G30 Globe Antique Light Bulb – 40 Watt

1000Bulbs.com introduces the 40 Watt G30 Victorian
Style Antique Light Bulb. This antique replica G30 Victorian style light
bulb is perfect for antique and historic restorations. Featuring an authentic hand-wound loop thread
filament, its warm glow provides a prestigious accent for any decor. 1000Bulbs.com is your source for Antique and
Vintage light bulbs. Meticulously crafted to preserve the look
of early 20th-century lighting, our vintage light bulbs are sure to be a real WOW factor
for any project! From unique Edison style to Decorative Chandeliers,
Radio Style, Victorian, and decorative Globes, our vintage light bulbs are an outstanding
complement to any traditional or contemporary decor. The warm amber glow of these nostalgic bulbs
set a warm mood giving off an antique, historic feel. Installing these vintage lamps with a dimmer
allows you to control the light output and really show off the unique filaments! Also, we offer everything you need for your
own Do It Yourself antique lighting project. We carry vintage, antique style light sockets,
dimmer switches, and even, throwback cloth-covered wire. If you’re going for the “steampunk” look,
we offer brass cages to compliment and protect your nostalgic bulbs. The only limit is your imagination! For all your antique and vintage lighting
needs visit 1000Bulbs.com.

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