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Hi ! David from Musik Produktiv and Nick back again We have brought along a couple of very nice guitars to show you today From the, otherwise known for Amps and pedals, company Friedman I just happen to have a Friedman amp behind me here The Guitars are made in cooperation with Grover Jackson A Luthier Legend so to say Jackson, Charvel Guitars were also with his doing And here we have a couple of nice Tele Models Here is a Humbucker variation They also come as a P90 model, which are already all on the way to their new owners So let’s have a quick look at the Guitar itself Then play them for you Quite Tele untypical there are also Mahogany bodied models The one that Nick has here is a classic Alder Body with Maple fretboard My one here is Palisander on the fretboard The Friedmans are all lightly reliced, on the body here maybe a bit more than light and it feels very natural in your hands a nice aged neck profile that isn’t sticky or greasy Yes it feels nicely worn in The Humbuckers are Friedmans own creation which sound really, really good Can’t wait to hear how they sound in a Les Paul Friedman Humbuckers, CTS Pots, Orange drop Caps Using really only the best ingredients here A sturdy Bridge, not with Barrel Saddles as you are usually familiar with A somewhat more modern Bridge construction Very tasteful Inlays, if Tobi can zoom in on them here A tidy, nick nack free appearance that plays really well and sound great into the bargain Enough said for the moment, let’s play! Ok We’ll switch on and channel one and Nick can go for it. The ageing does appeal to me here I like it as well when it’s well done and in this case it is It has nothing to do with being a Pseudo Rockstar The Guitar just feels that it has been used and played and different to a brand new Guitar straight out of the box No it’s more the feel of a 30 year old guitar that has seen Stages and studios galore and they do give this impression, the neck profile is also relatively thick not a Baseball bat but it doesn’t dissapear in your hand which also gives it some of its tone and Nick had seen and mentioned this earlier, the Access to the trussrod Oh yes it is just super, good and practical much easier to adjust the neck also when you have to do it on the fly, I have had my own experience with my guitar where you have to take the neck off to adjust it totally annoying very good feature Music Man and various others have a similar system, it is just more practical If you are on tour or whatever and you have to adjust the neck, just as Nick said, practical and quite often when it’s complicated then you tend not to do it and then you are playing with a badly set up Guitar all the time The guitar still works but could work better after a quick rod adjustment Ok we’re in the clean channel It’s a touch brighter with the Maple Fretboard, nice let’s try the same again with the Palisander Fretboard then we have a little comparison to the Fretboard And the body is Mahogany on this one The other was Alder Quite an audible difference between the two not a giant difference but definitely a somewhat darker tone the sound pushes a bit more than the other Guitar It’s a question of personal taste, I would personally prefer that one well I would have chosen the other, that’s what personal taste is about well there are a few differences between them that I didn’t honestly think would be so prominent. It sounds fatter than the other a bit more gain maybe? bit more rock tone I have already tried them out a couple of weeks ago and I did notice they have that they have that throaty fat sound to them which is what you know more from Strats may have to do with the bolt on neck and the general construction it’s quite a rock axe I’m thinking along the lines of Blues, Blues Rock Heavy Rock very good guitar for that corner of the woods also the Maple neck here is nice, with a good attack great fun, great sound quick comparison Well now I prefer the Maple neck Nice to play, a different attack obviously a great difference if you are listening or playing as well So from listening earlier on I just said yes this one because it sounded somehow richer and rounder and it’s always the story with the ear in how far it can fool you what you hear in the first moment with bold and cool sounds is then synonymous with the right tone That one would be the one that needs less tidying up in the studio there are fewer frequencies where it is only somehow yeah I’m fat sounds cool, but what is really substantial sounds super good but for that riff I preferred the Maple neck I’ll switch to the second channel, see what we get here let’s swap over again I think it makes sense to compare while we have the chance We can try the others out later but because these two are made with different wood types it makes sense to compare these very cool and the sound is quite tidy, not chaotic considering the music style would you also say that the neck has a throatiness to it as well? yes that’s right, the Maple neck is even more tidy sound wise but this one has a bit more bang in it It doesn’t sound as Fat as the other but it has a very convincing sound and there’s also a bit of twang in there as well Yes it reacts well and is a touch brighter bubblier round the top end we had the gain all the way in Channel two, with the right pedals we can get a lot more out of this set up we’ll try a few riffs in drop D see how it fairs up there Stoner Band, 70’s rock, It can do them all They have a somewhat kind of a dry sound especially this one here has a kind of mix between Les Paul and Tele from playing as well as sound wise we’ll swap over completely to the other Guitars here and give them a quick run for their money as well Back again, Guitars swapped and I have the nice red one here Nick, the black one, both have the same wood types used sound good like the others we tried here feel good as well and because we wanted more out of the small box we have thrown in an EP booster Swap over again and give this one a try I’ll take the other one for comparison Bit of noise at the moment here but I assure you it’s from the EP booster which also sounds really gut and pushes the amp that bit more they both sound very similar, little nuance here and there but apart from that These are the little differences that you can only sum up if you try it yourself as always it is recommended that you try them out for yourselves, don’t just take our word for it sound wise I think we have covered everything If you have any wishes for any particular Guitars or Amps or effect pedals where you would like to see a video about it then let us know by writing in the Comments Great fun as usual, come in and pay us a visit and try out whatever you like in our shop don’t forget the P90 models, they sound great as well we’ll say goodbye now and Nick will play us out.

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