Get the LOOK FOR LESS Spring DIY! 3 Easy Pottery Barn Inspired Ideas

Welcome to Designed to the Nines, I’m NataLee Callahan and if this is the first time we’re meeting welcome to my
channel on today’s episode I have a three spring Pottery Barn dupes so let’s
get started my first dupe is the aro vine baskets
now they no longer carry this on their website but they were really cute so
this will serve as a dual duty if you like these baskets are going to show you
how to make your own something no longer carry him but when they originally did
carry them they range between a forty and sixty dollars (US) per basket I’m going
to be attempting to make the larger basket today and fortunately for me I
already had everything on hand… now my husband’s always saying why do you
need all this crafting stuff well because right now I can’t go out
shopping because we’re doing social isolation and so it’s perfect the first
thing we’re going to do is we’re going to take this basket and this is from the
Dollar Tree and so one dollar very affordable and I have really liked the
shape of this this is really great and also the mesh on it will serve as a
really good opportunity for us to attach our grapevine now I have this leftover
from a fall decorative pumpkin projects that I did I ordered this off of Amazon
I believe it was about $7.50 (US) I’ll also provide a link for one of these in the
description box below we are going to be using it to wrap around this basket and
as our handle which brings us to our handle now I didn’t think that this
grapevine would be quite strong enough in and of itself I wanted to give it a
little bit more substance so necessity is the mother of invention so what can
we do to add support to our basket handle so I went looking for an old wire
hanger from the dry cleaners and we are going to try to be making and fashioning
some support for a handle with this and we’ll combine it with a grapevine so it
will have a nice look but this wire hanger should hopefully add a little
extra stability for our handle so you can actually hold it by the handle in
theory so that’s what we’re gonna try to do with this so I start out by
untwisting the wire hanger to separate it and
then i unbend it and shape it into a “U” then I hooked one side onto the basket
and twisted it on now I don’t know if this is a good idea or if I should have
just waited but it ended up working out fine in the end
I cut a long enough piece of the grapevine wreath to fit on the hanger and slide the hanger through the middle
of the grapevine and then securely fasten it on to the other side I add
extra wire where it connects to the mesh basket to make it really sturdy then I
start wrapping the vine around the mesh basket and once I have it basically in place I
strategically wire it to the basket as I go I remove some of the existing wire
that holds the grapevine together so I can loosen it up and kind of spread it
out a little bit I use the original wire from the grapevine and I cut it into
four pieces I use that to wire it to the basket now that I have it basically how
I like it’s time to add Moss so I’ve got my cordless macdaddy a hot glue gun
surebonder this comes in a mini which I’m going to be using today but I am
loving this glue gun because it’s cordless so it the cord doesn’t get in
the way of your crafting and then you just put it on the base and I charge as
well you’re not using it so it is awesome I have so loved that and the
link for that will be below as well next I randomly placed the glue and moss
sporadically around the basket I cut off a little bit of boxwood that
I had on hand and strategically place that around the basket now this is not
on the original one so this is totally optional for you but I thought it looked
really cute then I took it outside and I sprayed it with a couple of coats of
hairspray just to make sure that everything stayed in place a little bit
better now I wasn’t gonna do the arrangement originally but I decided to
go ahead and do it last minute so it would match the after pictures a little
bit better so I didn’t get footage of this process but I literally just had
these daisies on hand and found some extra greenery and I kind of threw it
all together last minute it was easy peasy and to be
honest with you I actually like my version better than the original and
their version was $60 and mine was just 11 and would only be around $9 without
the flowers so what do you think of it before we move on to my next Pottery
Barn spring DIY I wanted to let you know that this is part of a collaboration
with my good friend Yami over at the Latina next door for her
look for less challenge I love this challenge it is the reason I started
doing knockoffs in the first place I just love getting the look for less and
her co-host this month is this week’s nest I will put a link to both of their
channels in my description box below as well as the playlist so you can check
out all of the fun so for my next knock off for spring is a tulip place card
holder Pottery Barn sells a set of four for 30 dollars and we are going to be
doing ours for a tiny fraction of the cost
… now fortunately I already purchased these things because when I see them I’d like
to stock up on these tiny little pots they are so cute you get three for a
dollar that makes them 33 cents each and then I have some tulips
leftover from my last episode’s project and I think that they’re gonna be
perfect for this project and they’re about $0.50 each then we’re going to use
again some of our Moss from Dollar Tree we won’t need very much and then I also
have some scraps of styrofoam leftover from my last episode so these are like
the bare bottom but you don’t need much because these pots are pretty tiny from
my last year’s a place card holder I just went and yanked them out for this
project so that I didn’t have to make new ones and they’re easy
I just hot glue them in so if I wanted to go put them back in it all I’d have
to do is glue them back into place that’s all the supplies so let’s get putting it
together this project is ridiculously easy to put together you start out with
your mini pot you need a small amount of styrofoam and you place it in the pot so
it’s nice and snug then you take two tulips and cut them about an inch below
the base of the leaves then you put two tulips in one side and
then again on the other side then I put some hot glue down on the foam and take
a chunk of moss and fill it in so you can’t see any of the foam then I take my
pre-made wire from my last year’s place card holders and shove it in the middle
all I did with this was kind of take some wire and make a curly Q and then
straighten it out on the end it’s pretty easy process if you look at it also
another solution for you is to take the bottom section of the tulip it also has
a wire in it that slides right out and you could definitely curl that in the
same manner as the ones that I used and basically have a free version Again, I like mine better than the
original I like the Pinker version of the tulip
and I think these are just really amazing and at only six dollars for a
set of four versus thirty it’s got a better price to boot but what do you
think? my last Pottery Barn knockoff for spring is Peter Rabbit napkins that I
saw over at Pottery Barn the regular price of these were $40 for a set of
four we’re going to be doing ours for pennies on the dollar so I created this
printable right here I found this image on a royalty-free site so there’s no
infringement of copyrights or anything on this and so I’ve got this for you a
provide a link for it in the description box below and I’ve gone ahead and
printed it on some iron-on image transfer paper which I actually used in
my Easter Bunny pillow recently so I had some leftover didn’t have to go to the
store all of the things that I’m working with I already had on hand so I had some
pillow covers that I had cut and not sewn yet on hand so even though they
were a couple of inches small I went ahead and used them because they were
the right kind of fabric if you needed to purchase fabric I would recommend
just using some simple muslin mine were cut to 18 by 18 inches but once they
were sewn down they ended up being around 16 by 16 just for a point of
reference the original finished size I believe is around 20 by 20 inches i hem
the edges on my sewing machine now you could always use pre-made napkins and I
definitely would not judge you but I find making them myself saves me a ton
of money once you have them all sewn or purchased then we cut out our printable
which was printed on that image transfer paper that I mentioned earlier then you got to peel off the backing
very carefully it’s a little bit tricky especially on the butterflies but it’s
doable I like to pull mine off using a pin then I warm the center of the bottom
of the fabric for about five to six seconds then I lay down our image right
in the center and then place a sheet of paper over it and iron it for about 40
seconds now I use my easy press it just makes the job so much easier
but you could definitely use a hot iron as well and just follow the directions
on the package while mine is not an exact match as I typically like I am
overall really happy with the end result here and definitely happy about the huge
savings of $40 versus three dollars but what do you think well I hope you
enjoyed this episode if so here’s another one I think of like as well
don’t forget to check out Yami’s channel as well as the playlist for the
look for Less challenge and until next time – all of my DIY niners bye

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