Historical Events That Weirdly Happened At The Same Time

Some of the innovations that we still depend
on today first appeared centuries ago, and some things that seem really ancient still
existed pretty recently. Here are some weird historical events that
shared the same time period, despite feeling like they should have happened in different
centuries. Jack the Ripper was the first serial killer
to morbidly fascinate entire generations, leading countless people on a wild goose chase
through 19th century London to try to discover his identity. Even in spite of his taunting letters to Scotland
Yard, he was never apprehended. More than a century later, it’s tempting to
think that modern forensics could have led to the Ripper’s capture. We imagine early Scotland Yard being run by
dudes in funny hats with giant magnifying glasses, which makes it rather shocking to
hear that not only did they have some reasonably sophisticated investigative techniques at
their disposal, but that the Ripper investigation was still ongoing when Fusajiro Yamauchi founded
the Nintendo company in Japan. To be fair, Nintendo wasn’t exactly ready
to launch Super Mario Bros. that year, and its first product line was playing cards. Super Mario Bros. came much later, in 1985. Public executions ended a long time ago, because
today’s humans are nothing like those crazed, bloodthirsty creatures who mobbed the gallows,
hungry for the sight of death and blood. That sort of entertainment ended at least
a few centuries ago… didn’t it? Shockingly, America’s last public execution
happened in 1936, and to put that in perspective, that’s the same year that the Hoover Dam was
completed. While the Hoover Dam is still widely considered
to be one of the greatest engineering marvels in human history, the practice of public executions
seems at complete odds with how advanced we were. So, who was he? The last person unfortunate enough to be hanged
in public was Rainey Bethea. His execution attracted hundreds of reporters
and a crowd of thousands. Public execution was banned only after that. Even outside of the U.K., Oxford is a household
name. It’s both a dictionary and a shoe, and before
that, it was one of the world’s most prestigious universities. It’s also incredibly old, and we’re not just
talking Middle Ages old. Nope, keep going back. University of Oxford historians say there
is evidence that teaching at Oxford began as early as 1096 A.D., which was also the
same year that the crusaders answered Pope Urban II’s call to arms. That was the beginning stage in the first
of nine violent attempts to reclaim the Holy Land for Christianity, wars that would shape
a few centuries of history. The Oregon Trail is a daring chapter in American
history, that time when pioneers traveled across the untamed west in covered wagons,
forging roads instead of following them. Computer-literate school children first set
off down the Oregon Trail in 1974, but the real Oregon Trail pioneers left home in 1843,
beginning a seemingly endless trek across prairies that would kill one in 17 people
who attempted it. Incidentally, 1843 was also the year the fax
machine was patented, when inventor Alexander Bain figured out how to send an image by synchronizing
two pendulums through a clock. It probably won’t surprise you to hear that
Bain’s invention didn’t really catch on right away. It was improved upon over the years, and a
standard for the transmission of images over distances didn’t emerge until the 1980s. The woolly mammoth is a massive creature that
once roamed ancient America and today, they can be seen only in museums and movies. Mammoths are prehistory, and the pyramids
are ancient history, so those two things couldn’t have happened at the same time, could they? They did, barely. Most mammoths were actually extinct by the
time the Egyptians were laying down those first stones, but there was still a small
population living on an island in the Arctic Ocean, somewhere between Alaska and Siberia. Mammoths occupied Wrangel Island up until
about 4,000 years ago. The pyramids at Giza were built roughly 4,500
years ago, so mammoths were around long after those pyramids were old news. The Wrangel Island mammoths outlived the rest
of the mammoth population by about 6,000 years, but when their island home broke away from
the mainland, they were already doomed. That’s because the population was small and
isolated, and Hollywood can’t even write a story more heartbreaking than the idea of
those last few, lonely mammoths. Eventually, human beings realized that walking
up stairs is for suckers, and the escalator was invented. What’s weird about that, though, is that it
happened at the time Hawaii was ruled by a monarch. The escalator was invented by Jesse W. Reno
in 1891, and three years after he patented it, he built one as a Coney Island novelty
ride. A few years after that, it finally dawned
on the world that Reno’s invention could be used to address the problem of stairs, and
the escalator as we know it was born. At the same time Reno was dreaming up his
Coney Island attraction, Liliuokalani was proclaimed queen of Hawaii. Even as she assumed the crown, the islands
were inundated with American settlers hoping to get rich from the sugar industry. Her reign only lasted for two years.

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  1. This is one of the few channels that give accurate and extremely interesting vids. Love you guys! Keep uploading and I'll keep watching. 🙂

  2. No mentioning that Ann Frank, Jim Henson and Tony Bennett all were born a decade apart? I thought we'd get something there. Also Betty White is older than Mt. Rushmore

  3. Horribly representation on Hawaiian heritage, the monarchy has always been in Polynesia, in this case Hawaii, the queen was ousted by Americans because she demanded that the use of island by Americans by vacated and the deal orchestrated by her brother was expired, Hawaiians were foreigners in their own land, the queen was imprisoned in her own palace as a coup was undertaken and the queen overthrown. I’m a Kanaka Maoli that is a crude, short version of our story!!!

  4. the Giza pyramid was built in 9200 B.C. The stars as they appeared in the sky on that date are painted on a wall in the pyramid in an 8 inch passageway.

  5. The Pyramids along with the Sphinx are Pre-Diluvian, they were built before the end of the last ice age, roughly around 12,800yrs ago when Egypt was a tropical climate, they could actually be much older than 12.800 and might not have even been built by the Egyptians themselves; but a much older civilization according to Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, John Anthony West, and Randall Carlson; and we know this due to the weather erosion patterns on the Sphinx and surrounding areas, aside from the fact that each ancient civilization that had Pyramids say, they didnt bulid them

  6. For some reason I thought these would be far more interesting. I thought you would blow my mind with something like "Did you know that Muhammad Ali was born on the same day that Babe Ruth died?" Instead these are all "Did you know that old things and ideas were around the same time that other old things and ideas were", wow… I thought you would at least mention that Jack the Ripper was around the same time that America had it's first serial killer HH Holmes…

  7. I love your channel!! I could easily spend the rest of my life just researching historical events, this is wonderful! Thanks!

  8. Lol about the hanging part. Actually white people were still hanging Blacks into the 60s. If you think about it, that was not long ago

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