Happy Meal Toys That Are Now Worth Serious Money

– [Narrator] McDonald’s invented
the Happy Meal in the US in 1979, and they’ve been giving
away amazing toys ever since. If you have kept any of them, you may be sitting on a small fortune. Here’s our top 20 McDonald’s toys that are now worth serious money. If you have any of these,
you’ll be loving it. – Amazing! – [Narrator] Number 20, Furbies. Big eyes, super fluffy fur, Furbies were everywhere in the late 1990s. In 1999, McDonald’s decided
to bring in young customers by including a mini Furby
in their Happy Meals. There were many different
designs of Furby that were included, with
different colors and faces. No-one knows how many, but a
guy with a set of 80 different Furbies sold his
collection for 900 dollars. Number 19, Diener Keshi. Back in the late 1970s,
Diener were a company that made plastic and rubber toys. They tied up with McDonald’s
to bring hungry kids a variety of different models to
buy with their hamburgers. There were many collections of toys, including sea monsters and dinosaurs. These collections are now very rare, and worth serious money. There’s only one person that we know of who has the whole Diener Keshi set. If you have all of them,
make yourself known, and collect about 400 dollars. Number 18, Nickelodeon Game Gadgets. In 1992, the kids TV channel
Nickelodeon was massively popular, with shows like Rugrats and Doug. McDonald’s decided to get
in on the act by putting out four Happy Meal toys
inspired by Nickelodeon. These included a hand clapping gun and a vibrating microphone. If you’ve got all of these, lucky you. Complete sets of Game Gadgets fetch around 16 dollars online. Number 17, dinosaur talking books. In 1989, McDonald’s Happy Meals contained books of dinosaur stories. Also included was the same story recorded onto a cassette tape. That’s what we had before streaming, MP3s, and CDs by the way. What more could you ask for? If you’ve got the complete
set of four books and tapes, they’ll fetch around 12 dollars online. Come on though, it’s not like you still have a cassette player to play them on. Number 16, Berenstain Bears books. After the success of the dinosaur
books in 1989, McDonald’s tied up with the frequently
mispronounced Berenstain Bears for another series of books in 1990. There were eight books,
including Life with Papa and The Substitute Teacher. This set of four is listed at
26 dollars, so if you have all eight of them and you can
bear to part with them, you could be in the money. Number 15, Snoopy 50th anniversary. Charles Schulz from Santa
Rosa in California first drew his most famous canine creation in 1950. In 2000, to celebrate Snoopy’s
50th birthday, the Peanuts linked up with McDonald’s to give away these really cool Snoopy floats. If you collected enough of them, you could have your own parade. If you have all eight floats, they’re worth more than 100 dollars today, definitely not peanuts. Number 14, Space Rescue. Another popular set of Happy Meal toys was McDonald’s Space Rescue from 1995. You got a space slate you
could write on, a mechanical grabber, an astro viewer,
and a tele-communicator. Everything you need for
a space rescue, I’m sure. If you’ve got a complete
set of all four gadgets, they’re worth about 10 bucks today. I’d keep the grabber though, it looks fun. Number 13, Camp McDonaldland. In 1990, McDonald’s Happy Meals contained actual working camping gear. This is the Camp McDonaldland array. There was a first aid
kit, camping cutlery, and even a working canteen. If you’ve still got the whole set, it’s worth around 13 dollars. Could you put a strawberry
milkshake in there, and would it stay fresh? Let me know in the comments. Number 12, 101 Dalmatians. Usually the number of toys that makes up a Happy Meal is four or eight. But, in 1996 to celebrate
the release of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians movie,
they gave us well, 101. This amazing set of 101
different dogs caused a Happy Meal craze when it was released. Some said the toys were
better than the movie. If you’ve got the whole set, you’re looking at around 200 dollars. I’d like to know how much you spent on burgers to get them though. Number 11, SeaWorld plushies. Back in 1988, when SeaWorld
was somewhere you could go without feeling guilty,
McDonald’s gave away these SeaWorld plush toys
with their Happy Meals. These were the first soft
toys McDonald’s ever promoted, and were very hugely popular at the time. Today, if you have the set of five, you’re looking at around 32 dollars. Number ten, My Little Pony bookmarks. McDonald’s always likes to capitalize on the toy crazes of the time. So, in 1985 they were
all in on My Little Pony. These handy pony bookmarks
are very rare today, and even one on it’s own fetches
around 20 dollars online. What the boys thought
of receiving these toys with their cheeseburgers
is anyone’s guess. Maybe they were the first ever bronies. Number nine, Potato Head Kids. Even before Toy Story, Mr. Potato Head was a firm favorite with children. In 1987, McDonald’s gave away this exclusive range
of 12 Potato Head Kids. This included a Potato Head pose man with the golden arches on his back. Being such a large range, they
were difficult to collect, and a complete set is very rare. If you happen to have
the whole collection, it’s worth about 75 dollars,
not exactly small potatoes. Number eight, the M Squad. It’s time to join the M Squad. In 1993, Grimace, everyone’s
favorite big, purple, McDonald’s monster lost his voice, and it was up to the M Squad to find it. To do this, the M Squad needed gadgets, which luckily they could
find in their Happy Meals. These included a video camera
that’s also binoculars, and a stamp that’s also a calculator. I don’t know if they ever
found Grimace’s voice, but if you’ve got the whole set, you
might find around 12 dollars. Number seven, Super Mario. Nintendo’s Super Mario games
were the hit of the 1980s, so it’s no surprise McDonald’s
partnered up with the Italian plumber to tempt young
gamers through their doors. This set of eight amazing Super
Mario toys are a must have for any retro Nintendo fan. If you managed to collect the whole set, they’re worth around 10 dollars today. Number six, McNugget Buddies. Meet the McNuget Buddies, a
set of six little characters that blur the line between food and toy, and were given away in
Happy Meals in 1992. These Halloween buddies
sent waves of fear through children everywhere, and
probably chickens too. These days, if you
collected the whole set, you’ll find their worth around 25 dollars. You can certainly treat
yourself with that money. Number five, Transformers. Sometimes McDonald’s really got it right. They tied in the crazes that
were sweeping the world, and got super creative with
the toys they gave away. They certainly got it right in 1987 with their McDonald’s Transformers. Burgers that changed into robots, who wouldn’t want one of those? If you managed to
collect the set of eight, then they’re worth
about 120 dollars today. Number four, Space Jam plushies. Remember Space Jam, when
basketball megastar Michael Jordan teamed up with cartoon
characters like Bugs Bunny to save the world, or something like that? If you managed to collect
all the characters from the Happy Meal toy
giveaways, you’ll remember. They’re worth around 30 bucks today. This wasn’t the first time McDonald’s teamed up with Michael Jordan. In 1992, Happy Meals were
filled with more Jordan merchandise, such as
baseballs, basketballs, and frisbees with his face on them. Number three, Hot Wheels. Super fast Hot Wheels cars
have been popular for decades, and McDonald’s has
teamed up with Hot Wheels over 25 times for Happy Meal giveaways. In fact, they’re the highest selling toys in the history of the burger company. The 1983 vintage of Hot
Wheel Happy Meal toys are the most valuable. Just one police car
fetches 30 dollars today. Number two, Madame Alexander dolls. Madame Alexander dolls were a huge hit with girls in the states
back in the early 2000s. McDonald’s teamed up with
Madame Alexander a number of times to give away many different toys. And, some of them are worth
some serious money today. A complete set from 2003
goes for around 130 dollars. If you’ve got the complete
set of Wizard of Oz, they’re worth around 250 dollars. One special edition Rapunzel
doll goes for around 300 dollars online, which
is a staggering amount for something given away with a burger. Number one, Beanie Babies, probably the most collectible
toys in the world. Collecting these furry
friends is an obsession for beanie fanatics across the world. So, when McDonald’s gave away
mini Beanie Babies with their burgers in 1997, everyone
wanted a piece of the action. Many of them aren’t worth much, but the super rare ones definitely are. A McDonald’s edition Roary the Lion goes for around 700 dollars these days. If you have one of those, well, you’ve won the McDonald’s lottery. That concludes our top 20 McDonald’s toys that are now worth serious money. If you wanna start
collecting Happy Meal toys, and why wouldn’t you,
don’t forget that the toys are worth more when they’re
in their plastic wrapping, and if you still have the
original Happy Meal box. Do you have any of these toys? Which ones would you like to
own, regardless of the money? Leave us a comment to let us know. Thanks for watching. (soft music)

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  1. Omg the 101 Dalmatians ones were my favorite as a child. I would definitely give $200 for that collection.

  2. OMG I REMEMBER HAVING THESE WIZARD OF TOYS IN 11 YEARS! I am literally excited to sell it for $250 😱

  3. Thank you for all the information 🌷🤗 l forgot about all the commercials they use to have, with good quality toys.After they stopped having 1.99meals, now they're double that price.Quality of toys went down, like everything else in life.Now the majority of commercials are disgusting medicines with more side effects than benefits.

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  5. I got all the Silence of the Lambs happy meal toys but I stupidly took them out of the plastic ):
    They were awesome! Hanibal, Clarice, Jack Crawford, Multiple Miggs, Buffalo Bill, Precious, the well, Deaths head moth.

  6. I HAD A MY LITTLE PONY AND IT WAS DIFFERENT FROM THE SET YOU GUYS HAD!!! I had a my little pony and i had a rainbow one with a Lightning strike.

  7. The special addition Ty Beenie Babies bears are worth a few thousand each from McDonald's. There was, Glory the American Bear, Brittania the British Bear, Maple the Canadian Bear, and Erin the Irish Bear. Each of these have mistakes all over the tags, wrong copyright dates, and there was only 4000 of them altogether. They each go for thousands on eBay and Etsy. One was sold for ten thousand, but it's more likely to be sold for a grand to three grand or so. Lol, I still have Erin the Irish Bear in her original box, unopened. I think I might sell her.

  8. i only have the mario hitting the question mark box, the yoshi which walks, erin the bear and britannia the bear

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  10. son of a bitch, I had JUST gave away the whole set of Space Jam toys and movie… FUCK FUCK… ALSO GAVE AWAY ALL THE BEANIE BABIES EVEN THAT LION one… YES THEY ALL WERE STILL IN package… KCIKING MY HUSBAND'S ADS FOR MAKING ME geT RID OF them

  11. Ok this video is idiotic. The first two listings made sense but pretty much everything after that is stupid. $10-$25? I pay more than that for shipping majority of the time. You should have at least put these in an order from least amount of money to most money.

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