Guess My Age: 3 Women’s Ages SHOCK the Studio Audience | Rachael Ray Show

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  2. Wrong!!!! U r wot ur genetics are ok and thats a fact!!! I eat shit food drink and smoke and i still look 10 years younger

  3. The last was tough because they didnt let her talk much and her hair hid her facial features. The oths were easy. Can't believe you could fall for that.

  4. I've seen MANY white people that look a good 10 to 20 years younger than they are. This is to all the morons who keep commenting "White people age horribly". Y'all are just racist assholes looking for ANY reason to hate whites. It's pretty pathetic, actually. Go to a major city and you'll see plenty of white people that look way younger than they really are. In other words: Get out of your house and stop going by racist stereotypes. Morons.

  5. The second woman should have gotten a younger hairstyle and also her clothes are super aging. I actually thought she looked 35

  6. All the tips and they only show colored women. Fact is it's mostly genetics and the saying "black don't crack" exist for a reason.

  7. The skin isn’t the only thing that shows people age. You can see it in people’s eyes and other things. I think these ladies actually looked within 5 years of their actual ages. Not saying they look good but they weren’t unbelievably younger looking

  8. First lady made me jump out of bed, I would believe if she's in her 50's… but 74?! (☉д⊙)
    Second lady is obviously in her 30's, but she has flawless skin!
    Third lady is there to conclude that indeed, black don't crack!

  9. :V when I hung out with my guy friend in Dubai people thought I was his daughter.
    And when I went to the beach I got junior price :V

  10. This “you don’t want to look your age” thing is actually very arrogant of some people. Here they parade people who either through effort or luck look younger than others would expect. But think how it could make other women feel either in the audience or the viewers? It’s almost like a lookism and an unrealistic standard to measure against. As if you “succeeded” more by looking younger.

  11. Actually the show is suggesting something very very inaccurate scientifically which is that either asian or black, or a mix of those groups has less progressive aging. If you walked around either an asian neighborhood or a black neighborhood and saw women of all ages you’d know that the show is just wrong because they already picked the most good looking people. All people age the same on average.

  12. It’s also funny and maybe sad/obvious (depending how you look at it) is “don’t be fat” “go to gym”, “don’t eat too much”

  13. Firstly wash all the makeup off and then we can have a real guess. I have seen women look 35 with makeup on a wore out 4o year old when they wash it off.

  14. All things considered, my girlfriend has the whole, "looks younger than her real age", thing going on more than any woman Ive ever seen in my life!! She just turned 70 two weeks ago and she looks no more than 45. Seriously. Shes 5 foot 3 and weighs 130 pounds. She doesn't exercise, she certainly doesn't eat well either. Shes got no "secret" like these three women seem to have. She's simply gifted. She still wears Victoria's Secret bra's and underwear, she can still wear skinny jeans and booty shorts and little t-shirts and tank tops- And she can still pull it off!! When shes all dolled up people say she looks 40- everywhere she goes. No bullshit. Its unreal. We should all be so lucky in that department. And the bonus is that I am genuinely, overwhelmingly attracted to her. Shes fucking beautiful!!

  15. Every women must know how to how to take care of her self either young or old there simple skin care program put scrub cream twice a week put lotion after shower every day before going to bed put olive oil face neck your hand and what most important factors besides to have faith in god Loyal to family relatives help poor people spread love every where peace Help before they have that give you inner outer beatuy

  16. I pretty accurately guessed all these women's ages. All within 5 years. I don't think any of these women look younger than their age. A couple look good for their age.

  17. Exactly, race is a huge determinant, plus dying your hair, wearing make up etc, but good diet, suitable activity, weight bearing exercise, minimum sun exposure, plus not having a stressed life, which many people do especially if a carer, live in poverty, or genetic health issues or play their part in aging; having a positive outlook despite the hand your given helps as well.

  18. I used to have a black gf in her 50s , she looked 30 in the face and her body was still hard and toned like a young person. No wrinkles, no gray hair. If you saw her in a bikini you would think she was 20. She never worked out but was quite strong. Still high libido too. Just throwing that out there for any of you guys getting older .

  19. Being told that you look older than your age has to be one of the worst insults. I’d cry 😭…one of my worst fears when comes to aging😭straight up trauma insult.

  20. All 3 women definitely had a youthful appearance, but for the 2 older ladies take away the fake hair and hair dye, scrub off all that make up and try again. Beauty products prime purpose is to hide your age, mission accomplished. No disrespect to them, they all 3 have made the best of what nature provides, especially the gym lady.

  21. I’m 36 years old but look about 13 years younger than my actual age. My profile photo was taken earlier in 2019 at age 35

  22. I wouldn't mind being the toyboy to these ladies. These ladies are hot. I am sure they leave most young ladies for dead.

  23. Wow! Especially the first one. I was so WHAT? I'm a guy and due to bad sleeping habit I created due to… and lack of good food there are time, well many time when I look at the mirror I see a 50 y/o asian. PUCK THAT! I was an attractive guy before. We begter take the tips given by this amazing young looking ladies! Clap clap clap

  24. I see celebrities that in there 90's or early 2000 young then it surprises me that they look eveh older than you might think. Bruce Willis is an exception his around 60 but his face look better then other. And I was thinking probably before of the Process food.

  25. Back lady is on anavar. And other testosterone injections. Hormones. Trt.
    Asian lady. Has type 2 skin. She would look good no matter what she eats. As long as she protects uv.
    Ray needs to drop 60 lbs.

  26. Girl that last one is no where near 40 like what was the audience thinking she looks older than the 74yo .. Like i guessed 50 MINIMUM. And 18 ???
    The only shocking one was the 74 yo like DAMN.

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  28. Great video a lot of ppl can't even guess my age I have always looked way younger then I actually am. sometimes I wish I could look my age but other times I think at least I can age gracefully. Therefore, I love catching videos like this from time to time because I them interesting. I also think Rachael Ray is so beautiful she makes us Latina women very proud of being Latina and she too also looks great and young herself. Wish you all the best for the future Rachael Ray tale care.🌹🌻🌹🌻🌹🌻

  29. Back in the 80's the primary solution for anything was ice. Even today I use ice before I try anything else. Great video

  30. What is wrong with looking good for your age? Always trying to look younger is so stupid and will just make you unhappy.

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