Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser Tease a Stranger Things Cameo on Mad About You

-It’s so great to see you
together. I love it. This is so fun. -We were just saying, we’ve never done
this kind of thing together. It’s always been separate.
This is a lot of fun. -This is good,
a little history here. Happy holidays. Are you excited? What are you doing for
the holidays, anything special? -I will be
celebrating with my family and going to “Star Wars.” -Oh, yeah?
Are you a big “Star Wars” fan? -I am a really big
“Star Wars” fan. -Are you really? -And I’m trying not
to burst into tears. Yes. -Wow.
-Oh. -I have my tickets. I bought my tickets already
like three weeks ago. -No way.
-Yeah. -So from back in the day?
-Yes. -Every single one?
-Yeah, every single one. -Really?
-My 16th birthday, I was waiting in line
for “Empire Strikes Back.” Like, it’s big.
-Wow. -Yeah.
-Now, by contrast — -Don’t ask him. -By contrast, don’t hate me.
-No. -I’ve never seen one. -You’re kidding me?
-Wow. Wow. Like I said I killed a puppy.
[ Laughter ] -That is so Paul Reiser of you. -I’d like to apologize
to America. -I understand they’re very good.
-You’re kidding me, Paul. -I’ve seen little pieces.
-“I’ve seen little pieces.” -This is the answer.
-I’ve seen pieces. It looks fabulous.
-We don’t need that. [ Laughter ]
-“It looks fabulous.” -Adam Driver does not need you
to see a piece of it. -Adam Driver doesn’t
need me at all. -No.
-This is so Paul Reiser. -But let me tell you something.
Here’s the reason. -Oh, yeah. Yes? -It couldn’t really happen. I only like things
that could actually happen. -He’s lost his mind.
He’s out of his — [ Laughter ] -You know, we’re not
really married, right? [ Laughter ] -But it could happen.
-But it could happen. Really did.
-That’s the best. -But you enjoy the film
on your holiday. -Oh, oh, I will. -The “Mad About You,”
the reboot, it kicks off now that your
daughter is off to college and you guys are empty nesters. Has that happened to either of
you in real life yet or no? -Yeah. Yeah, my younger son
left for college last year. We live in L.A. and he picked
his school here in New York. And somebody asked, “Why?” I said, “Because that’s as big
as the country goes.” [ Laughter ] -He went the opposite side of
the country. -If the country went further,
he’d have gone there. [ Laughter ] But you’re expecting.
-I’m gonna happen any minute. And I have a very sweet daughter
who Paul now knows who, you know, doesn’t show me
how excited she is, but I can feel the psychic
packing that’s going on. -She’s eyeing the doors,
you know. -I’m pretty sure, yeah.
“We love you, mama.” -Yeah, yeah.
[ Laughter ] Do they watch any of
your movies or TV shows? -Wow. No. Not — no. Even if I was in “Star Wars,”
they wouldn’t watch it. [ Laughter ] -Really? They have no interest? -Has your daughter
ever seen an episode? -No. Well, now,
she’s in the new show because she has to
see me at work. But when we were talking about
doing this show for years, this reboot,
she’d never seen it. So I’d say,
“I’m meeting with Paul.” “Who?” I’m like, “He built your house,
but don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it. He’s putting you through school
but don’t trouble yourself.” Anyway she came home one day, and Paul was
at my kitchen table. We were having meetings about
doing this show, and she’s like, “That’s the guy
from ‘Stranger Things.'” -“Mad About You” not so much. -We can’t totally say,
but it’s possible that someone from “Stranger Things” appears
in an episode of the reboot. You’ll have to check it out. -Whoa, the scoop!
[ Cheers and applause ] -Other than Paul.
-A little scoop right there. That would be disappointing.
-Yeah. -We knew he was in it. -But the show ended —
Was it 20 years ago? -20 years ago. -And you guys
have just remained friends? Do you see each other often? -We do. We go to lunch.
-We have lunches. -We like each other.
-Do people freak out? -Let’s come up with a reboot.
No, we never ever did that. -Do people freak out when you
guys go out and have lunch? -I have not witnessed
a freak-out personally. [ Laughter ] -Not a freak-out.
But people will — If they listen, they go,
“It sounds like you’re them.” [ Laughter ] -We are them, yeah.
-Because at this point we are. “How do you get into
your character?” -There’s no character really.
[ Laughter ] -It’s just us.
-This is us. -Pretty much it.
-Enjoy us. -After all those years, you must know things that no one
really even knows about you. -Oh, I got stories.
[ Laughter ] -It’ll be hell for him.
-Yeah. -Well, we know things.
We know things. A lot of people —
First, there’s on the set, when it’s like, lunchtime, snack
time, people will always bring the lovely actress a salad because that’s
what an actress would eat. And I go, “You know what?
Take that away. Corn chips and a Diet Coke.”
-Really? -And if possible, a cupcake.
-Oh, really? -When I get tired,
it’s like a medicinal Frito. -And they go,
“But she asked for a salad.” -A medicinal Frito.
-Yeah. -“I know she asked for that,
but trust me, come on. I know. I know.” -Yeah, you know all this —
yeah. -And I also know that if I have a Coke or any kind of diet
beverage — Can we say “Diet Coke?”
Let’s say Diet Coke. And Helen is nearby. She has to get the first sip. -I like the first sip. -Oh, there’s nothing like —
that’s a good friend. -That’s how good he is. -There’s nothing
better than that. -They bring to it him,
and he just goes like this. And I get the first sip,
and I hand it back. -The first sip is the best.
-That’s a lifelong — -You are a good friend,
oh, my gosh. That is very cool of you.
[ Cheers and applause ] -That’s just who I am, Jimmy. -But you were saying — you were
saying backstage that you have a thing, where sitting down, what is the thing
about your height? -Oh, okay.
So here’s the thing. Well, it may not be —
-We’re disguising it well now. -So we do a lot of
sitting on a couch together, a lot of scenes in bed. And then suddenly I noticed, “Why am I shorter than Helen
in all the shots?” -He’s considerably taller.
-I’m taller. Because we realized — It took
us years to figure this out. I have mostly legs, no torso.
[ Laughter ] Helen is mostly —
-I’m all torso. -Torso.
-So he’s taller than me. -Let’s show the people
what happened. -Well, I’m wearing high heels,
so it’s not happening. -So take off three inches,
like that. -Okay.
-Normal. -Yeah.
-Sit down. [ Laughter and applause ] -That’s amazing. That is amazing
that you figured that out. -Very few people know,
Paul Reiser goes legs, legs, legs, nipples.
[ Laughter ] -Legs, legs, nipple would be —
-And I’m torso and feet. -The attorneys
who handle my estate. [ Laughter ]
Legs, legs, nipples. -Does the chemistry
come back just like that? Did it feel odd to you
when you walked on set? -No. It should have.
That’s what felt odd. It felt odd
that it did not feel odd. -Really? -It felt like we had, like,
taken a weekend off. -Yeah.
-Shouldn’t we be different? -It was, like, 1850
when we were here last time. -That’s bizarre.

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