Guide to Collecting Rare Books : Finding Rare Books at Book Trade Shows

Hi. I’m Erik Bosse. I’m with the Aldredge
Bookstore. I’d like to talk about book shows or book fairs. These are places where book
dealers come to sell their books. Sometimes some of their more choice items. At convention
centers or event halls. Sometimes it’s a regional book show. Sometimes a state wide, national,
international. There’ll be anywhere from a dozen to a hundred or more book dealers set
up there. Some that are very specialized in what they have to offer and some that have
sort of a general shop. And they just bring certain items to sell. It’s an opportunity
to go and talk to a wide range of people that are very knowledgeable and with a lot of experience
in the collectible book world. Often times you’ll find dealers who specialize in particular
types of books. Such as leather bindings or Americana, which is to say books on American
history. Some book dealers deal in nothing but children’s books. Or modern first editions.
Or even something as specific as autographed copies of books. As you can see, there’s a
wide variety of books, book dealers and book collectors that congregate at these sorts
of events. And even if there’s nothing specifically that you’re finding there to buy, to add to
your collection. You certainly amassed more knowledge about what field you’re interested
in. And it gives a great opportunity for you to pick up business cards and catalogs from
these book dealers and contact them later if they have something that you might be wanting.

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