Here’s Why this Pontiac Trans Am GTA is Still Worth Over $20,000

welcome to wacky Wednesday’s, where
everyone has a chance to show off their car mods, and here’s this week’s winner,
hi everyone thanks for tuning in, this is my 1988 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA
this is actually an original 5.7 car with the automatic 350 transmission,
inside the car it was factory ordered with black leather interior, black carpet, it’s
a triple black car, also the 5.7 was not too many actually back in 88 were
available, this cars also got a t-top roof which was actually a
dealer-installed option and wasn’t available from the factory in 88, but
this one actually got it, it was actually ordered from the dealer to have the
t-tops done and they were actually an aftermarket conversion and it actually
has the tag in the tailgate which shows you when it was done when the car
was brand-new basically, I’ve owned the car for 3 or 4 years and I’ve gone through the
whole car from front to back really to get the
car up to the standard I wanted, I’ve always wanted one of these but this is
actually the 4th Trans Am I’ve owned but it’s the first GTA I’ve actually had
it’s also got the original VIN tag and I’ll show you on the inside and the
glove compartment you can see the actual original tag
just showed you that this car is a genuine GTA with all the correct factory
codes for the 5.7 engine, limited slip differential, absolutely everything that
was available in the GTA in 88 this car actually had all of it, I’ve customized
the car fairly mildly, I don’t like my card stock so I’ve gone through a lot
the car just to really make it a little bit more unique, just how I like my cars on
the outside I’ve changed the wheels, the suspensions been done, the exhaust has
been done, I’ve had the whole car repainted, as you can see it’s a very clean car
that’s just how like my cars, I don’t drive this as a daily driver, this cars
you a show car, I only take it out to shows and drive it on nice sunny
day so this car doesn’t really get out much, I’ll just show you the under
the bonnet and show you what the engine is like, as you can see it’s very clean,
back to the outside of the car, you’ll see the the paint is actually the
original factory black but obviously I’ve had it repainted in the correct
color the car was a six month process to get this car painted and it came out
really good because anyone whose painted a black car before knows how
hard it is to get you know a good finish for a black car, but the guy that did the
bodywork he did a great job in the car and made it come out looking brand
spanking new from the outside, I’ve also added quite a few little touches on the
car, little gold decals there and there I was able to get reproduction GTA emblems
because all the ones in the car were all shocked just from sun damage, they really
cleaned up the whole car from the outside, plus the custom wheels one-off
set of wheels diamond-cut gold painted 18-inch wheels with 275 Yokohama rubber
just finished off the car really nicely, you may also have noticed the cars
wearing a standard Trans Am rear spoiler again the rear wing on this car just
needed changing, all rotted out so the GTA wing not a big fan of it anyway but
overall I think it finishes off the car really nicely, thanks for
watching my video and I hope you enjoy watching this car,
well that was this week’s video and to have your car mods shown on my channel
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