Gramophone Live Sessions – Auntie’s Yellow Sofa

Auntie’s Yellow Sofa Thanks a lot for coming and for accepting Gramophone Studios’ invitation We really appreciate it Ok, some questions about yourselves Some general questions, maybe a bit unusual, to get to know you better You’re sitting on a sofa, which is not yellow Sorry We were quite annoyed about it How did you feel together as a band during this session? Good Very Good It’s quite different because it’s live but you still need to keep in mind that you’re recording at the same time It was challenging But it was fun, no? Yes, definitely it was If you were to be a crayon a crayon in a box of crayons What color would you be? Choosing yellow would be a cliché No, individually But will we be together, in the same box? Yes, you will be together in the same box I’ll be green David would be flashing pink Then, I will be… Then you’ll be black and I’ll be blue Yes, exactly I think that I’ll be purple, dark purple I don’t know why If you were to be an animal What animal would you be? Individually? Yes Individually Giraffe So that during a concert I can see well I’d choose to be a falcon So that during a concert, I won’t have a problem too I think… You’d be a Koala bear Yes, a Koala bear Because I’m a little slow Not mentally slow, just I do things slowly Well, I’d be a Kangaroo Whilst playing live I’m always jumping around A favourite 90s song This is a difficult one… Nirvana There are too many to choose from Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers I’m not sure if that came out during the 90s I’d choose U2 Ah, Yes This was a tricky question, I’d rather not say It’s difficult, to choose just one song If you were to choose a band to play in your living room Which band would it be? Bombay Bicycle Club Ah yes, that’s great Maccabees Or something between the two Because they can’t be loud because of the neighbours That’s something to worry about later on then If I were to choose between Maccabees and Bombay Bicycle Club Bombay are less loud, so I’d choose them Maccabees would get us into trouble (All Agree) Which one of you arrives the latest for rehearsals? They’re all from Mosta and I’m from Qrendi so I’ve a good excuse to take long So, Auntie’s Yellow Sofa, tell us about your future plans or what you plan on doing in the future and where people can listen to your music or contact you Right now, we are recording another two songs both are originals One’s called ‘Hola’ and the other is called ‘Lights’ We’re mainly focusing on recording those songs right now Well, people can find us… On our Facebook Page We’re also on Spotify, Instagram and iTunes Basically on most of the social media platforms available So, Auntie’s Yellow Sofa Since Christmas will soon be here We would like you to play us a Christmas Song We’ll give it a shot What instruments shall we use? Go for it! We’ll do it then No Pressure

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