Historical Events You Won’t Believe Happened At The Same Time

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  1. the people that owned the Titanic DID put enough lifeboats according to regulations at the time, actually had MORE LIFEBOATS THAN REQUIRED. Regulations were based on the size of the boat NOT the number of potential passengers. They weren't crooks they thought they were being safe and smart by adding 4 MORE lifeboats.

  2. I like how he said the cubs shock the world by winning the game?.. more like just American, the American's are the only people I know to have a world series just with there home country 😂 so either way they win anyways lolol got to love the yanks.. I do like baseball though, shame they can't have a real world series with other countrys like FIFA world cup.

  3. 1961 The USA goes to moon, before wheels were put on suitcases! 😕https://www.quora.com/When-was-the-first-suitcase-with-wheels-created

  4. I know another that amazes me every time it crosses my mind  There was commercial television before WWII.  The 1936 Olympics were shown on tv in Germany.  Two small stations in the U.S. reported the Pearl Harbor attack.  One of them aired a show of exactly the sort the news networks run today, with a moderator and  two experts sitting around discussing the attack.

  5. Here's another.  Depending on where you lived in the 1970s, it might not be amazing at all. In the urban eastern U.S., cable television was common by the early Seventies.  In northeastern Indiana, where I was growing up, that's when we were just getting UHF television — "Channel 15?  How can that be?"

  6. there were enough life boats on the Titanic, most of the rich people would not share the life boats with the poor people.

  7. "If you think you're going to win a battle against those Indians I got a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you."

  8. At 8:08 I thought that they were gonna say that the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima happened the same year the first plane was made 😂😂😂

  9. The cubs shocked the world??? Umm you don't know shit bout baseball they were a big favorite to win the world series not exactly a shocker

  10. YouTube video, which people could only access by knowing of the existence of YouTube, explains what YouTube is, and how it works. Logic.

  11. Franco wasn't fascist, get your facts together. He was a dictator, but he was not fascist… Neither was Germany, Germany was NAZIST not Facist.

  12. You wanna know something that happened at the same time?! My birthday Is the same day when I was born 😲😲 MIND BLOWN

  13. The titanic was considered unsinkable so they decide not to put many life boats. Because of this dumb decision, 1,503 people died. The twin towers were thought to be able to withstand a couple of impacts from a boeing 707 without collapsing. On 9/11 they told the people to go back to their offices and continue working in the south tower. Because of this dumb decision, 2,753 people died. The irony.

  14. Can we get a sequel to this?

    Like how the Holy Roman Empire existed until 1806 the same year that Lewis and Clark finished their exploration.

  15. Historical Events You Won't Believe Happened At The Same Time. My cousin and I were born on the same day

  16. Lol I thought this was supposed to be some like super coincidental things that happened but I watch it I'm just like meh so wot?

  17. One horrible mistake ,those were not the prisoners but slave,captives of the most evil man Hitler and founder of the nazi,genocide regime of Nazi Germany. Know your facts…

  18. I did not know the pioneers traveled the Oregon Trail during the Second World War. No wonder it took a long time to win the war. While half the country was fighting overseas, the other half was exploring and settling the north west part of the country.

  19. The reason she was named the "torso on Pynchon Street" was because she was found on Pynchon Street and was a torso. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. The last places in Switzerland allowed women to vote in the 1990's (in the last half canton). The same year and the same month (actually, several days after) the first www page, the release of Home Alone movie and the digital camera.

  21. Actually in Germany it was National Socialism. NAZI means National Socialist German Workers Party. After the war East Germany became Communist and West Germany stayed Socialist.

  22. You posted THIS VIDIO on YouTube also Anne Frank and Martin Luther King Junior were born in the same year

  23. It’s BC not BCE, i’m not even religious but that’s what it’s always been stop trying not to offend anyone.

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