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Let’s talk about Barbie, although Barbie,
yeah we have got to cover Barbie because she is a garage sale staple. Now every time you
go to a garage sale you find a Barbie, do you know how many people find a Barbie? Me,
Expert Villagers, they are everywhere, but the Barbies that you see at garage sales are
the yucky Barbies. They are too new; they just keep cranking out those Barbies, okay
so what you need to do is look for Barbies that are either special or old. One of the
very earliest Barbies, you know the one that has the black and white bathing suit and she
has got little earrings. Those can go for hundreds and thousands of dollars if they
are in their original box but odds are you will not find one of those at a garage sale,
what you may find are some of the themed Barbies like this one. This is a Frank Sinatra and
Barbie collector edition; these are still real findable, if that is a word at garage
sales. I think this one is about ten years old, I am just guessing and this one probably
retails for, I would say about sixty-five dollars, forty-five to sixty-five dollars,
these are the kinds of things that you can pick up at garage sales for five, six, seven
or eight dollars. So this would be highly collectible but it is almost a no-brainer
because it is a special series. Yet other things to look for in Barbies are Barbies
that aren’t modern, Barbies that aren’t in the little cutesy boxes, Barbies that are
older but if they are damaged some kids like to, yikes, cut the hair on their Barbies and
that is just sad, some people have little, you know like, when I was a kid, here is what
I did, this is really kind of cold, I had a scavenger hunt for a birthday party once
and I said that one of the things that I wanted people to bring was Barbie doll limbs. Now
that is frightening, but that just shows how Barbie dolls really, really were damaged and
they are hard to find so kids played the heck out of them, so find Barbies that are older,
they are very collectible.

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  1. this lady has no idea what she's talking about. only one barbie has sold for hundred of thousands of dollars and it was a newer barbie which sold for charity. to my knowledge the most expensive barbie was previously $18,000. just saying.

  2. I appreciate your interest in me. I actually own a very successful antique and fine art business as well as an auction and consignment sales company. I have sold two large collections of antique dolls to museums, so I know quite a bit on this topic and do not like the spread of misinformation to new collectors and people doing research because this lady knows nothing on the topic its clear

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