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Well this does not sound like something that
you would really want but believe it or not, this is a cool thing, because this is a urinal.
You might not want to get too close but it’s exactly what you think it is, but this one
happens to be a blue enameled ware urinal which means it is older. It’s got a little
age to it and what is really neat about these types of old enameled ware, not only urinals
but older enameled ware is that it is very collectible and what you want to look for
is stuff that is in really nice condition. Because this is like enamel, it is kind of
like glass so you can see little chips and stuff but this one is really in kind of good
shape. The thing that is really neat about this one is that it is just so unique, it
has a, I don’t know how many urinals you have seen in your lifetime, but I have to
admit I have seen a few antique urinals. I mean I hate to admit it and while I haven’t
seen a lot of them with this kind of lid, which is really cool and you know what people
do with these. What do you think they do? They put flowers in them, they put plants,
Expert Village, you are supposed to know that. What kind of an expert am I if you can’t
figure that out? But look, little plants in here, how many of you would love to have your
own personal urinal planter? I mean is that a must have item or what, if you see some
of these unique urinals, I mean if you see some plastic urinals we don’t want to go
there, because they are too new and you don’t want to go, but these are old so we want you
to pick them up, people love them for planters. Not necessarily you or I but somebody who
is maybe a little odd would like to put a plant in them. So my recommendation if you
see old enameled ware, whether it be a planter, a roaster, a pot, if it looks old, if it really
has a nice color to it, pick it up, they are very collectible, very desirable by collectors.

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  1. youre not much of an expert… "Garage Sale Treasures: Tips for Buying Antiques : Antique Collecting: Enameled Items at Garage" she taught us nothing about what makes something enamelware, the age of enamelware, where it is made, what the pieces are worth… nothing. all she did was rant about this one piece being a urinal and experts should know they can be used as a planter. what a joke.

  2. your a joke…. These are tips on things that get overlooked that have a sale value…. Not get rich in 1 sale you idiot….

    Get a life, Internet tough guy. lawl.

  3. i believe you mean you're as in you are. for example, you're missing the fact this is an expertvillage video and she should thus be giving watchers useful information. i understand you are saying she tells them to pay attention to easily overlooked items but she does not speak of manufacture, identifying marks or qualities, or indicators of value, which are the reasons that make people buy for resale

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