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Hi everybody! Brenda has written in to the site, she has
a one-month-old baby who’s very fussy at night and she’s asking me, what should I do? Brenda, in some ways this is one of the simplest
and most important questions I’ve ever received, here’s my short answer and then I’ll have
a longer answer. My short answer is, your baby is one month
old. One month old, that means they’ve just come
out of the womb, everything is new, everything is different, noises are different, lights
are different, sounds are different, everything is new to them. One months is a teeny, teeny, teeny tiny little
one, I love newborns, I wish I could hold your baby right now I’d be delighted, I’d
be happy to like take him for the weekend because I love babies. That is such a small baby, it’s so common
in a baby that age that you’re going to have a lot of fussiness. I think the key thing is to make sure your
baby is getting good regular naps, follow my feeding and sleeping schedules if they’re,
you know, appealing to you, good feedings, you make sure that he’s awake and full before
you stop feeding, and you know that you’re burping regularly. And I do have a lot of videos on burping,
like how to burp on your lap, how to burp on your back, burping is very important because
you want to make sure the baby isn’t holding on to too much excess gas. Now, you’re saying your baby’s fussy, I’m
talking about sort of a regular fussy baby the way many babies are fussy. You do want to rule out digestive issues and
colic, which is basically a very trick form of, you know, the baby getting irritated when
they eat, and that’s something you definitely want to consult with your doctor on. If you’re formula feeding and your baby is
extremely fussy, your doctor might suggest that you change, switch or try other types
of formulas and there’s tons of great ones on the market now of all sorts. If you’re breastfeeding and you’re noticing
a lot of fussiness, your doctor might alternatively suggest that you might limit things from your
diet. I know, just when you think you’re like done
with the pregnancy stage, you can go out and you can like have the sushi, have you know,
a little of this and that, you’ve got to like watch your diet, it’s definitely a pain but
there might be something you’re eating that’s irritating your baby. So those are things you want to look into,
but generally I would say that if you’re not dealing with a situation of colic, this is
very normal. You must be exhausted, your baby’s very, very
young but over time it’s just going to get easier and easier, that’s the rule when it
comes to babies. Over time things get easier and easier until
you hit the preteen stage! And I’m there right now, so I’m looking for
your advice! Anyway, those are my thoughts, I hope it’s
helpful. Congratulations on your baby, I really appreciate
your watching my channel, it means so much to me. I’m so lucky that you wrote in, really appreciate
it. Have an amazing day, get some rest today and
I hope to get another question from you soon on CloudMom.

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  1. Thank you for your Chanel and advises. I'm due in 27 November with my first baby and you'r videos really helped me!

  2. I feel like your videos are speaking directly to me! I just had my second child on 9/12/17 so I'm right in the thick of this 😩😴but I'm hoping he's not colicky like my daughter was but we will see (fingers crossed he's not!). ThNk you for your helpful advice & tips!!

  3. Hi Cloudmom, I need your help! I have an 11 month old daughter that I have nursed and bottle fed my milk. But I just found out we will be expecting our second baby. While I am excited about our new member of the family I can't seem to stop feeling guilty about me weaning her off.. plus I can't get her to drink any other milk but mine. What do I do?
    Thanks, Rose

  4. She swore that the coffee she was drinking was also affecting the baby while she was breastfeeding. Maybe she was onto something. Thanks!

  5. hello can you please tell me if you have the videos of premiees you said in one video you had one and can't find them!! Please

  6. Expecting my 2nd baby after having my first boy 4 years ago. 2nd baby is due in 7 weeks, binge watching your channel. I’m so happy to find you!!! Thanks so much!!! Hugs from California. Will try your tips and schedule!!!

  7. You and everyone else who uses those stupid fucking gloves should be punched in the face for using those stupid fucking gloves. Take those goddamn gloves off that baby. No baby has ever died because it scratched itself. Those stupid things are more fucking useless than the baby itself and not needed. Take the goddamn things off and then flush them down the fucking toilet

  8. My baby was two weeks early so latching was hard at first. We did get it and things seemed to be doing good but then it began going back. She pukes up a lot of milk, it was thicker and fuller but now it's getting watery. Help please.

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