Gramafon Baba | kapalıçarşı’da gramofon tamiri .. gramophone in grand bazaar

Nowadays, you buy a tomato… it looks the same as a tomato from 50 years ago. however, the flavor of a tomato from 50 years ago is never the topic in question. In other words, the advances in technology do not mean that the quality of everything has improved. You see, this is one of the essential reasons why the gramophone lives on today. Influenced by the movement within the structure of the middle ear, Leon Scott holds the end of a sharp pointed needle against a taut, thin membrane. The pointed tip also makes contact with a black plated glass. When the membrane is spoken upon, the pointed tip vibrates and these vibrations move against the glass, sound channels develop upon the black… What you see now is a recording. But the sound, what you can hear, is not a recording. The first sound and playback was recorded by Edison in 1877. The first piece he recorded was the children’s song ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’. The world’s first voice recordings are the voice of Queen Victoria… Lord Tennyson’s voice… Good afternoon! Thank you… One day I had listened from you…That day turned into a beautiful day and every time I pass by, I want to say hello. Don’t ever pass by, without saying that hello. Have a good day! If you look at a beautiful painting, or if you see a beautiful statue, when you listen to a beautiful song or music, your emotions react and move. There are some artists… When they sing the windows shake. from the strength of their voice… When Hamiyet Yüceses gave an outdoor concert, she would not have the microphone within 50 meters of herself. If she did, she felt degraded. Do I not have a voice like this by God?… Is this all I am?… Do I have a need for the microphone…there is something like this. During my childhood our front doors would stay open. Not a single anxiety or fear was a question of topic. Soon we put locks… And when one lock wasn’t enough, we put two. And when that wasn’t enough we put aKalelock. Today we have cameras and alarm systems… Now my grandchild only knows these alarms and these camera systems. Because there is no awareness of the times when our doors stayed open, there is no opportunity to compare, there is no other alternative. They think that this, is this. No. Music is also the same thing… You believe that what you watch on television, the music that you hear, you think that’s it. Because you don’t recognize this, you don’t know of something else.

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