Handcrafted Mesquite Paper Towel Holder

I start by laying out the base with a plywood jig The center hole will mark out my mortise Now the first step is to cut out the mortise I’m using my drill press with a 3/8″ bit to rough out the mortise Now I can use my chisel to clean up the mortise ends and sides The next step is to cut the mating tenon I’m using a marking gauge to lay it out I use my backsaw to cutout the faces of the tenon I want to cut just outside my line Now I make a knife wall to prepare a cut for the shoulders The chisel establishes the knife wall Now I can use my backsaw to cut the shoulders Again I’m aiming to cut just outside my line Using my knife wall as reference I can chisel away the last bit of waste I’ll make the same cuts on the opposite shoulder A quick test fit determines the fit is too tight I’ll use my router plane to adjust the fit I make these cuts on both sides of my tenon Here I’m marking out the last two shoulders I use my backsaw to make these cuts Completed Tenon Now I move on to my bandsaw to cut my base out I’m leaving just a slight amount of bark edge I’m using my drawknife to put a hand carved detail around the circumference of the base Notice the skew of my drawknife…this helps control the cut The trick it to make fast slicing cuts Now I need to shape my post round using my hand planes I’m basically cutting down all the corners evenly, first making an octagon I do the same thing turning my octagon into a decagon(I think?) Here I’m carving a scoop detail into the top of the post I use a smaller gouge to create symmetrical cuts around the post The final step is to glue and wedge the post in place With the wedges in place I can use my low angle plane to flush them up with the base I love how nicely this mesquite pops when you oil it Thanks for tuning in!

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  1. Молодец! Красиво получилось! Только вот клин нужно одновременно забивать!💪

  2. I dont think you've shown that camera angle of you cutting with a drawknife before. Didn't realize how hard you're pulling. Dont cut yourself in half please

  3. Are you into the memes? Or is it a coincidence that you said in the title "why not?" and put a roll of paper as the thumbnail?

  4. I love all the little projects like these, I’m very interested in using hand tools and this projects looks perfect for a beginner. Plus you get to see how the master does it before you attempt!

  5. Nice – I liked the hand-made touches round the base and on top of the post. In case you care, a 16 sided figure is a hexadecagon, a decagon is 10 sided.

  6. the whole picture of a good video spoils the twisted screw from bench vertex. twist, this is not the order). you show skills in carpentry, and the tool is not in order.

  7. Sos un genio y me gusta el trabajo que haces saludos desde argentina

    You are a genius and I like the work you do greetings from Argentina

  8. I'm very new to WW.
    But I seen the best of that wood and your craftsmanship by leaving the tool marks.
    I was saying the whole time!
    "Leave the tool marks bro"
    Great job!
    Nice and rustic😊

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