Seven years ago, we opened this store on the 7th floor of this building. Back then, Hitomi Nomura was a student and I was a hair stylist. After our first meeting, we went on vacation in Los Angeles. During this vacation, we’ve seen so many antiques & clothes. This was our first time discussing on making an antique store. We started off on making money since we didn’t have any. We both worked part time jobs and made some money for the store’s opening. So we’ve opened the store after a year. It’s been about seven years since this store has opened. In the first four years, I’ve been purchasing vintage clothing from overseas and selling them here. But I started thinking on what I really want to do, which is to design my original products. The first product that I’ve made is my original brand called “Rickwear.” But I knew that presenting Rickwear is just presenting only a part of fashion. So I started on making some accessories, and converting clothes into one piece dresses. But overall, I am into the old things. I’ve been designing the materials of the clothes and tights using paintings that are hundreds of years old & art for inspiration. The first thought I had when looking at star charts in the art museum was that it was stylish. Since these designs of old star charts were interesting, I’ve applied them into this one piece dress. This particular necklace is inspired by Studio Ghibli’s “Levitation Stone.” I’ve always wanted to make a glass ball necklace like this. Grimoire’s name is printed on the back of this necklace. I’ve designed this necklace by the image of Grimoire’s crest using the brand’s alphabets and a crown. This necklace is designed to be tied in the back with a ribbon. This is one of the recommended popular products. I’ve always liked traveling overseas. I’ve been to Europe and America’s flea markets and antique shops by being a backpacker. During my time there, I was culture shocked; these kinds of places do not exist in Japan. It made me want to express this feeling in my own country. I wanted to express these strong feelings everywhere from Europe, America, and other countries as well. It’s the old antique world from different places. I want to select each of them and create an original world of antiques in Japan. This is how I started this store. This is a jewel soap made in Southern France called the “Savons Gemme.” They are designed by the look of special ores. We currently have 15 different types of soaps in our store. Each of them has a different smell and is made with natural materials, so they are good for your skin and are called the most beautiful soaps in the world. We’ve just started selling these iPhone cases called “Future.” These interesting iPhone cases are colorfully made of natural materials such as feathers and dry flowers. The unique thing about this product is that you could custom make it to order. The customers could choose from a variety of colors and shapes, so this product is popular to women and a recommendable product. This is an antique fashion mannequin made in France. It’s been made over a hundred years ago around the 1960’s to the 1980’s. It was made to order for use as part of the store’s show window. Its purpose was to show off the store’s products such as clothes or hats. This is a very valuable thing. According to my friend who is an antique collector, this mannequin is valuable since there are less than 100 of these left in the world. I purchased this from an antique shop in Los Angeles. We do have a second store called “Grimoire Almadel” in another location. It opened four years ago. The first Glimoire store is a small, vintage type of shop, but the second store is three times bigger than the first, and the ceiling is even higher. We opened the second store in purpose of wanting to provide a unique service in a big room filled with many people. This is why we made the second store, “Glimoire Almadel.” I am currently having so much fun working on connecting something fantastic with art and fashion. But my dream is to absorb foreign cultures and re-present them through my Japanese point of view. Even now I’ve gone to Paris, London, and also going to Finland in May. I would like to create a brand that presents all kinds of inspirations that has been inspired from foreign countries towards a Japanese like me as well as a brand that is enjoyable. I just came back from travelling to Thailand & Cambodia sightseeing the World Heritage sites like the Angkor Wat. I’ve been to America and Europe but I’ve never been to the Asian and African sites. There are still many places that I haven’t been. So just like Nomura, I would like to go there and absorb all kinds of foreign cultures. I would like foreign people to know Tokyo fashion that has been recreated with the absorbed cultures in mind. I have a big dream to present this kind of fashion and welcoming foreigners to our country.

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