Glazed Pine Cabinet with drawers – Pinefinders Old Pine Furniture Warehouse

Antique Pine Cabinet with two glazed doors
at the top and three drawers below. You can see the drawers would never have had knobs
or handles, always opens just with the keys but I can fit little wooden knobs if you would
like me to, or porcelain knobs. Dating from about 1910. As with most of our furniture
this was originally painted and has recently been stripped. It’s got a full width shelf
about half way down and a little shelf at the top and then another little shelf just
under the main shelf. Code number F5601D. The price, if you did want to buy it as it
is £650 or if you would like us to wax it for you its £727. Height 70.5″, Width 39.5″,
and Depth 20″. This is in one piece it doesn’t dismantle. So please check your stairway,
access measurements if ts going upstairs or anywhere difficult.

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