Garage Sale Treasures: Tips for Buying Antiques : Antique Collecting: Sunglasses at Garage Sales

Hi expert village. Is there something I can
do for you? May I help you perhaps? I have my shades on. Pretty cool huh? Does this scream
Jackie O.? This is a very cool pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are still findable, another word
I made up, at garage sales. Sometimes they will tell the date or the maker inside. These
don’t seem to but you can just tell that these are that style. And the reason glass, eyeglasses
are very collectible is because people take them. Look at these cool frames. How cool
are these. People take these old frames and they have their prescriptions put into them.
If you go somewhere like Costco or take them to your own eye doctor they’ll put your prescription
in and there, you can pick these up for, you know, five bucks and yet retail I’m probably
going to sell this pair for a hundred because it’s a John Lennon kind of. Look at this one.
How cool is this? Yo. I’m cruising. What do you think of that? Is that ugly? But I see
people that love these. These are those retrospects. And here are the sunglasses but you can pop
them out. OH! These are original cool rays. How cool is that? These are original cool
rays. Can’t you just see these; see these with the racing down the street? In American
Graffiti and here, the cat eyes. Yikes! The cat eyes. These are not ugly. These are worse
than ugly. But, these are very popular and people are looking for these all the time.
Of course, condition is everything. So take a look at glasses. You can find them at some
great deals and they’re huge, hugely popular.

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