Gravity Compilation: Crash Course Kids

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  1. Gravity pulls down so how the space ship gits out of the Earth . If my question is stupid told me because I I love gravity but I'm not good at it

  2. Try thinking in terms of density versus buoyancy along with electrically charged particles. In the next decade, two at the most, gravity and related theories will be referred to "gravitard."

  3. Thank you, you are awesome. My daughter asks me: "so the Earth is round, and that means we're standing on the side of it, so how come we don't fall off?" Now, I know this, but I was hoping maybe someone could explain it better than I can and without cluttering it up with all that stuff about mass warping space-time and other things I have tendency not to edit out. I'm used to my kids' eyes glazing over anyway, so why bother, right? This was a perfect level of detail, had fun graphics and a likeable speaker, keeping their attention and explaining enough without extraneous information, and including reproducible experiments. I'm glad this was the first thing I found that wasn't Flat Earth related. My youngest immediately and forcefully commanded me: "subscribe!"

  4. When are u going to post again this video was like 3 years ago and no more new videos. Please post again,please and if you will not post again….,please tell your 345,291 subscribers why.

  5. why is everyone saying it's to fast just slow it down and stop conplaining i think it's fine how it is and if you dont like it just slow it down

  6. Please upload it’s been almost 3 years no it’s been three years yeah please upload more videos please or if you’re not uploading videos tell us why

  7. If objects with bigger mass are affted with gravity more, then
    Do we weigh differently with the Earth's spin around the Sun? 🤔

  8. What about birds they fly in sky and don't get pulled as you showed in the eg. Of rubber band and tennis ball …
    Please make a video to clear my this dout or tell me in comments

  9. This is such a bunch of ridiculous nonsense I can't believe you're lying to our children and adults.
    Gravity is nothing but a theory and you people need to seriously wake up and stop regurgitating that word you know nothing about it…
    I honestly can't believe that you people actually believe this.

  10. If it's heavier than air it falls to the ground there's no fake Magical Force required. it's only a theory and Sir Isaac Newton is nothing but a goddamn liar…
    Wake up!! It is properly explained as density and buoyancy…
    A 45-pound weight weighs 45 lb it's not pulled down by 45 pounds of gravity it's just simple weight and it's heavier than the air around it that's why it falls pull your head out of your ass.

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