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Here we are at Strathroy antique mall and bender 155 just dropped off some fur coats This fur coat right here that shannon has It actually has to be touched these fur coats Think of the softest thing in the whole world and that’s what this feels like it is so soft It’s worth buying just to feel the soft fur Every day or whenever you’re wearing it or to put on your bed or on the floor It’s just beautiful, so what kind of fur is it shaved beaver Then the brown it appears to be a size medium or large you can wear it Bigger also these style of coats It’s got a different fur around the collar. That’s just your typical fur it’s not as soft. But try it on So she’s a size sometimes small and medium, so this is definitely the shoulders are a bit bigger So it could go large or medium, or you can actually have an made to fit There just stick here Now you can see it can taper it if you watch or you can wear it big So I would wear it big as a stick my hands in the pocket Yeah It’s just too soft, it’s gonna sell the minute somebody walks up and touches on yeah Okay and turn and turn Okay So she priced this I believe I saw 125 when I looked at it before It’ll keep you warm. It looks good with jeans are to dress up So, thanks a nice And then you can pull the collar also if it’s windy out around you Okay, so That’s for one. You’ll see it on YouTube shortly So we had a lady phone from the states that wanted to see some Furs so that’s this one. We’ve got a lot of furs in this mall So we’re just going to focus on these few that she brought Left to get to the furs and the other parts of the Some are damaged and they’re gonna be going out at a good price. These are not well. What is that? Boxer that’s beautiful. I just love the white so is it soft Collar looks, but not as soft now that nothing is gonna be a spouse with the other one so it’s like the coyote beautiful You don’t see the white coats too often and a lot of I Find the younger people do pick them up right away when they come in oh Wow, that’s a nice fit so that’s more tapered That’s a nice coat more tapered got long fur Is it warm it’s got a big collar that you can put around your neck for wind Like Davy Crockett, but Short and styled it is a very nice coat So how much was that one It’s probably around the same price, maybe not the beaver was 125 150 Yeah They’re both worth 150 for sure even the first one Actually a lot of times that our auctions here in London, Ontario. They go to the top 100 class So this is beautiful – it’s a very short style They look good with pencil skirts jeans. I like those too with jeans It’s nice white fur again, it’s got a bunch of pelts that has all the lines, and it’s priced at 150 and it’s Saiga Fox, that’s a popular name So it’s got a silver liner. It’s a short style That’s a nice one They’re all nice ones and there’s extra buttons or clips no earrings, and they silver and gold If you get silver gold earrings in the pocket with this price I’ll pay the coat off actually, we should probably take the earrings out and give it to the vendor and Let her decide it could be her earrings for all we know Money would be nice to More modern right Get your phone how much is that one? 150 another 150 so if you’re interested in any of these coats You can even just give us a call we can put it on hold till you come try it on if they’re too big that Isn’t the bad thing with furs because they can be? Styled we have an altar person across the road and assault alternations. He can make clothes start-finish Shannon you’re gonna do that fur and lather? So, I just tried to get Shannon back over here The vendor also dropped off it looks like the seventies. It’s long leather confer callers With a belt in black Leather attic that’s definitely the seventies So it looks tiny $79 it’s a good price It’s got lining So it’s a small extra small/small, that’s a nice coat See that’s the problem though if it’s too small you can decide whether it was largely from taper You really like it Open Yeah, that’s a nice jacket, so it’s 79. That’s a good price. It’s good old leather. I’m gonna sleep like All the seams are finished and Yeah, I love that coat and I’d look good with high heels. He’s just short you need high heels So there’s one more, it’s again the same kind of idea the fox collar and leather oh Look at that 70s shaggy fake sweater behind the lats cool Christmas is coming as these worthwhile for christmas Let’s lather but it’s a soft lather more subtle and the arms have been Lost again, and it’s the old know the old Mills from Blythe, Ontario There’s a lot of place there Can buy your leathers, but not at these prices is that in 79? Probably a few hundred plus when you go in there. You’ll find your lather, so this one’s bigger It’s got balloon slaves About oh, I’ve dealt with the hook So it’s all depends on your taste and style You could if those arms are Too big you can also have an tapered, but that’s a big crowd it’s like a large Yeah, so it would look better on a larger frame for sure so would fill it all out fill out the shoulders Would be loose and comfortable, but you know these coats are warm for sure because they’re long and they keep the wind from blowing And a good price It’s at the end of our first And that is the furs for 155 spoof that she just dropped off So we’re located at Yeah, if you had a favorite one right it like the super soft one solid short white the mini way the coyote color and the black leather with the elastic sleeves or the pock tapered leather Fox collars if you’re interested in these you can go to 39, Front Street East and strife ride. We’re open every day and Just ask to see bender 155 if you come to the counter and we’ll show you thank you

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