HELIOS 44M 58mm f2 ~ $30 swirly bokeh VINTAGE lens

So this is the Helios 44M – for it’s an
oldschool screw thread mount so it just screws into the back of your camera and
it’s what the kids calling a nowadays of vintage lens so it’s just an old old old
old lens but they call it a vintage lens right that term is thrown around way too
much nowadays it’s a beautiful lens it really is it’s it’s heavy it’s built
like a tank I mean it’s it’s completely different from you know something like
this or the Sony 50mm f1.8 right there that’s what they look like next to
each other anyway it’s crazy popular photographers
as it has a kind of insane swirly disco like bokeh in it and it’s cheap as hell as it uses a screw thread mount you’re
gonna have to buy an adapter and they cost about 10 to 20 dollars depending
what you buy I use a K&F Concept adapter it’s just the piece of metal
that you get your lens and you just screw it into and then you’re ready to
take your camera in my case so many a73 a7r3 and you just use the
e-mount adapter put it in and you’re done the build quality of this lens is
absolutely incredible you can tell just by holding it that the Soviets weren’t
messing around when they were making this so before we get to images and film
just a quick history lesson so this is a product of the Soviet Union and it’s
actually a direct copy of as ice biota 58mm f2 so this is we’ve
already really interesting lens after World War 2 the Soviets took over the
Zeiss Factory and they start to take apart the Soviet are copying it as best
they could creating an exact replica the Helios 44 even managing to master the
optical formula for the swirly bokeh that the Zeiss was well known for the
hell has evolved through the years from the 44 to the 40-2 to the 44M and each
of these models had many different variations today we’re talking about the
44M – for no doubt the most popular model and they actually finished on the
44M – 7 all the helios lenses are very similar in image characteristics with
the later versions having slightly sharper optics now the swirly bokeh and
the price of this lens is why photographers all over the world have
come to love this lens on ebay you can pick this up for about twenty to fifty
dollars depending on the condition the original Zeiss Biotar 58mm f2 we can
pick up between 100 and 400 plus dollars depending on its condition now that’s a
hell of a difference if I managed to get good clean copy I’ll make sure I do
comparison with this Helios when buying a lens like this and you’re buying off
Amazon eBay make sure you look for a really really clean copy now what I mean
by that is make sure that when you’re looking at the lens you can see my copy
is perfect there are no scuffs on it the filter thread is ideal it’s not dented
anywhere so I can get a filter on there and make sure there are photos looking
through the lens so you can see if there is any sign of fungus of haze because
you can get fungus cleaned out but sometimes the fungus can eat through
the different coats on the lens so and also getting it cleaned now can cost you
money that you might have might not have and it’s so what I’m saying is just
spend a little bit more money to get a clean copy of the lens and these being
so popular a lot of people just lift them on their cameras and never took
them off never use them so you can definitely find the whole load of these
they’re in perfect condition now don’t be fooled by the model number because
its Helios 44 but it’s actually a 58mm lens on an aps-c camera its
87mm and it cuts out like the middle part of the frame so the whole
swirly effect of this lens as you’ll see in a minute is round like the edges
right here so if you’re cutting out like the middle lens the whole swirly part
the whole point of this lens is cut out so on an aps-c camera I don’t recommend
using it if you want to get that swirly effect it closes down to f16 and it
opens up to f22 so if you guys can see that so it’s quite a nice fast lens now
the lens is a full metal body so it’s it’s it’s not like this sony f1.8 50mm
which is just all plastic you can feel it this is all metal body
except for the actual aperture ring which is plus
but the rest of it is metal by the way have you guys subscribed yet you know
that would be pretty cool I’d love it the fro distance of the focus ring is
actually really long so you can see me twisting it all the way right there from
a half metre I mean my hand can just just barely get around it all the way to
infinity so it’s got a really long focus fro so for video it’s a little bit
annoying it’d be cool if the focus Pro is just right there but no you have to
literally just spin it round forever so it’s manual lens so everything is done
by focusing with this focus ring right here you’ll get used to it really
quickly don’t don’t be afraid of it using manual focus is actually quite fun
and most cameras like the a7iii for example they have like a focus magnifier
so you can tap in it’ll focus really close and you can you know set your
focus like on nose or eye then you tap it again and it goes to the full frame
again so it kind of helps you with the focus but once you get used to it real
simple and obviously no optical stabilization in this lens so don’t
count on that so the aperture is two clicks so from f2 to f16 if you guys
see right there you can hear and feel every single apps you go through which
isn’t perfect for filming because if you have addy clicked aperture ring then if
you’re going for example from the interior to an exterior you can manually
change it without the clicking and the kind of vibration in lens so you can get
addy clicked if you want but originally it comes clicked it’s like I said it’s a
great Buy I bought mine for $30 from eBay in Poland so that was a really good
buy considering the condition this guy is in it was literally just like nobody
had ever used it so I have a few Sony GM lenses
I’m using the sixteen to thirty five to eight right now and they are incredibly
sharp and I mean razor sharp they all have very similar bokeh and the build
quality is incredible now they cost like two two and a half thousand dollars
they’re very expensive and I use them on a day-to-day basis filming but if I want to mix
things up if I go a little bit crazy I’m gonna stick this guy on so the image is
more it’s it’s more unique you know all the attention is in the middle on your
subject everything on the outside is kind of blurred it’s very chaotic in a
way and you know obstacles guy and I will go Soviet style it’s, it’s good
it’s good for us so what we’re gonna do now is look at some examples from this
lens just the state I did not have a filter on in front of it so I didn’t
change the optical quality of the image in any way so let’s jump into the
MacBook and take a look Here’s a shot I took of Sylwia and Mia through the window a little bit soft, little glowy f2 if I drop it down to f5.6 you can see the
image is a lot sharper here’s Mia about ten meters very sharp at f5.6 now
these leaves f16 f5.6 and f2 you can see how the aperture changes it’s
incredible, here I set focus to almost infinity see to see what the benches
look like f16 it’s a little bit fuzzy f5.6 looks really sharp an f2 the whole
image is very glowy and unsharp I shot this mural because it’s a flat swinging
an idea of sharpness of the lens this is f16 almost sharp all around f5.6 is
still very sharp f2 is not sharp anywhere I wanted to see what the print
looks like on the bottle this is f16 pretty sharp f5.6 you can see those dots
in the print and f2 is kind of glowy and soft these buildings were shot at f2 you
can see the vignetting in the corners and it’s quite soft and glowy at f5.6
it’s all sharp right across the image here I’ve shot this building site at f2 if
we zoom in and look at the rods focus is set in an infinity look how sharp they
get at f5.6 in this photo you can clearly see the bokeh balls going cat eyed
into the corner this photo I shot f2 it almost looks like an engagement ring
shaped lens flare here the lens flare disappears at f5.6
and here at f16 becomes a star shape lens flare in this photo I had the lens
pointed at the Sun and ghosting invisible and these two photos you can
clearly see how the bokeh balls towards the corners create a swirly
effect as they get cat eyed in this photo you can clearly see how the
subject is isolated from the background Sylwia and Mia are standing about two meters
away from me and the background the tree is about three meters away from them and
you can see how their edges are swirling that spinning around them so do you have
one of these Helios lenses what do you use it for if you had one what would use
it for drop a comment down below and that’s about it today, remember to you know,
subscribe I’m gonna put a load more of these out and I do have so many lenses
they need to review anyway, catch you on the other side

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