Front Door Hardware | Day 100 | The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

Looks like we’re makin’ a little progress.
Finally, a little hardware here on the front door. They say an eco-friendly house can’t
be built in 150 days for $150,000, and I say it can. I’m Allen Smith. Join me as I push
the limits with time, budget and creativity with the Garden Home Challenge, exclusively
on eHow Home. How’s it going there, Tony? Pretty good. Lookin’ great. Okay, alright.
Hey, look at this: Huh, the door’s comin’ together. It’s pretty exciting when you finally
get a door knob on the door. And what we decided to do here is make this 36 inches tall. So,
that’s standard height for a door knob. And if you look here on the back, you can see,
actually, where the old door knobs was, which it’s about 3 to 4 inches lower. And this where
Tony’s sort of covered all of that up. And, so you can see, in the past door knobs were
lower–I guess people were just shorter then. You know, I’m overall pleased with the color.
When they delivered this I was a little surprised. It’s a little brassier than I thought. I really
wanna go with a pewter or satin nickel color, so I’m gonna double check that. But anyway,
it’s easy to take on and off. Tony was just screwing the backside in. And what’s great
about this lock set, which is really important, is that you can re-key it yourself. You don’t
have to take it to a locksmith– ‘take it’, being the key, to the locksmith to have this
put on. So what he’s doing here is he’s actually putting on the doorknob, which can be locked
here, and on the backside, just by twisting and locking it like that–just a typical
standard knob. And then, just above it, he’s gonna put a deadbolt on here for extra security.
Now, we could have used a handled knob here on the front, but I just don’t know how much
traffic they’re gonna have coming through the front door. But on the inside of the house,
I think we may go with the lever type. So if you got things in your hands, you’re carrying
laundry around, and you can just push your hand down on the lever and open the door and
move around. Those are really easy to use. If you’re enjoying following the updates on
the building of this house, tell a friend about it. And subscribe to eHow Home.

8 Replies to “Front Door Hardware | Day 100 | The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith”

  1. Why not thumb lever hardware for front door? After all it IS an antique door. Knobs are oh so UN-interesting. I am sure Chris would agree…;-)

  2. You beat us to the punch! I've picked out a beautiful thumb-lever door to replace the knob that's there now.

  3. I really love the little glimpses we get of the family room in the background. When the whole house is done and decorated that view as you enter the house will really have a strong focal point in that fireplace/mantel and the french doors, which will carry your eyes out to the woods in the distance.

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