars and I think I know flea market you probably pay about two to five for
it you flip it on eBay for tender coin watching something cooler this that is
the cool whoo we’re gonna start a farm soon the tractor she thinks my tractor’s
sexy do you think this is losing its pain or did somebody try to paint over
it that right there looks like it was sat outside a little bit more like see
it should be like this but that integrity has been compromised
everybody has been compromised I don’t I never actually touched this one but I
bet that’s matchbox lesney probably murdered a movie but even though jay-z
if you guys don’t like this one that dodge Dodge truck I’ve had that one that
actually uh it should have should have a second trailer cuz it’s a tandem and a
thing it may be a thing but it’s like 40 bucks for that one the rest of it
probably in there I’m asking you shall receive
there is here is the tractor and here is the bottom half with a broken top hat
off not there yeah that’s the back one oh yeah they
still in that condition because the smokestacks had been blown fifteen
my bad how much for this vintage paper though in vintage paper if Isis when I like trucks that’s lame hmm let’s see
I wanna see you play with the cheapest gonna carry a does it three oh that’s
pretty cool right there there’s so many this there’s so many of them that moves
too low my camera doesn’t work good when you move fast
yeah I like a smooth over this highway or find a way to put I like it slow that
doesn’t in the background just stop it this one right here is in the box that’s
what you want your match boxes things once they’re in the box the price
changes five ten times over oh look at that it’s a kW Dart
that is nice I don’t know what it’s worth
they’re all real metal to me they got really oh let’s get a deal
that’s the beauties they didn’t put the date but you could easily research these
yeah these the matchbox can range in a box for like 15 to like 500 original for
the ball if you want to think about the kind of cars doubt it see these are more
of like a English car I think because they’re made in England so you could
tell by the dynamics of the shape of them and stuff but like in the land of
Hot Wheels 69 certain cars like a 69 Camaro SS
they’ve made Hot Wheels in a production amount of cars so like say for instance
a mass amount of Toyota so there was massive
Red Line Toyota good for that year but you get the rare car
they also made that limited amount and Red Lion bunny for the car so we want to
find something like that more than we want to find a tractor diesel truck
because those are super rare this is great because the price of gas is so
expensive right now I can really use my own gas yeah it’s diesel you don’t have
one Ariana yeah that’s the tenant this is this is
like an Oregon what you have somebody else New Jersey yeah
no dude you smell like that nice nice there so we should probably pick on the
same time otherwise I’d it being like 30 minutes you know look at that green
pickup truck with the red that is nice the hook and everything is intact I
would assume something like that would probably be broken
this is a Valene Bromberg okay these all look nice because if they do the Foxes
are just I want to see this one right here of course it can’t because that one
would have been a good one then I can Ferrari or something
looks like empty boxes fill 5 10 bucks apiece that’s empty how many of these
are in paper there’s so many of them the dump truck I sneezed to call me when I
jog back in school I was like a dump truck
speaking of dump truck mmm garbage truck oh yeah Jebus what did you watch our
first job to be when you were a little kid on the outside of the truck and ride
around this one’s called a Merryweather that
sounds like an overrated boxer just beat the people out of their prime is this
same kind of boxer that has dances on the ring for 20 minutes and when they’re
overrated and went this is my MMA fighters
the ring and bragged about it that guy the one that only cares about money in a
bus like this I have not they’re all over DC I’ve
never gotten in one yeah and they’re free in DC – yeah free yeah free tourist
bus it looks like the thing that plows crops and stuff huh these are matchbox
series 24 that’s how you would look them up we’ll be spending a lot of time doing
that later yeah the amber lamps amber lamp
Amber’s lamps like starting on my opener we got spare parts now you have a gas
pump oh yes that’s regular this is the owner one a human minx Jerry
you guys remember I bought the unit with the Hillman’s the husky humans it’s like
I knew that everywhere the Channel 7 News vans who knows the Chamillionaire
song money yeah baby this is like the car they drove in sweet
is it fuck I’m a Speed Racer at first Rick yes this is a GoBot huh it’s not a
transform it’s a GoBot I don’t know you know transformers yeah okay what’s
the transformer a transformer is a an Autobot or Decepticon they are more than
meets the eye okay don’t you know that is gobots used to be
on and the Transformers the Globox were very similar but they were kind of like
it was like the difference between going to like Walmart or maces like Pokemon a
Digimon for chips in my ear I gotta leave
Oh God pickup truck – they still make trucks
well Ella that’s a cool shot that’s pretty cool not for rent a set TV seven
we should use this when we find all the flat screens right TV service van oh we
have our own I am in awe how many’s aren’t you it’s crazy really cleansing
service I’d be a sewer poop Chuck I can colon cleanser yeah maybe military truck
that could go to our military trunk oh yeah you guys really want to say that
right now you guys wanted you guys are in a military stuff you’re gonna have to
check out a video on gee mrs. page it’s about one of those amazing military
camps I’ve ever found for one individual man it was crazy
it really really was a true veteran hero in my eyes absolutely another
construction site truck I like that these are actually not she’s like you
can actually lift the back of the doors open and everything everything was metal
back then really quality made now it’s gotten more expensive and less quality
yeah it sounds fun writing it to make this is his own video but I’m like a
bulldozer slash gravel rock removing that bond James Bond
better the knife park it was full size it’s like a bond car it’s called a
Ferrari bear in a letter I know him others at work
matchbox 75 I’m gonna talk to falling out these boxes there so are you
destroying the integrity in the boxes you’re losing money course to this I got
a greyhound doesn’t that count for something like a waste
later that’s the bus tour you could take your 68 and ship and send them with the
rest that’s it Oakland from before your time I feel like a lot of things in here
they label height I’m 68 series that doesn’t have anything to do with the
year with me like is it a night from 1968 no it’s just a number but I wish it
was a 69 Oh 69 is always 1368 that’s like a hippie van a Volkswagen yeah
every time I see a Volkswagen van I think Skippy there knows I’m on your
finest right both Fang questions from back in the day this cement truck we’re
gonna start a landscaping business now to have an ambulance we got a few they
don’t charge oh yeah buses yeah we can move gravel
and rocks out there start a construction company you’re gonna sell these it a lot
what do you think selling eBay what I would do is I’ll put them up in the law
in the ‘quran team I was not high my strategy to eBay’s you start high maybe
do a sale for extra publicity and you put best offer and you give somebody the
ability to talk you down which puts a smile on their faces they can talk to
you down to the price that you were already gonna sell it for right strategy
boom that looks like a safari thing or something like when you see this only
get African safari trip or something so it looks like the romantic cards that
you Jordan can’t take that Chuck stones already taken him yeah somebody’s ready
got that one friend list carjacking like a fire chief card that’s pretty and
a fireman on fireman I would like I was mob this I’m not a
girl who’s thrown get some coffee honey well I’ll just be talking to myself
really look at that cool pretty matches mashing around for no reason I would
love that you do back when those people and those
lifted hammers over doing it in your snow track look at that a BP gas truck
I’m guessing that’s BP gas now we can fill up the pumps if you have a lifted
tremor no summer you have lift a time or no offense just cuz you’re huge that is a little
man in there carjacking carjacking this looks like a mobsters
car like USC and like in New York mile between yeah like Al Capone Scarface in
it and stuff right here you ever find one of these inning units with windows
in the front money horrible condition is like 30 40 grand
whoa but you know it’s also great as this is that when I was talking about in
production and collective value this also makes this style more than the
average man because they made those in the level of production that they were
made in your life it’s not gonna details on that so nice yes Walker Nets
this is like a net shout-out to our boy not walking that oh yeah look at this
suddenly no piss Poland’s put this back up what wouldn’t be cold for you could
you like it could be like 32 degrees there dis is a little warm it is when it
starts getting is a positive numbers I’m not as comfortable anymore the positive
numbers I almost looks like you’d be like a mini
they had a hearse I was so Drive that is like a soccer mom in my station wagon
remember Wonder Years no what would you do if I say add it to YouTube d monetize
do you walk out on me name meal even look at that milk the milkman
I don’t even know what I wanted this is why my dad drove that’s pretty cool kind
of my mommy’s always telling my dad was the milkman
what is this another way could we come race now we have married oh yeah look at
that when they bought this that was originally only 55 cents at Macy’s that
is insane talk about inflation you can’t invite a breath of oxygen for $55 55
cents I got a cement truck did you say cement or I don’t know if you’re talking
about one of the people that go across the water for a long period of time swimmers are construction vehicles here
is snow pop look at that completely useless in California no the fire chief
look at that this is a great box imagine seeing a fireman you have a fire and
they roll up in a car to your house getting close to the imitate what do you
think the whole entire collection is worth pirates oh oh oh as Ferrari I can
almost promise that one’s valuable seventy-three is not a good number that
is probably like my 987 favorite number but it is still pretty decent it’s under
a thousand of my left murmurs thanks I think I have a camp rather than go on
the back of one of these pickup trucks well it looks like it’s good camping
let’s go Diablo’s bill on camera okay this one I think this one but you
shouldn’t open those boxes destroy the lid tell them I always tell
we’re aware but we don’t care you’re a poet I am there’s a little guy again
another one Cameron all the haters he just gets up the heaters picks them up
turns up and dumps them ooh I got a yellow guy I got a red guy
you got a Simpson look at you this one number five is alive
nice another BP drop of the hunt ghosts Thank You Myron up go Speed Racer go
Speed Racer this one it’s wrapped like extra securely this is where they keep a
million-dollar car and what would you say the most valuable matchbox car out
there card trick somebody’s got it somebody please comment below so I can
read it then read answer this question and then come back delete the video edit
it in and make the answer to the question make them sound smart yeah
that’d make me sound smart look at this like dump truck picks up a look at the
back and even the monster I feel like I’m in school again and keep hearing the
word don’t trip hmm we got two of those another dirt I have a secret and you
need to monetize what I have a secret fare going what is it that’s the first
time I ever touched a matchbox car it’s not leaked anymore oh you’re not anymore
look at that carry some gravel or carry of all the haters right go over to the
dump and just ah doesn’t live look Pontiac come carefully you grab najiba saw your hand down there don’t get
excited who this Boss Hogg’s car you’ve seen
enough ourselves pushing about The Dukes of Hazzard it’s
a Ford Galaxie almost look it looks like Boss Hogg’s car or Cletus it was Cletus
I know I don’t know that is buboes neighbor missing the thing I legit
probably know everything song from every show that came on before the year 2000
feels like it’s Lassie what what that’s he Shepard it will give
watch lasting that the dog yeah I know her I never actually watched all the way
through another name now Tim is trapped in a well timmy is always like or
something okay well thanks for watching this video from
the start to finish don’t forget to comment below what you think this
amazing little collection of match cars are worth and shout out to my special
guest cameraman baby jeebus now for everybody’s favorite moment is where we
make ridiculous thumbnail faces we do things like who’s going on in here

100 Replies to “FOUND VINTAGE CARS! I bought an abandoned storage unit and found car”

  1. Why do you ask….you never tell what anything sells for? Lol. If you sell them online you will get 2-3 times more than what you will get at the flea market. Does that count. Thanks for sharing and congrats on some solid finds.

  2. The little boy in them are coming out, I would love to see them all. I was a Tom boy when I was little. 👍

  3. There’s nothing like a factory mistake to get the blood pumping in a collector of rare Matchbox cars. Last year on ebay, this circa 1965 “reverse color” Dodge wrecker—a die-cast truck described as the “Holy Grail” of Matchbox collectibles—was one such example that set off a ferocious round of bidding that ended with sale price of $8,499.

  4. You have some good money there with them MATCHBOX CARS. Just that Number 73 Ferrari in the Box was sold on Ebay a month ago for $89.


  6. Those are alright cars just not in the greatest shape which is everything when it comes to vintage toys the boxes help but your looking at 10-maybe 30 for the best one if you get lucky I would bet most range around $15 a piece! If I found all those I would sell all the ones with a box in one lot and all the ones with no box in another lot and just run a 7 day auction on both lots start them at 6pm on a Sunday

  7. I use to have the garage and fire station when I was a kid…loved playing with them….thank for the memories

  8. GoBots is a line of transforming robot toys produced by Tonka from 1983 to 1987, similar to Transformers. Although initially a separate and competing franchise, Tonka's Gobots became the intellectual property of Hasbro after their buyout of Tonka in 1991. Subsequently, the universe depicted in the animated series Challenge of the GoBots and follow-up film GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords was established as an alternate universe within the Transformers franchise. While Hasbro now owns the fictional side of the property, the actual toys and their likenesses were only licensed from Bandai in the 1980s, were not covered by the Tonka acquisition, and are not available for Hasbro use.

  9. The double deck bus is worth about $300.00 so check them very good I do collect hot wheels and match box cars I have about 2,000 cars

  10. I wouldn’t use eBay for the matchbox, there are specialty auction houses that specialize and market the sales of these

  11. This was like watching two kids at play. Great fun to watch. Sorry Baby Jebus couldn't play too. Blessings

  12. Pirate, your shirt made me smile. That was an awesome purchase, and priceless video watching you and Jebus discover all of the Matchbox vehicles! Baby Jebus, you did a great job with the filming and additional monologue and if they don't offer to let you play with the cars/trucks – you could offer to repackage them later in your room. Tyfs.

  13. Hi, the red bus you found is either the AEC Regent III RT or the AEC Routemaster both were London buses. The Routemaster was used right up to December 2005, we occasionally see one drive through our village but any that are still being used today are privately owned and only used for special occasions. I use to ride on them when staying with my father in London as a child. Don't disguard and of the damaged Matchbox vehicles because some collector like to restore them. All the best from England.

  14. amazing find on the matchbox cars… i'm lucky to find just 1 or 2 of those at an estate sale but I've sold in the box ones for 80-100$. Some of the models u have tho are huge money. Take ur time listing those.. ez to ship and should sell all by christmas np.

  15. unless you have doubles of alot of those matchbox cars..I think that everytime Jebus put a car back in the box(probably on the wrong side of the box) Pirate pulled out the same one a second time..LOL

  16. Okay, Jebus is acting civilized while under supervision. He’s annoying on his own channel. Tonight’s videographer is better when he is quiet. Sorry, but if Pirate wasn’t in this video, I would not have watched it.

  17. The red double decker bus was called a "Route Master" made by the company AEC, in Southall, England, my Dad was a millwright, engineer at AEC.Debbie in the UK.

  18. Would touching up the paint on a couple of the cars increase the value or are they worth more if left alone talking about the couple I saw that the paint wore off

  19. Two lil boys….but then again , those little cars are awesome. Pirate….don't take them to the auction…first find a specialist to give you the most for your buck. You probably can get thousands for just that box…keep us posted!

  20. You’re right those are some dumb looking thumbnails faces !! I agree totally. By the way Jebus is lowering the prices by tearing the boxes! That part sucked Jebus and it’s not hating it’s just a fact.

  21. Hi Mike. Wow love all those metal cars from matchbox. So cool. Great that you had Jebus with you. It was alot of cars for just 1person. Good thing you had help. Oh I would say this box alone is worth about a grand (1000) easy. Mike your singing little songs that I I'm older then you . Hey to baby Jebus. Your a. Cool dude.

  22. Next time at the end put the vowg song if its not spell right sorry im MEXICAN😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Match box Lesney Range Rover. I thought I saw one that Jebus took out of the box. The matchbox cars are very cool. Awesome Storage Locker.

  24. In 1968, when I was ten I got a Match Box car for Christmas. As far as I know it was the only one I ever owned. I had tons of Hot Wheels and Tootsie Toys but that Match Box was the only really nice car I had. What it was was a green Jaguar. The hood and side doors opened and a motor was visible under the hood. I wonder what it would cost to find one today.

  25. Hey they are not Gold Bars, but after reading the comments, I'd say you are on your way Pirate! The Universe is in full swing! Enjoy the ride! Blessings!

  26. The smaller matchbox cars with the silver metal wheels are the oldest, they are 1950's. I had them all when I was young

  27. The service station and fire station are mid 1960s. At 16:53 you are showing the 1953 Aveling Barfield Road Roller roller, that's $100-$200 if in good condition!

  28. The video with the trong is one of the most humbling videos the best video all of y'all done put together oh and I've watched pretty much every video pirate treasure what the hell's OG vez storage stalker and that is he still the best video I've done yet it makes you proud to be an American

  29. Hi pirate in jebus, pirate I was wearing my I love lovers bracelet while watching this video and I needed to smile. Thank you for giving me my smile today. My most important point pirate his please listen to the fans who have made comments about taking the whole lot to a specialized auction house. They will clean them make them look good and they know what should selling a lot what should sell by itself. Hope you really feel doing this will get you over this hump in a big way. You have a lot of money sitting in one box if you do it right. As always I'm a member of your storage crew, a forever fan, and friend. Blessings and much love to you pirate you deserve it all.👨‍👧‍👦💞👏👍😊😙

  30. Thank you so much for taking your time on the trunk. My dad was with that young man. Maybe they never met? But out of the 25000 men who walked that Bataan Death March they also went through hell and back. I do know the Whole story. He never wanted to talk about it. But after his death in 1977 I got to learn it all. Bless you guys for showing this

  31. I would guess that all those are props for around the train when it's set up in its entire splendor 17:52

  32. Here's a shortlist of the most rare (and most expensive) Matchbox vehicles ever.

    1953 Aveling Barford Road Roller.
    1967 Mercedes Benz 230SL.
    1966 Opel Diplomat.
    1961 Magirus Deutz Crane.
    1965 BP Dodge Wrecker.

  33. Hey Pirate and Jebus. I watch another utuber in Canada. His pg is Coursity Inc. He also has a Facebook pg. Anyway he's a really cool guy that just so happens to be a collector of old matchbox cars also he owns a antique store so he could definitely give you a good estiment on prices. U should reach out to him.

  34. I'm always singing old show songs too Mike. These youngsters don't know what good tv was and I'm only 39 lol

  35. Here's a shortlist of the most rare (and most expensive) Matchbox vehicles ever.
    1953 Aveling Barford Road Roller.
    1967 Mercedes Benz 230SL.
    1966 Opel Diplomat.
    1961 Magirus Deutz Crane.
    1965 BP Dodge Wrecker.

  36. that is a NICE collection. i couldn't say what it is worth but i know there is good money there.
    personally i would struggle selling it. there is no way i would sell the kombi as i have a box or two of (modern) vw toys but not that one.

  37. 70's Matchbox or hot wheels…. If I can get them for $2 or less CDN I'm pretty sure I could make money on them. May only be a quarter, may be WAY more!

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